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  1. Sorry to say it, but both kits are shite. Was hoping we would get our stripe back, but instead got yet another piss poor effort that must have taken the design department at Joma all of 3 seconds to come up with- and they have forgotten about the back of the home shirt
  2. Having Nike or Adidas or someone like that doesn't guarantee better quality, but likely to command a higher price. Most of Newcastle United's Puma tops have been iffy quality wise- and a big gripe for a lot of their fans is the club crest is a colour faded, cheap looking patch. I personally liked the Humel tops we had a few years back and the 2013 Home top was a belter. If suggesting another kit supplier, couldn't the club approach Canterbury. Have used there kit when played rugby and always seemed good quality and durable
  3. Playing for a draw(poorly IMO) and lost. Have tried to stay positive but have no hope we will stay up and think we need a total clear out of dugout team as has been a disaster- we have Been patient, kept the faith but been rewarded with weak, inept performances week after week. I'm sorry to say it but enough is enough
  4. That's for another thread. Refs now can't officiate for fcuking toffee, but it's not just the preserve of Scottish fitba, seen a load of English games with shite referees- but how some of these chinless wonders get a FIFA badge is anyone's guess. Must be an offer when you send in 10 coupons from boxes of Coco pops
  5. I'm not jumping on the 'sack the manager' bandwagon BUT with would ask the question to the supports who believe OK will turn it around, will come good etc- how long do we give for this to happen. It seems that OK and the rest of the (experienced) coaching team cannot buy us a win. I also believe that if a manager and/or team believe they will lose a game, they will somehow find a way for that to happen- which in itself raises questions,but for OK to openly state we are underdogs was a very poor error of judgement and not one that will win him much favour with at least of fair part of support. So what is next for us? Answers on a postcard please
  6. Ok seems a likeable, nice guy who did well across the water but for us it's not working with him. My main issue is we keep sticking with the same game plan and inherently end up with the same results. He also has JN & Gus there but their presence hasn't helped. Also, if I remember correctly, we signed OK on a 4 year deal(which I found surprising after doing the same with Stubbs) so even if we do decide to part company, we will have yet another manager who needs the their contract paid, and who will take over? Gus or Jimmy I'm sure. I'm praying that something-anything happens to give the entire team a kick in the arse and we at least get a playoff spot but realistically, looks unlikely we will be anywhere near enough for that.
  7. We played that well we got our arsed well and truly kicked. If the defence played ok I'd have been optimistic, but could see the fractures even before half time. The defense was shocking and passing, clearing the ball and general awareness were all well below par. Have been trying to keep the faith, remain positive and hope for improvement but not seeing much to keep my optimism. I really hope that we are on the cusp of a big improvement- but only time will tell
  8. I'm not at the game, but from what I can see on the coverage, this performance ranks among the worst I've seen this season. The defence is inept and close to pointless, we can pass to save ourselves and the few chances we have had, have been squandered. If we keep this up, I doubt we could get another win this season and relegation seems almost a certainty. Now it's time for a dram
  9. Personally I don't like artificial pitch surfaces, have played on a few(mainly through playing rugby) and always felt better playing on proper turf and grass pitch- I do think we will eventually need to look at synthetic/hybrid surfaces(as most clubs will) but feel that they aren't quite at the stage of being a real alternative to real grass surfaces. Anyone care to lambast my views or just disagree?
  10. Well, working hard does have the disadvantage of not being able to commit to being a keyboard warrior full time. Love the fact that you've taken the time to take issue with the timing of my post. The secret bastard child of Sutton- perhaps?
  11. The fact of the matter is Sutton is an ex player, now nobody,who only does what he does (talk shite and try to get folk wound up) to try and project some self importance. A twat he is but not worthy of any second thought.
  12. Was he pushed or did he jump, no mention of the nature of the 'parting company'. At least it wasn't a 'conscious uncoupling' like the twat who whines with Coldplay and gwyneth paltrow, mother of their fruit inspired weans
  13. No, directors of football is a bit of a nonsense IMHO, Someone to manage a manager and/or take over the football 'operation'. A managers job is what it says on the tin, to manage the team, players, tactics, transfers(obviously with approval from the BOD for budget). It also means another wage to pay, and like has happened in a number of clubs where a director of football has been present, there seems to be a lot of disharmony- too many cooks as they say
  14. I agree but sometimes our bums start to squeak a bit prematurely, think we can all give a judgement on AS after the window closes and we see who we have. I was always realistic about how we would do this season but also believe we need to give ourselves an aiming point, and if we do better than that then happy days.
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