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  1. Got quite a bit of abuse at end of game, again looks lost as to what he can do to change things. Signings are a joke, good young players from last year have went backwards, and we are over reliant on 2 or 3 good players.
  2. Fair enough thats your view, I think you are being absolutly delusional, Goodwin gets barged in the back, agreed, but it hardly made him break stride, Goodwin then fires an elbow (totally unnaturally) at the face of the DU player You have your view and I have mine, Im sick of Goodwin pulling stunts like this, hes nearly 33years old for f**ks sake. You think hes hard done by.....
  3. Your right no one would give it much attention if it wasn't goodwin, if it was cheesy I would give him the benefit of the doubt, but it's not someone doing it for the first time, it's Goodwin, again. He hasnt earned the benefit of the doubt. What's this, the 5th or 6th time?
  4. Would really question anyone defending goodwin for this. As usual there was absolutly no need, throwing an elbow in the face of a young boy is something we would all be going mad it if they did it to one of our players. Ive just got round to watching the highlights, the defending is absolutly comical. And all Craig can say is the strikers arent scoring, we are embarrassing at the back, something that has been glaringly obvious for all to see for a while now.
  5. Not guilty TC, I never mentioned us being a team of boys or not...
  6. But he did meet his 'primary target' in all 4 seasons with 2 seasons we finished in a respectable 8th. If top 6 is a 'bonus' then i would love to hear the boards reasons for getting rid of Danny and what they expect of Tommy Craig. Not a dig at you TC as i would agree that staying up is the objective, but DL managed that in all 4 seasons, twice comfortably
  7. So does Tommy Craig get to share the credit for the highlights in DLs reign? But in terms of signings and wasting the budget last season...that was all Danny?
  8. I would be amazed if they refill his post, hes achieved absolutly zero, and all at what i would imagine would have been a 6 figure salary
  9. Unfortunatly Craig is going nowhere. Wont resign as it will be his last job at this level and i cant see the board acting anytime soon. They really have f**ked this one up. Dreadful appointment.
  10. I think he looks like he has absolutly zero confidence. Not helped by his, and the teams dreadful start to season. Not giving up on him just yet. With Ball now off and running goals wise and looking better all round, hopefully Marwood can chip in with some assists and goals, for anyone playing as advanced as him i would expect him to get 5-8 goals a season and a fair few assists, especially with guys like Ball and Thompson up front. That said, the similarities to Kean and Guy are definetly there.
  11. I actually feel sorry for Wylde. Seems to start one game, benched the next, 20 minutes next game then starts again. Doesnt seem to get a consistant run of games. Same happened last season as well. I thought he was going to be a big player this year as well
  12. I thought he put a great shift in today. His passing was slack at times but certainly put a foot in when required. He can definetly be happy with what he done today.
  13. Of course it makes a difference, Kello should be dealing with straight forward shots right at him. The defenders will share some reponsibility for their mistakes, Kello should take the blame when hes at fault
  14. The St Johnstone game, IIRC, was one of the worst ever saints performances i can remember, Shuggie had a horror show (again if its the same game) The 2010 cup final will always be the low point for me as im too young for Hammarby
  15. Im assuming the game is on BT sports so ill just watch on that. After Killie at the weekend i think ill give my sanity and wallet a break from away games for a while. We will win at some point. thats about as positive as i can be really
  16. Yep he was superb. Absolute overkill to have him and Goodwin in the middle of the park IMO but Ozzy would get the nod everytime. Maybe timw to put Jim into centre half?
  17. Tommy Craig has a history of this though. Think he seen 3 celtic managers, and hung around after Collins at Hibs and Le Chaleroi. Hes not cut out for it. That should be clear. It was a dreadful/lazy/cheap appointment and was always going fail.
  18. 99/00 season was the best ive ever seen as a saints supporter (being 29 years old) the football we played, amounts of goals scored and entertaining games involved in will take some beating, for that alone Tom Hendrie is a st mirren legend to me. as for the follwoing season? 00/01 we were a victim of being a properly run club, teams like killie, motherwell, dundee, dundee utd etc etc were spending millions they didnt have on players. After that season i think his stubborness took over, and things just didnt work out
  19. The minute Craig was appointed it set the tone for the season. Gilmour saying on radio that it wasnt the cheap option is an absolute embarrasement.
  20. Disgraceful today. McAusland needs dropped, unfortunatly theres no one there to replace him. Kello needs to be dropped asap as well. Only positive i can think of is theres no games for a fortnight.
  21. I appreciate we arent perfect, but f**k me, you are bloody grim. Cheer up, its only football.
  22. its not a st mirren exclusive problem, i was in the killie and motherwell main stands for games last year (not v saints) and the atmosphere was non existant at both.
  23. Hes miles off it fitness wise so probably too harsh to judge him yet
  24. I can see why TC took the gamble, he was under pressure to get a win so turned to our talisman. The problem is Thommo is 34 (35?) years old, he shouldnt have been put in that position and its absolute madness that they thought he could do it. Even if he didnt need an injection he still shouldnt have started, there was no way he was anywhere near match fit. If hes out for another 6-8 weeks it will be an absolute disaster, with no pres season under his belt and at his age its going to be a real struggle to get him up and running when he is fit.
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