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.. Tips For Gloryhunters On Saturday.


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1/ Hire a Panda suit....why not go the hole hog.

2/ Max out your credit card at the club shop

3/ Be sure not to say to anyone that "you've always had a soft spot for St.Mirren."

4/ Cover up any Red Hand or Tri-colour tatoos

5/ Applaud Chick Young as you spot him lording it up in the Main Stand.

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1. Avoid engaging in conversation with any old grammarian season ticket holders as they'll be in "I haven't missed again in 40 year so your not entitled to an opinion" turbo-mode.

2. Don't bring a union jack flag or tricolor even if your have painted St Mirren loyal / disloyal on it.

3. Try learning a song or two prior to Saturday to avoid any embarressing John Redwood style mumbling moments.

4. Don't cheer or shout out when the OF score comes up on yer mobile - we don't care.

5. No "you are my we team" comments.

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Thanks for the tips, Lads! :)

I'm sure I won't embarrass any of you when

Buddies FC lift the cup on Saturday at The Paisley Stadium!

Yay, for the combo in black and white uniforms!

Knock in those points, a-plenty! :)

Yeah hope it's not a tied game....we might have to go into overtime.Can't wait to see the Panda-ettes at half-time. :P

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