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  1. I,m thinking that Sonupe might come back on loan if he likes it here , and Sadlier will go wheres theres first team football and where he is settled rather than go where the big wage is ,
  2. In my opinion Sonupe and Sadlier are here until the end of the season with a view to staying with us longer , if we go down there will probably be a chance that they would be in our first eleven next season , if we stay up , they will be squad players , both have potential , but are probably not quite SPL standard just yet.
  3. Looking back on that period , we had a quality group of young players coming through , then relatively few decent young players coming through until Fergie arrived on the scene ( Fitzy being the exception ) , we didn,t seem to be signing the right type of experienced player , just rejects , who stayed a season with us and then disappeared ( young and Becket being the exception ). One of these guys was a guy called Drew Rodgerson , who was brought in to replace Gordon McQueen , think he would have been brought in by Wullie Cunningham , met him about ten years ago , when he told me he was bought by Fergie , to help develop Gordon McQueen as a player , he told ne the story so convincingly , that I didn,t want to tell him he was bullshitting . That and the fact the Drew Rodgerson was a big lad , and I didn,t want to upset him
  4. Thought I,d try and put a team together , of players who should have been capped for Scotland whilst playing for Saints Money Tommy Wilson ( before leg break ) , Bobby Reid , Jackie Copland , Stevie Clarke Norrie McWhirter , Paul Lambert , Ian Ferguson , Kenny McLean Frank McAvennie , Frank McGarvey
  5. Bobby McKean came into a Saints team at the same time as Iain Munro , Ally McLeod and Gordon McQueen , not a bad group of youngsters to have coming through at the same same
  6. Bobby passed away 38 years ago yesterday , along with Ian Lister he was one of my first favourite Saints players , 38 goals in 125 games , not bad for a winger.
  7. Relegation and Championship football isn,t the disappointing thing from a fans point of view , its rthe 30 odd defeats and disappointing performances that get you there that are unbearable .
  8. Reckon we might pose a threat at corners , so am predicting two headed goals today
  9. Along the theme of silly friendlies / challenge matches , think it might be quite a good idea to suggest to Coventry City that they might want to play the second Leg of the British Cup thing , that we played the first Leg of 1987 ( Might need to establish first whether or not away goals count double )
  10. just looked through them , you are correct , there is an 11, two different 12,s , a 13 but no 14 ., so that would mean you require a 3 and a 9 to make up a full set.
  11. just looking through them , there are two issue 12,s that are different , but no issue 11 , issue 19 is the last , I have all 19 ,
  12. Will Iain Munro confirm that he is going , and then change his mind at the last minute
  13. Whats the going rate for a 1959 cup final programme , and the 1960 programme v Glasgow University which was our record victory ? Also Saints news paper thing from 77 ( all issues ) and 1977 centenary book by William Hunter , thinking of finding new homes for these , before the wife accidently chucks them out
  14. I,m looking forward to seeing a new look Saint team battle to try and keep us up , With Thompson back and Genev,s height I feel we can be very threatening at set pieces , when you consider we will have Cheesey , Jason Naismith and Goody also up for set pieces and Gow and Mallan both hit not a bad dead ball . Also feel , there is a bit of fight in the team now and they are certainly up for the challenge . I think if we make the play offs , we should have a bit of confidence about us and I would fancy our chances . interesting to see if Thistle become part of the dogfight.
  15. Griff

    New Boiler

    Check out energy savings trust , they may have grants / interest free loans , for anything that saves energy , I managed to get an interest free loan over 8 years for solar panals and double glazing , and also £400 scrappage towards a new gas boiler . probably recommend a Worcester bosch bolier , but don,t be shy getting a few people round to give you a price , well worth a wee phone call to phone the energy saving trust , as there might be new initiatives out in the new financial year.
  16. Lets not forget we have put together not a bad starting eleven , and if Thommo and Meatball can find there best form , we should be able to put a good run together , what we haven't had is a run of luck , no lucky goals , no dodgy penalties and no dodgy sending offs for the opposition , so assuming all things even out over the season , we should be okay.
  17. Thinking something needs to be done to get the car park emptied quicker , so with that in mind an exit for those no using the car park should be created .
  18. I reckon one of the reasons the club has stuck on the market for so long is the recession , the cutbacks everywhere , and the lack of spare money about . IMO relegation , would have our club viewed as a " doer upper " , rather than a property than a property that has been completely refurbished.
  19. Back to the house analogy . If you were bidding for a house you really wanted , and were gazumped at the last minute and were so disappointed that you missed out , that you made several others aware of how you were so badly done by , would you not be quite interested if the property went back on the market ? Especially if you might now be in a position to get yourself a better deal than you originally thought you had. Wondering if the English consortium previously interested , have tidied up their bid , with a view to making a move at the end of the season
  20. in 1987 we played in a tournament in Malaysia along with Southampton and a couple of other teams , we also played in the Gibralter Cup about 1977.
  21. I would play him as a centre half in the development squad , just to see if can fit in there , he has the height and a bit of presence about him , so worth a try , just to see if it is worthwhile giving him another year
  22. Experienced players starting to look up for a fight , Goodwin was excellent and I was a bit nervous when he seemed to pick up an injury , Genev settled in well and I hope he recovers soon from his injury , as these two along with Cheesy should give us a bit of solidness , and with Naismith and Tess should give us a decent defence. Dayton and Gow both really got stuck in and seemed to be enjoying themselves in piss awful conditions , which is great to see . A great goal for Thommo , who led his line well . Much more hopeful of us staying up , than I was this time last week , The whole team worked hard , McGinn beginning to look more like his old self , and Sadliar looking like he could develop into a right decent player . Squad now looks far stronger than the squad at the beginning of the season
  23. I,m not saying this is our best team , but a starting line up of , Kello , Naismith , McAusland , Genev , Tesselaar , Osborne , Goodwin , Dayton , Gow , Arquin and Thompson , does have a decent amount of experience , with a Bench of Ridgers ,Wilde , Kelly , McGinn , Mallan , Sonupe , Sadliar and Mallan we have a decent squad of 18 to have a go at staying up. Hopefully a good result on Saturday , will be the start of an unbeaten run , it is hugely important going into the split with confidence , and a togetherness between the fans and the team , so lets get behind the team on Saturday.
  24. Might be worth your while contacting Paisley Library and asking if there is old copies of the Paisley Daily express , they used to be bound copies of each year in the reading rooms , I don,t know how far back they would go , but certainly well worth giving them a buzz
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