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  1. A proper goal or off his arse? Either way game on!
  2. Well that is utter pish. Not at the game so cant comment. Two away days at Fir Park next up. Unless we come back tonight I can see both fixtures yielding little unfortunately. Hope to be proved wrong but Hearts at home suddenly becomes huge.
  3. Get down the pitz on a Thursday night and you'll see all manner of exquisite finishes with either foot [emoji1787]
  4. Yes all fair enough. It's just frustrating when we see a johnny foreigner youtube superstar sign for us on a short term deal, and not to even make the bench first 3 games. That said, hoping he's been managed correctly and makes a big impact when he finally dons the stripes!
  5. I get all that and clearly Goody isn't rushing him in especially with our forward options. And if he comes up trumps and fires us to safety when he finally hits the park then it's a masterstroke. However I do wonder why he is just so unfit. I'm nearly 45, play 5's once a week, and could easily manage 10 mins at the end of a match vs tired opponents!
  6. Good to see Wallace fit enough for the bench. Makes you wonder what Chabbi has been up to since he last was "fit". Anyway positive line up and a bench full of attackers. Huge 3 points if we can collect them!
  7. Fair enough line up. Where is the Chabbi though? Will he ever take to the pitch? Cant believe he's not at least on the bench unless he's crocked.
  8. Yes its beyond a joke how threadbare we are at the back. Cant even field a recognised back 4 vs Killie. Would imagine Famewo to LB and Foley to CB. Big Mack is done and doesn't seem any youngsters ready for the breakthrough, in fact the only one with any full back minutes is away to Barnsley. What a state to be in. We absolutely need to find a versatile full back and a centre back who are clubless. Not a task I envy at this point of the season. Failure to do this, and 1 further injury then we truly are in bother at the back unless any of the 5 strikers that dont start fancy a change of career.......
  9. Definitely been our best player over the last 12 months. Gutted for him. Massive loss.
  10. Seems to have pace, is tall, plays off the shoulder and pretty composed in front of goal. It's been a very long time since a Saints player had all those attributes. Granted it's a YouTube compilation but on the face of it looks a good addition! Welcome to the Buds Siefe!
  11. Alex Bruce is shite and has a shite attitude. It's a no from me,
  12. I thought he had giant shorts before I realised he was the only player with his shirt tucked in! He looks like a right old fashioned throwback CH, the way he moves about. Does seem comfortable with the ball although there will be bigger tests ahead for him...
  13. A few of my mates who like a punt, were advised to pile into Motherwell reserves today at even money. Then apparently they named a weaker team than expected, then they took the lead only to be on the end of 2 Saints goals, needless to say I didn't join the gamble.....
  14. 2-1 Saints now, no idea who scored!
  15. Not entirely shocked about big Gary. He puts it all on the line for us but he's never out for just one match when he's crocked, he does it right properly! I think he was playing his 4th match in a couple of weeks when he got crocked. His body clearly can't cope with that. It's all big Kirky's fault anyway. If he hadn't got a foot injury we could have kept big Gary and his chocolate and balsa wood frame for emergencies.......[emoji1787]
  16. Well that was a disgrace. Apologies if I'm repeating anyone but didn't read the thread. Tonight proves a few things. Foley is the glue that keeps us together. Hladky, McLaughlin and Flynn are competent. The rest can get in the sea. Also the subs were baffling, not for the first time. I could tear the rest to pieces but that would be pointless. Obika has feet made of lego and not sure if Mullen touched the ball in 90 mins. Andreu is a liability bereft of confidence and McGinn (S) has been towing a bloody caravan for the last 18 months, managing to lose a goal with a sideways pass tonight. Oops I've started to tear people to pieces. Far from good enough. Worrying times.
  17. Yeah Hibs could have saw red twice and that today was a stick on red. But that happens to teams at the foot of the table. The biggest issue is the profligacy when in the ascendancy. That has to change pronto..
  18. He's cost you a fortune then the muppet. I still hadn't forgiven him for his miss away at Killie. Notably both times immediately hooked although I was sure his "knock" at Killie was caused by embarrassment. Of course Killie went up the park and scored the winner minutes later..... To be fair his pass for the winner vs Ross County was top drawer.
  19. Andreu took it. The rebound was easier to score than the spot kick itself but still contrived to pass it back to the keeper who to be fair ought to have seen red for the penalty incident.
  20. The pathetic double attempt from the penalty sums up our plight. Competing very well at times and either out of luck or just pure crap in front of goal. It has to turn soon before any confidence we have ebbs away. Big few games coming up and need to start hitting the net when on the front foot.
  21. If he was to go, anything less than 7 figures would be madness. It would take a silly bid and the mob from Govan couldn't afford him. However stranger things have happened. The exact cost of relegation plus enough to build a squad to come straight back up should be the absolute minimum to force our hand to sell. I base this on the fact the effect of him leaving could be. Of course we are St Mirren and commanding appropriate fees for our players has never been a strong suit.....so who knows what we'll do!
  22. Yes correct but he never played first team for them I dont think, and was in bother with plod, and we took a chance, so in his eyes it's where it all began!
  23. Broadfoot never was blessed with mental prowess so one off the list FS. He is however a very strong committed defender who has been blessed so far in terms of fitness for an athlete for his age. He will add grit and determination across the back line and make us less likely to be bullied which I'd assume fits well with the JG philosophy. He has also stated his desire to finish his career "where it all began". I think he's a great addition for we are now.
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