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  1. 1/10 On another note i remember being raging when Higdon signed, remember watching him and thinking he was a diddy add in his below average goalscoring record at the time, i thought it was such an uninspiring signing Fair play to the big man, after an average first season with us hes went from strength to strength each season since...
  2. Perfect, even with that horrendous sponsor logo
  3. Like TC says, that would be brilliant for anyone to play against but surely he wont be that naive. And where does that leave Kevin Thomson? Think hartley has treated this pre season like one in football manager 2014 Plus, none of the 3 have ever been high scorers, fancy Kenny to score more than Harkins and McGowan combined.
  4. Probably the best business we will do this summer. Brilliant news
  5. The positive is that our home strip is now no longer the worst st mirren strip ive ever seen....
  6. https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/the-cheapest-towns-to-buy-a-house-105938539.html
  7. And when did they last finish above us?
  8. I get the same problem on the app. pretty much everytime i use it
  9. I dont want to set the bar low, but lets be honest, if he chips in with 5-8 goals it will be better than anything else we have had to support thommo. Hopefully he will be a success anyway. Gets my support.
  10. http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/football/27193080
  11. welcome aboard James, hopefully will take some of the weight off Thommos shoulders
  12. Douglas MacNeil on twitter has wrote that us and motherwell going down the route of gwtting loan players in from the EPL. Assume these cant be signed u til the transfer window opens on the 1st. MacNeil usually quite good for saints news
  13. http://www.jdsports.co.uk/search/st%20mirren
  14. Which is 1 more than we had at start of last season. Also Ridgers has over 60 first team appearances. More than both Dilo amd Cornell. And hes going to be 2nd choice
  15. To put a different spin on it, (and im not nailing my colours to any mast), but surely on the back of the recession and under a tory goverment that, as usual, are only looking after their own, this is one of the best oportunities of people wanting to split from GB? Surely we are as disengaged from London and rUK as we are ever likely to be?
  16. Shame that Dilo will, most likely, be away but Ridgers has always been a highly rated keeper. Didnt realise he was 23 mind you. 1 major positive with this signing is that we have the goalie position nailed down ealry, avoiding the farce that was the inexperienced keeper route we went down last summer Welcome aboard Mark
  17. Cant argue with anyone wanting to earn that sort of money. Like someone said above though, he is in for a rough ride. Broadfoot was a laughing stock amongst rangers fans and he is/was a far far superior player to Darren. Shows how messed up rangers are when they are spending these sort of wages on average (at best) players. I find it hard to believe there isnt some youth player at the multi million murray park that isnt superior to Darren.
  18. Darren Barr and James McPake in the one team Jeezo
  19. Williams and Craig would be good signings, both may be out our price range though, especially Craig as he doesnt need to go anywhere.
  20. Top man and a great servant. Wish him all the best for the future.
  21. I dont think anyone thinks TC is too old at 63. Its the fact hes 63 with minimal managerial experience that has raised eyebrows. The same cant quite be said about Van Gaal
  22. As much as i hope im wrong, i can see us looking for a new manager come October time Ill buy my season ticket as normal and back the man as i have with Danny, Gus and all those before. I just cant help but question the logic in giving the man the job at 63 when hes not succeeded as manager anywhere else
  23. what a dreadful, uninspiring appointment how can the board justify giving the job to a 63 year old with just 6months experience of being a manager in his own right (and a failure in those 6 months) if true of course....
  24. If there is an announcement today, then i would expect it to be TC as manager or Thommo as manager with TC as assistant Neither option fills me with confidence but cannot see the point in giving TC the role.
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