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  1. Money ain't going to win us games.
  2. If we lose McGrath we are f**ked.
  3. People volunteer an email address to the Club. They are hardly going to provide an address they cannot access. And if you use email then you know all about a junk folder and to check it.
  4. St Mirren chose to inform fans via social media when they should have sent out an email to all season ticket holders about the ballot. Their communication with fans is simply not good enough.
  5. What's your source? Nothing on p&b about it.
  6. Yeah! Got a tcket for the Hearts game
  7. Tapatalk is a pain to use having to rewind from p&b then having to login to b&warmy every time. And the truncated display on my pc is rubbish for reading posts. Can we return to the good old days?
  8. Ex-cop and match commander Elliot Brown according to Google. But strangely, although in post since March, he is not listed in the Club directory.
  9. Thought I had read he was injured. Maybe wrong of course as I can't remember where I read it!
  10. For anyone who is not aware to test their new login for SMTV .... https://www.stmirren.com/fans-news/4054-st-mirren-tv-new-season
  11. Obviously pleased with result, seeding etc but not so enamoured with the long ball tactics missing out the midfield.
  12. Apologies. Wasn't referring to you English clubs, eh? Spend a fortune on English League players but want players from Scotland for peanuts.
  13. More like flattering to deceive. Improved in the last 15 mins but for the first 30 he was woeful picking the ball from the defence then blootering it out the park with his hundred yard passes up the wings.
  14. Well things are looking good for Brophy and Dennis. 3 goals each and the League hasn't even started!
  15. No evidence to support it but I think Ethan will be away before McGrath.
  16. Fakes also interested. Maybe we have a bidding war going on.
  17. An Aberdeen fan believes they are about to sign McAllister.
  18. Erwin is on the bench tonight. Reid isn't.
  19. 3 clubs cannot play fixtures because Covid is still here - it has not gone away. I am just grateful that at least some fans can attend a match. Watch Engerland go into meltdown over the next few months when they lift all restrictions.
  20. Update on tickets .... https://www.stmirren.com/all-news/4031-season-ticket-update
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