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  1. Billy who runs Kelburne Tyres opposite The Burgh in Lacy St is good. Not a Buddie, but you can't have everything...
  2. I'm seriously underwhelmed by the cost of the half-season ticket which was the subject of an email I received from the club today. At £190 and covering the remaining 11 games, I reckoned it would save me £30. Fair enough. Then I read this! Turns out the half-season ticket is only saving me £20! It's entirely possible that I'll be unable to make it to one of the remaining games, meaning I wouldn't save a penny. I'll support St Mirren until I draw my last breath, but I'll just continue to pay on the day for the rest of the season, if that's all right PS I'm not being mean - I'll be sending the raffle tickets in with a tenner...
  3. 3 major acts confirmed to play during the January window. PM sent with exclusive on names...
  4. At least you remembered to post details of the charity's website - http://brighteststar.org.uk/ You did remember to do that, didn't you?
  5. I doubt there's clear evidence that child abuse is more common nowadays. I think it's always been there, just reported less, given a lower profile or better hidden (kept in the family) in the past. I'm always a wee bit wary of views based on 'the good old days'...
  6. Thanks for your positivity and kind words, Conor. Has anyone told you this cup-winning thing is, well - scarce? I saw footage of your cup final goal the other day and the commentator said it was your first goal for the Buddies. 'Huh!' said I to myself, 'and his last!'. Go on - make a liar out of me...
  7. I want to get angry with Poz and rant about the need for boundaries to be pushed, horizons to be widened and artists to be respected...but I can't. I loved the show Bruce put on, but Neil was on another level, which struck a phenomenal chord with me (no pun intended (oh yes there was)). Maybe I'm a pretentious twit (spelt with an 'a'), but when 'Perfect Day' is used to raise money for charidee and 'Wild Horses' sells to millions of taste-free telly addicts...when Rolf Harris covers Led Zeppelin ffs...I thank the self-indulgent risk-takers and mould-breakers who will hold a chord on stage for 10 minutes. Yup, I think it borders on art. There - I've said it. I'd have loved to have seen The Undertones or The Ramones for their sheer energy, but I want the full spectrum of musical endeavour. Except Country and Western, of course. That's just wrong. And avant-guarde jazz. Wrong.
  8. Just back from Hampden, too. That's 3 times this year. Should have bought a season ticket Bruce was just brilliant - three and a half hours! That's bound to please a Paisley boy. Fantastic rapport with fans, great sound, amazing screens, wonderfully unpredictable set and incredible energy and stamina from a 63 year old. But... It was designed to be accessible. The Boss is a commercial giant. Saw Neil Young last Thursday and his gig was about musicianship. He's a musical giant. He plays gigs to entertain himself, not other people. Bruce is a star, but Neil is a supernova.
  9. To be fair, cars have parked in this fashion at Cayzer Court since the 1960s. Any blind folk caught out by the cars with their noses on the pavement would have to be walking round remembering when it was all open fields as far as the eye can see round here... I think you're being a wee bit mischievous with the natives of Ralph's town, Shull.
  10. The Crow Road is original, humorous, entertaining literature. Banks was a Scottish author to be proud of. Any time I saw an interview, he came across as a smart and totally decent guy. And he loved whisky. What a star. Let's emphasise the positive.
  11. The late Jim Waugh was a consummate broadcaster. Loved jazz, but couldn't abide jazz snobs. I'm not fond of the genre, but I'd listen to the show to hear his silken voice and expert opinions.
  12. I've said many times - OF fans don't know how I felt in May '87. They celebrate cup wins, but they expect them, so they're not as special to them as that win was to me. I felt almost as good on Sunday. I want to feel that way again on March 17th. Please, St Mirren, make it that way again on March 17th.
  13. Back in the 80s, I had the good fortune to be part of the extended family of someone entitled to bottles of the cratur for not very much money. I used to get a litre of Laphroaig for £5. So cheap I never had to make the agonising decisions - feed the kids or buy single malt... I was once approached by a bunch of English guys doing the Whisky Trail in Nairn for a recommendation (I'm Scots, so my opinion apparently carries weight!). I told them you couldn't beat a belt of Laphroiag. They shunned me like a warped practical joker when they tried it. Islay whiskies sort the men from the little boys. I'm convinced a drop of water is needed to release the hidden depths of malt. Others disagree.
  14. Plusnet will probably tick all your boxes, Tom, but this is an excellent site... http://www.thinkbroadband.com/ You don't need to sign up and the techies/geeks just love to help/show off their knowledge.
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