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  1. We went for a Coffee today , she reckons she’s a shoe in for the Aberdeen job , the Motherwell job and front runner to replace Nicola Sturgeon . 😎👍
  2. I’d think he’d Start with Main & Watt with Offord getting final 30 mins replacing Watt . fresh legs against a pretty shit ‘Well defence .
  3. I wouldn’t put too much store in what Viaplay say - they thought we were playing Rangers 😂
  4. You’re gonna be shocked when the news of Titanic reaches you 😂😂😂
  5. Just look at the V5 . If it shows a hire company - you know it’s been ragged rotten !! 😂.
  6. I’d expect the final total to be far in excess of that number 😢 The Syrian authorities have only just in the last couple of days agreed to allow aid from the outside to the rebel held area so their figures will be vastly under reported .
  7. 45k miles is nothing in todays cars - especially in Diesels. But if it’s an ex rental , id worry more about How it’s been driven rather than the total miles.
  8. I’ve not seen this reported anywhere . 😯 Very sad news indeed if it turns out to be the case .. R I P Billy 🙁
  9. last night . Watched Jojo Rabbit again on Film 4 . Cracking movie. 👍
  10. Well beaten ? What f**king game were you at ? 😂. Was a very close game , the stats back that up .
  11. I agree with most of what you say but the last paragraph I dont get . I’d say most Buddies would be more than happy to buy a ticket to watch us play the teams you mention - I’d like to think if those fans had a season ticket they’d almost certainly attend. I accept my opinion may be a tad biased in this matter as I hate the scum and every bigoted piece of shit they stand for . all about opinions.
  12. The pics I posted were from the latest league game V Livvy - not a cup game so included in STs . Livvy obviously not big enough to bother getting off your arse to support your team .
  13. Anyroad , they’re no the best ….. here’s proof !! It’s on the internet so must be true . 😂
  14. I don’t . I wouldn’t be so silly to suggest so. I used to be able to say I’d seen Saints play at every single senior ground In Scotland , I can’t say that now with the new grounds / teams . Did I think I was the best supporter in the world ? absolutely not .
  15. There were 8 of us , that’s a start . Only another 18602 to go .
  16. I’m well aware of how they calculate the figures and count season tickets as “ attending “ My issue is, if they’re such f**king incredible fans , surely they should turn up to support their team ? I mean , Four & a half Million of them managed to get to Seville , yet thousands seem to have forgotten how to get to Glasgow unless it’s a ( well , one ) big team they’re playing .
  17. I’m sure the best fans in the world will turn out in force again and create that unique Darkhead atmosphere as they did midweek . There won’t be an empty seat - never is 🙄 Let’s see If they claim 58000 crowd this time , if they do - we’ll have half of the cash please 💵 They do my f**king head in that lot and their scum cousins 😡.
  18. It would have been so much worse if we hadn’t benefited from the professionalism of the kibble 🙄 Praise be to kibble.
  19. You seem to know a tad too much about these things 🤔😂
  20. I heard that comment from Mr Aberdeen ,wanker Miller ! Bet he wished those rejects were wearing red tonight . Get it right up ye wee Willie wanker 😂
  21. As I said last year when they requested similar - it’s a massive NO from me. Get your arses down to Tesco and do some backpacking , have a bucket collection at games and those who want to support this can do so - not just SMISA members or approach local businesses etc for sponsorship .
  22. Yep . First prize is a guided tour of the potholes of Glasgow with your own deranged private hire driver. 🤪
  23. Hates cheats and divers but is happy to glorify drug dealers 🤔. Shit stirring troll or two sandwiches short of a picnic ? You decide 🙄
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