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  1. Lovezostreetzo, sent me a PM to confirm you are correct. Apparently "Fat"/"Fatzo" will be a right sided left hand centreback who will lead the line in the circle!
  2. The game v Morton was sold as a friendly from the get go. It will be played on that basis if either team fails to win their respective semi finals. Hope this helps.
  3. The way our signings are/aren't going, it appears Danny is relying on factor UNDER 20.
  4. Took a while to get back to this topic but I'm astonished (NOT) that you don't flesh out this statement to fill in the reasons WHY things had went so well for the privatised industry and WHY the share offer was appealing. Look at the subsidies before, during and after the issue. As for the Norwegian tax levels. I worked in Norway for a period long enough to pay through their tax regime. Yes. Their base rate, at 38%, was a lot higher than the UKs but they have so many of the allowances that no longer apply in our country that I actually payed substantially less tax than would have been due here.
  5. I was sure Cheetah only lived for tree score years and ten.
  6. There's no doubt in my mind the bill needs to be paid. It is the family, be it Mother, Father or Daughter, who are responsible for the usage. As for kids using "mummy's phone" for gaming. If my grandkids wants to use my mobile to play angrybirds or whatever the new fad is Idownload the ap. then I put my phone on "flight mode". If it affects the game then TOUGH! They just need to find another game.
  7. Not sure happy was the word I would have used for the actual viewing of the victory. At 40 love I was slightly nervous. By 40-30. I was fastly becoming an emotional wreck. By advantage - advantage Djokovic I tyhought I would have to use up the pampers stored for the close season signings! By the time Andy put the brave Serb to bed I was an emotional wreck who had endured a rollercoaster ride that made me thankful my heart was, at the start, in reasonable condition. Then? Elation and relief. It was as if I had played the points myself. I'm sure I wasn't alone in jumping about like a "maddie" by game, set and Championship. Next day was enjoyable though.
  8. Are you sure it wasn't "Ronzo" you asked?
  9. What happened to The Stray Cats? Or Pussycat? Or Snoop Doggy Dog? Or Cat Steven? Or....... Lionel Ritchie!?
  10. You leave Nessie out of this. I saw it when I went on my space run a few years ago. It was in the days of £. S.and d mind you!
  11. I read that the pension promises will still be the government's resposibility though. The whole concept of the royal mail is to serve the nations and make sure that no one has to pay penalties just because they live in a rural setting. If the RM is showing a healthy profit then it is working and the government's coffers are swelled more than would be by the tax revenue. A privatised Royal Mail would show no mercy in it's endeavours to claw in money. It MUST stay in public ownership lest we end up with the bus and train fiascos. This is simply another Tory policy to bring in short term finances while throwing away years of public investment that has gone into making what the Tories left last time the attacked this particular entity into a profitable concern. I won't be telling SID. That's for sure!
  12. I think most people believe in life on other planets. It's the feasibility of having the technology to "visit" our planet that's almost certainly absurd. I believe we ARE alone in as much as we will never likely meet our distant cousins. Unless wormholes are found stable enough to utilise and, more importantly, allow time and space to be folded in a precise manner. Take solice in the fact the wee green/grey [email protected]@rds can't sneak up on us and take over!
  13. Personally I don't see the problem in Salmond using a sporting victory to make the statement. Andy is a proud Scot who quite often has the saltire emblem on his sweat bands. Cameron openly used Murray as a political statement when inviting him to Downing Street. He even opened the frecking door himself, (a duty I'm sure he performs regularly), and was plainly seen grinning ear to ear and rubbing his hands akin to Scrooge finding a penny that fell from Cratchit's pittance.
  14. Because there would be no point printing words in it if nobody read it!
  15. Don't be silly! That was Dick van Dyke. You may have seen Danny Kyle in movies like "The Court Jester" or "The Secret life of Walter Mitty". (Both movie personas are probably better known as Lovestreet)Edited to add that another "Danny persona" could be renamed LS. Namely... Hans Christian Andersen!
  16. Aye but your source is pre school age. lovestreet's, on the other hand, is staring him in the mirror every morning! I know whose info I'll watch out for. Let me know when you can insaintee!
  17. I cannot believe that those "powers that be" have chosen Donkey-aster as the person to be the front for the new SPFL. FRONT? More like an affront to our collective intelligence!
  18. I still think Danny will be looking for an experienced fallback. If the Swansea goalkeeper isn't doing the biz. he will be dropped. If that means him returning to his parent club then, so be it. I'm certain Danny and, more importantly, his goalkeeping coach has extesively research this lad and KNOWS his level of ability. It's not ideal to have a loanee as the first choice, last line of defence though as, if I remember correctly, it is the one player can be recalled in emergency situations. This would leave us in "dead stook".
  19. I don't think you're capable of breaking wind before it was announced LS.
  20. SO.... Let me get this right. You see the word "dildo" and immediately think "F**K ME"? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
  21. Not so sure about ther number of aliases oaky. I think he may have as many as 20 ............... with 5 opting for the last of the choices!
  22. But the closest we've got to a left back is Lewis Guy who appears to have been left back in Carlisle.
  23. Nope. Didn't vote at all. I was going to until my source told me that you and the OP were, in actual fact, one and the same. I may vote in 2014 though! Just another exclusive for you LS. I'll keep you posted. Sit tight.
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