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  1. I've reached 13 planes taking off during a game !!🤪
  2. Now I'm concerned that I wont get this in time for Christmas. 😒
  3. Looks like will probably end up a Christmas present at this rate.😂
  4. Surely we're not depriving folk out of paid employment now!! A volunteer electrician? Disgraceful state of affairs.
  5. Anyone else feel theirs a wee implication in survey, that it'll be our fault we get a poor team if we don't agree to OF staying in both stands?
  6. Or forfeit game and settle for 0-3 to keep goal difference to a minimum
  7. Win the coin toss, pass backwards from centre, everyone runs back and makes a circle around the player with the ball and lock arms. The player with the ball keeps possession for entire 1st half. 2nd half, win ball back from centre and repeat.......simple, settle for 0-0 draw
  8. Completely agree, dreadful stuff. 2 is only one half! Decent.
  9. Will certainly persevere. Meeting was supposed to have taken place at end of last month, will give them this week to respond. Did get good response to initial query from SLO but just been silence since
  10. Season tickets include these games this season, no reduction in price. Seat re-allocation or refund Mentioned to SLO a number of weeks back who were then going to raise with club. No response as yet.
  11. Any news on Family Stand season ticket holders for this one?
  12. Are tickets on general sale for this game?
  13. Anyone explain why we were stopped by the stewards from leaving the way we came in via Ferguslie Park Ave, instead being told to turn round and leave via gate at Drums Ave ? No stewards at the gate to organise cars leaving or to look out for safety of those walking out. A free for all when I got there. Saw no communication prior to match relating to this. Dangerous stuff What's going on ?
  14. OF games were not included in price last season, but Family stand folk got chance to buy elsewhere in ground at reduced price. No word of that arrangement for this season so either we get free seat in an available space or they'll owe us a refund. Anyone else heard anything re this?
  15. Just a pity they brought flares with them, not something the club should be happy with, Bad start from the guys
  16. 1,000 fans in for today at Partick's game yet we only get 500 for our game on Tuesday!! Anyone know how it's all worked out?
  17. Anyone know what age our concession tickets cover. I know Motherwell's are age 60+ are we the same?
  18. Think they'll let those selected for games get free parking in club car parks, (if they are drivers of course, before someone makes the obvious comment} Totally agree that once picked you then get binned until all else have attended, so obvious I'm sure they'll do it.
  19. Sorry I'd hoped folks would understand what I was getting at. Apologies for lack of specificity.
  20. Are they still providing games free on St Mirren tv for season ticket holders?
  21. Don't know too much about the boy but could Jamieson play the McGrath role?
  22. They'll destroy us down the wings. Whose the playmaker for us? ???????????
  23. Well done to everyone tonight, including the fans but...……. Is there really no one better than Andreu we can use. Honestly thought he was our weak link when came on, or am I missing something ? Again, well done, special mention to our centre backs.
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