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  1. My late mother always told me she was definitely there when I was born. And a big fat midwife skelped my arse. Cow!
  2. Doesn't seem to be just that easy. If you watch Aircraft Disasters you will see that fairly regularly a pilot's lack of experience of the aircraft he is flying has been deemed to be the cause of the crash. I watched one recently where the captain of the plane that crashed has thousands of hours on Airbuses and they damned nearly think for the pilot. Then he changed job and started flying Boeings. Wasn't long before he messed up landing at an airport he was unfamilar with. Crashed just short of the runway before he could overshoot. At the enquiry his unfamiliarity of the aircraft he was flying was deemed to be the primary cause of the accident. Most of the passengers survived but there were a few fatalities.
  3. I misread that at first and thought you wrote 'fights'. I wondered what the aircrew were doing when you and the good lady were knocking the crap out of one another.
  4. Noticed a big roar off what looked like an Easyjet during Jack's post match interview. Also noticed a lot of screeching tiny wee seagulls during the same interview. We've got seagulls the size of big dugs over this side of the North Channel!
  5. I'd never seen that before. Loved it to bits.
  6. RickMcD


    How do you know Neymar is a moron? How much does he give to charity?
  7. I can but won't spoil it. Will just say that on the way home on the Braehead bus we wondered what the hell was going on.
  8. Meant to reply earlier to this. Asked about but none of my friends saw it. I knew there had been a punch up because the parade stopped for about twenty minutes. It was near the front of the parade so I suspect it involved a Bangor lodge as they were leading the march. It's par for the course. The first parade my wife and I saw was thirty years ago. Against our better judgement we were persuaded by friends to go up to Belfast. We were near Sandy Row across the road, appropriately I suppose , from the Rangers supporters club. About fifty yards along the road from us a fight broke out. I'm talking about bandsmen, not spectators although they soon joined in. What a donnybrook it was. Bottles, glasses even flutes and drums were used as weapons. It went on for ages. I never did hear what it was about or how many got injured. They hush these things up. When the parade was finally over and we were heading back to our cars we were knee deep in litter, glasses and bottles. I decided that would be my last parade and by and large I have stuck to it. This year's parade started about an hour late and that's why I got caught up in it. I don't know how anyone ever came to think I have any time for the Orange Order. Over the years on this forum I have knocked them. But we allegedly live in a democracy so I have to respect their right to march. My original post was intended to polnt out the ridiculous Rangers association and as far as I'm concerned, exploitation of children. There are kids of two and three years in the parades. Babies are carried by some. I even saw a big dug with a collarette! A red, white and blue one! The collarette, no the dug. Aye, I just love the 12th.
  9. Well, you should know what a dick is OK. Look in the mirror. I've been a St.Mirren fan for more than 60 years and there have always been more bad days than good. It goes with the territory. You clearly can't take the heat so why don't you do most of us a favour and get the hell out of the kitchen. Your non-stop vituperation is tedious to the bulk of guys in the forum. Did your granny never tell you that if you don't have anything nice to say, then you should shut the f**k up? If it's any consolation to you, the original Elvis was off his head too. But at least he was a pretty good chanter.
  10. The behaviour of the fans was a disgrace last night but that I'm sure isn't a surprise to anyone. Haven't heard yet if there was any trouble in Belfast after the match last night. Will be surprised if there wasn't some bother. Did hear late last night that the PSNI did a rush job on the Bucky half bottle for fingerprints. They checked the National database of known criminals and got a hit right away. A guy called Griffiths from Edinburgh.
  11. Saw a bit of the walk in Bangor for the first time in years and only because it ran very late. Couldn't help taking a couple of shots that I found 'interesting'. Hope nobody takes offence. What some folks get their kids involved in really staggers me.
  12. Friday 14th July on some crazy channel. Linfield v Celtic. Don't want either to win.
  13. The sad truth is that despite the increase in longevity in parts of the sub-continent, in many regions life expectancy is still only somewhere in the 50's or 60's. In other words many die before they reach the typical age when Alzheimer's is likely to set in.
  14. RickMcD

    Paisley Pubs

    Don't know if I agree. The way the vertical sign's letters lit up one at a time finishing with 'for best value' lighting up last was very eye catching.It was a different colour. From memory I think the big letters were red and the value one was I think yellow. Then they all switched off simultaneously and it started all over again. I imagine someone, somewhere has an old film of it stored away somewhere.
  15. RickMcD

    Paisley Pubs

    I think it actually said for good value. Not sure though. Those words were written horizontally whereas the PCMS letters were vertical.
  16. Thought somebody would notice that. I had something really important to say about Rangers. But I got it mixed up with King Billy's spurs being up for sale. Honest. A lot of pricks in there somewhere.
  17. RickMcD

    Paisley Pubs

    Pretty sure it was P C M S. Paisley Cooperative Manufacturing Society.
  18. USA population 300m +. Still no good at footy.
  19. £1,700 a week sounds not too bad. Out of curiosity, does anyone have any idea of the average weekly wage of our first team squad?
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