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  1. Im thinking sammy to step aside and give lyness a whirl first goal cross ball.
  2. Was kenny mclean not signed by Norwich and loaned back to aberdeen in jan.
  3. I often feel concerned for the forum analyst,s turning a milli second data packet pm into 15 minutes. It,s hard to embrace change sometime,s. However yes i thought it was really decent of the guy to reply in a civil manner it costs nothing.
  4. Sorry if posting in the wrong place offended anyone still navigating as you can tell by the volume of my posts. I,ll become cognitive at some point.
  5. I see that todays linesman was hit by an object thrown from the crowd. This seems to be a repetitive scenario its time there fans were held to account for there actions after the young girl was injured at castle greyskull. This also refers back to the chic charnley incident in which a fan was alledgedly banned for life.
  6. I feel positive. and with a saints cv and cap and tie im qualified enough to know the diffrence between a good vibe and a bad vibe and right now were trying harder than ever before i think. Oh and ps i was delighted tonight when simeon jackson pm,d me on instagram to say thanks for the well wishes
  7. Its allways a possibility though i suppose. im just as anxious as anyone that we get someone with an eye for goal its essential i,d say to our survival.
  8. Anyone had any incline that he is ready to sign or will we get gazumped again just curious.
  9. Its may be feasable as he came from a non league side. Sammys done well but we need to progress.
  10. You just have to look at some of the banners the GreetiN brigade used to put up which were political in recent time in relation to scottish gov. And no police intervention there. So there is stark contrast between a small group of football enthusiasts and i reckon it was due to our march for the champions that prob got there wee knickers in a twist because that was impressive.
  11. The fact is unless a crime was committed by any of theese boys the police and club are in breach of courts and criminal justice act 2015 private companies and also corporations are not to be assisted by the police theres a major complaint in there for josh as he was bullied and harrassed for no reason. Take this how you will.
  12. Sutton wasnt even that good john sutton was much better
  13. ohhh speedy speedy, speedie speedie speedie goncalves . ohhhh speedy speedy...get into this mob we can do it saints...
  14. What to do now the season,s ended.?

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    2. faraway saint

      faraway saint

      Of course it is Davido, you never last as long as a minute. :)

    3. Buddieloyal


      lol sataponsasaint thats exactly what i,ll do.

    4. St. Sid

      St. Sid

      The golf swing is still in good shape.

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