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  1. Given our past record with crocks, i`m sure you can understand my right to remain to be convinced. I wish the big Guy all the best & he will get my full support when he wears the strip . I fully understand he is here as No2 to kello & i will be more than happy if he proves my fears are unfounded. PS. Dargo got a medical.
  2. Hmm ? Keeper who spent a fair bit of last season struggling with a knee injury .
  3. I`m sure many would ask the same about you !
  4. Good question , but hey..... It takes Juan to know Juan. sorry, now where did i put ma coat !
  5. Without a doubt, the most skillful & best looking saints team, especially the dashing young chap front row nearest camera !!
  6. I paid for something on Sky once & lasted 3 Minutes, the wife wasnt a happy bunny !
  7. Dont the hoy-holys rent out the stand for their happy clappy worship ? Thats it, its a done deal !!
  8. Space cadet alert !!!! From Wiki (so it must be true !)Rory Fallon is a Christian who is involved with the charity faith and football. He has revealed that he moves clubs based on what God tells him. He told the Guardian: "One club has come in for me, but I don't feel the Lord wants me to go. I will wait on what the Lord says. I don't feel I have got a clear message to leave yet, so I'm staying. I'm instructed by the Lord, and I keep telling people this. They probably think I'm mad, but I know full well that when Paul Sturrock came in and wanted me to go to Southend I had a dream and the Lord told me to stay at Plymouth
  9. Just in case SG / TC are in any doubt how we would feel about N**** N***. http://www.blackandwhitearmy.com/forums/index.php/topic/23710-the-nacho-novo-is-a-ct-thread/page-6?hl=+nacho%20+novo
  10. 3-2 home win over Aberdeen when i was 4 days old. 7.10.61. & two months later we demolished the mighty PRESSED STEEL 10 - 2 @ love st.
  11. Is it any wonder Heffernan isn't the player he used to be. I mean, how high was this cliff ?
  12. When the league cup kicks off for us in August, It will be interesting to see how many of our Cup Winners will still be with us.
  13. And so it begins ! http://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/sport/football/hibs/james-mcpake-and-kevin-thomson-exit-hibs-1-3422684
  14. Yes , the size & enthusiasm of the Embra supports will be missed. Accies simply cant compete on that front. However, both those teams are where they are because they deserve to be. One for being financial frauds, one for being footballing frauds. As i said, it will be a very interesting Championship next year ! OK, i might admit , one of my "frauds" might have been a tad over the top........what i actually i meant was cheating bastards living beyond their means while the whole f**kin world could see they were a financial meltdown waiting to happen.
  15. Ach , this is f**kin ridiculous , Danny ,get it sorted ! Cheesy ffs what you doin !?! Camerons a wanker ! . well ,one of these must be true !
  16. Wow ! What a championship next year . Hibs ,Hearts , Falkirk & Cowdenbeath in the same league !! Gonna be a cracker . Oh, & newco.
  17. Well done Rotherham United. I know feck all about Rotherham & their team but i will be looking out for my new adopted team next season. Good move Conor !!
  18. I think it would be a great move for John. United are a huge club, regular crowds of almost 20000, A manager who is prepared to give youth an opportunity & his Big Bro there to help him settle . Dont want him to go just now, i think another year or two up here will help him develop but if he does move south i`d rather he plays in Div 1 than be a sub in the championship.
  19. If you buy John McGinn , you get a free £12 million pound Victor Wanyama with him . Easy to find, just look in Johns back pocket !
  20. Strange, that was the only part of the game my wife showed any interest in !
  21. Or best man falls. I choose to be hit with an F1 car coz i couldn`t hear it coming !
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