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  1. maybe it is down but up against the budget, commercial side was always going to reduce this year with the loss of hearts and hibs. In any job like CK has you are given what is expected, all you can do is exceed that.
  2. The corporate side was significantly up this season over last season. Campbell has a budget that he has to achieve and he exceeded that, that's a fact.
  3. Incorrect, Thommo himself said he needed to test himself in a match game to see whether he was okay, it had to be done.
  4. From what I heard, the players could not believe that Tommy had been given the job.
  5. Could always let them know what you think at their facebook page, i agree, its pretty disgusting. edit : doesnt let you post to it.
  6. the strip is the cause of our decline.
  7. Ozzy was brilliant yesterday, not only the best player in our team but the best player on the pitch by some margin, I imagine against his old club for the next two games he will put in similar performances.
  8. Id like to see Osbourne start beside Goodwin - Jim was our best player on Saturday, when he screws the nut he is about as good as we get at the club. Kello Naismith Cheesemeister general Plummer Tessellar Goodwin Osbourne Wylde McGinn McLean Thommo, stick Ball in too if we can get away with playing 12.
  9. Not many tickets sold for this, i reckon we will be lucky to have 2000 there.
  10. We have been unlucky, we could quite easily have been sitting with 6 points out of 9 and with a load of praise from the fans for being bold and attacking. It is a results business though and thats what is going to make or break him, if we are bottom by the end of october then i imagine he will walk.
  11. I would have done the hamilton hospitality but they are only offering fish or macaroni - chicken option and id have been on it like stink on a dog.
  12. On paper it looks quite a dull and uninspiring transfer - ive got the utmost faith that the management team can spot a player as has been said before. We have to trust the guys in charge, we did learn that Danny would sign guys without seeing them or without having them scouted properly, everything you know about Jim Goodwin and Gary Teale tells you these guys are the utmost of professionals, these guys want winners on their team that they will play with week in week out.
  13. 2 black guys on trial with us at the moment - source - the postman.
  14. People also forget last year and the year before Danny would often say thats us done, we probably ended up signing 5 or 6 guys after that point last year. There is zero benefit other than placating the fans by saying we are looking for guys.
  15. if we sign the livvy guy then thats going to be our central defence for the year with him and Plummer to fill the leaky defence.
  16. Lovestreet's rumours are more credible than this one.
  17. Surely paddy Cregg was not a top earner.
  18. Harkins wasnt on trial with us was he?
  19. The guy we have on trial from Livvy is apparently getting rave reviews from the players, hopefully he will sign on and be the replacement for McGregor.
  20. I dont think Teale and Goodwin would have got much off a wage hike, players in their primes command higher salary than the managers, Goodwin's last contract was a decent one, it is probably just a continuation - I suspect Teale's will be matched to Goodwins or vice versa so that they are on the same.
  21. In hindsight Lewis Guy was not that bad a player at this level, 5 goals from about 20 starts was not the worst return we have had from a striker.
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