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  1. 4-0 now. Game ruined early on by cheating Thistle player and incompetent referee .
  2. Cheers for the correction 👍. Very strange story . Hope he’s ok , just wanting peace n quiet rather than something else .
  3. Give it a rest ya boring c**t 😡. If you know something about the said player’s whereabouts, please let us know - if not , take your useless contribution elsewhere .
  4. Dons have apparently tried also to no avail . His best pal was Mark McGhee and he didn’t know either . Mystery 🤔
  5. Need to see if anyone can help here . I’m at an event today & speaking with Duncan Davidson ( ex Aberdeen ). He says that Iain Scanlon seems to have just disappeared from his former teammates network & no one knows where he’s at or what he’s doing . Anyone know anything ?
  6. Christ , I have absolutely no recollection of that 😯 I was 18 at the time and was following the team everywhere - who knows, I might even have been there but you’d think I’d remember something like that 🙄
  7. That’s another you’ll have to explain to me. We played a home game at Ibrox ?
  8. You’ve got me with that one ? Dam park ? That one needs an explanation! 😂 Eta , I see your post with the details but do we know why it was switched ?
  9. I’ve got a few doublers . Dumbarton at Boghead & Their new place. East fife at Bayview & New Bayview ( although I think that was pre season friendly) Clyde at Shawfield & Broadwood Livvy / Meadowbank at The Lasgane with a glass of red stadium & Meadowbank Saintees at Muirton & McDairmid Accies at Douglas Park & New Douglas park Airdrie at Broomfield & New Broomfield or whatever it’s called. Stirling Alb at Anfield & Forthbank
  10. I saw the reserves play there a few seasons ago. Nice tidy wee ground.
  11. Here’s one for the statos out there . Are there any senior grounds out there that Saints haven’t played a competitive match at ? I used to follow the team everywhere and could at one point say I’d seen them at every league ground but with many new teams and others changing / switching their home grounds I’m some way off that now. So where haven’t we played .?
  12. Highlights : Obviously top 6 finish . and also seeing a Saints player at a World Cup. Lowlights: Our uncanny knack of disappointing a large crowd after much hype - particularly the match V Killie .
  13. You’ll be able to stay on for marching season . I’m sure you’ll fit in .
  14. Aye, but you need to watch Falkirk. 10 years of watching Falkirk play FC Edinburgh , Kelty hearts & Montrose . Where do I sign ✍️?
  15. City’s exploits may well count for nothing depending on the outcome of the financial fair play investigations.
  16. Yeah, their last four premiership games have been W1, D2, L 1 . Not the sort of form they’ve shown all season and not how he / they will want the season to finish . They are chasing the season scoring record of the Lisbon Lions team so I’d expect them to go hell for leather in the last two games .
  17. Vote submitted . Just a pity that the selection options for Young POTY has such slim pickings. What has happened to our much vaunted youth set up ? I noticed this week that Saints only have 1 single player through the whole Scotland under set up 🤷‍♂️ Any road , best of luck to the winners whomever they may be . 👍⚽️
  18. No need to worry about someone to partner Holly on Dancing on ice , I’m only a phone call away . 😍
  19. I’ve said it before but I’m happy to say it again. Last season I would have happily driven Curtis Main to whichever club wanted to take him off our hands. His transformation this season has been incredible, he’s not the most prolific scorer or the most dynamic player ever to grace the stripes but my god he must be a f**king nightmare for defenders!! His shift today was immense and he was so unlucky not to grab a hat trick ( at least !)
  20. Brilliant performance from every player today , Main never gave the ‘tic defence a minutes peace and was unlucky not to be going home with the match ball , Taylor looked solid, Strain gave everything & Gogic was …. Gogic 😎👍 Had anyone offered us a point before game I’d think most of us would have bitten their hand off. Well done Saints , hopefully we can do likewise at Pittodrie on Wednesday .
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