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  1. We've got, Gary Irvine, We've got, Gary Irvine, We're got, Gary Irvine, He's Black and White! To the tune of "Glad All Over"
  2. I'm your biggest fan, I'll follow you until you love me! Gavin, Gavin Reilly!
  3. Got a wee feeling he might end up back at Q.O.S. Think he's got too much to offer to drop to part time, but I don't see him getting a regular game at any of the other Full Time teams. Morton maybe the other option, but I think they're pretty well sorted or centre mid.
  4. Shankland seemed disinterested when he played for us. I can't see him being enthusiastic about playing for Dumbarton. I think he sees himself as a bit of a star, seemed to think he was better than St Mirren, I can see him working his way down the leagues if he doesn't sort his attitude. Definitely has ability, but needs to put the work in.
  5. Saint Garf

    Andy Ryan

    I think he is good enough, but I agree to get the best out of him we should play 2 up top, or at least a Scotland style 4-4-1-1. All the attributes are there, he's intelligent, quick, 2 footed, better in the air than he should be for his height. For some reason, lots of people don't seem willing to give him a chance.
  6. A bit sad to see Rocco go, a very good player when fit. I think his chances might have been limited this season with us, been waiting for this to happen since McShane signed. I'm sure he'll have been keen to go, because he's too good a player to be sitting on the bench. He'll be an asset to another club, probably in this division. Good luck to him, unless he's playing against the buds. Would imagine there's a player on the verge of signing then, if we're clearing space on the wage bill.
  7. Ahh, didn't realise that. Makes sense though.
  8. If the club already owns the land across from the away stand, would it not make sense to punt the valuable land in Ralston, use some of the cash to build a state of the art synthetic pitch and a gym at St Mirren Park and bank the rest? Could even be another revenue stream for the club.
  9. Take it there's no Pay on the door or anything? Bringing a few non-buddie mates to the Falkirk game, wanted them to get the full St Mirren Park experience.
  10. How far away from fitness is he? Are we talking weeks or months?
  11. Saint Garf

    Andy Ryan

    Didn't make the game, but I'm finding this confusing. If you were a young player trying to win a move to a bigger club, surely you would do it by giving everything you've got and trying to impress, not taking the huff and half-arsing it. Doesn't sound like the kind of attitude we want at the club. I think Jack is very focused on the personalities in the squad, not sure Ryan would be a good fit given reports from yesterday.
  12. He seems to have good instincts, finds himself in dangerous positions, the ball has a habit of falling to him in the box. Techniques like first touch and finishing can be taught or improved, but that ability to arrive in the right place at the right time is hard to teach.
  13. Some folk only go to games to moan. I think they're people that no-one will listen to in the real world, so the only way their drivel can be heard by other humans is by shouting it out in front of a captive audience. Moron.
  14. Sounds decent. Hopefully they can take some confidence from that and carry it into the Falkirk game. Glad Reilly got a couple of goals. Sounds like him and Sutton together could be the way forward.
  15. Saint Garf

    Andy Ryan

    If Andy Ryan was/is on £1,300 a week, Airdrie deserve all they get. Don't believe it for a second to be fair.
  16. I remember the name, but not much about him. Sounds like what we need though.
  17. 2 Cracking strips. Away top's brilliant.
  18. Seems to have a dark coloured beard, so don't think it's Harry. Maybe we'll be announcing a double signing today.
  19. No change in management required. Saturday was terrible, but I still have faith in this manager and group of players. I think we need a striker, but the manager realises this and is trying to address it. For what it's worth, I think Reilly will score goals this season, just need another option, Stewart looks decent, but still very raw. Still think we'll be fine.
  20. I know what you mean, but I think the defence will settle, just might take some time. I don't think they'll play as direct as Livi, so it'll be more about our shape and discipline than dominance in the air. It'll be interesting at the very least
  21. Saturday will be tough. I think we might scrape a 1-0 win though. It'll be very different to Tuesday night because Thistle will fancy themselves at home against lower league opposition. They'll come out and attack, that will suit us. I'd like to see O'Keefe given a start. He looked pacey and direct when he came on against Livingston. I don't think Stewart has done a huge amount wrong, but he's not a natural winger. I'd also like to see Stewart (GK) given a shot in a competitive game. Nothing against Sammy, just haven't seen Stewart play yet. I'd also bring in Baird for Buchanan and drop Smith back into No10. So... .........................Stewart............................. Irvine......Baird........Mackenzie.......Stelios ............McShane...........McGinn................ O'Keefe..............Smith..................Morgan ...........................Reilly...............................
  22. Had we moments last night. Midfield was a bit fragmented, but he shows wee signs of class now and then. Think he could be a big player for us this season.
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