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Hearts away. 01/09


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25 minutes ago, beyond our ken said:

No Backbone and yet, spineless?  How can these two things co-exist?

That's like saying a house has no roof and is roofless.

You should also cut down on the rusty nail sandwiches-they are increasing your irony levels.

You're trying too hard......................really isn't worth the effort. :byebye

PS Nobody eats rusty nail sandwiches. :lol:

PPS You're quite happy at St Mirren supporters being called what this so called supporter said yet have a go at me for calling it out, aye ,wonder why eh? :thumbsdown

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On ‎9‎/‎2‎/‎2018 at 4:02 AM, windae cleaner said:

Watched the game

Defence shocking all the goals gifts. Struggling to see what the penalty was for though

Midfield neat and tidy at times going forward but offer nothing defensively to a fragile defence

Up front the big Dane gets his head onto Sammy kick outs on the touchline but no where else especially in their box


So we gift goals and don't look like scoring but can play side to side with the ball

They did put effort in and the manager was out his dug out but the players defensively and up front aren't good enough for this league

Really concur with you Windae (Thought I 'd better not call you WC)

Like you I believe the penalty was worse than harsh - Neither Baird nor the hearts striker were near the cross, and he conned the ref - yet folk on here pilled into abusing Baird.

Cannot believe he is the target for so much abuse, when plenty others are making worse mistakes and contributing less.

At the goals, Hodson lost Naismith for 1, KP gets out jumped, Coulson leaves Naismith too much space to make a decisive pass and Alfie got caught out for another, and KP's man wins a knock on and Hearts walk right through us for the 4th - where are the Hearts markers, (mainly midfielders posted missing but left back too).

BUT added into this is the idea that it is all down to the defence - Our midfielders left people to run straight at the defence far too often or lost their man in the box on a number of occasions. It was even worse against Aberdeen...

Toothless is true as well.. we don't seem to have the confidence, (I do think there is some ability) to make free flowing defence splitting moves. Smith though did get to the bye line and his cross was dangerous enough for the o.g. to happen - Brock was not far from it and did therefore put pressure on the defence, but often strikers are in first before the defender... McGinn and Alfie both missed  golden chances. Willock also had a decent chance after intercepting a weak Hearts pass.

I think that we are a bit naïve for the Premiership at the moment. Add in to that the last three games have been more or less over by half time. So confidence is not high.

It is no good starting to play like you can after 45 minutes - they need to come out determined and switched on from the kick-off. Manager , coaches and players need to see this as a primary area for improvement.  I think the team needs to gel/bond better - part of that is so many younger guys and having played together so little - over the season that should improve...

Surprised to say the least that Stubbs doesn't seem to be able to get us to be a stronger defensive unit - He, or his replacement needs to do some work this concept through the entire team....

Once we work tighter as a unit, the confidence to build on that will make all the difference.. (We should also have pulled out all the stops to sign Stewart not Miller - He walked right through the heart of the Aberdeen defence...)

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Glad to see a few other learned posters also highlighting the fact that its not just Stubbzo who has a responsibility to bear over recent performances. Our midfield still seem unable to hold it up and take the game by the scruff of the neck. And thats a midfield of McGinn, Magennis, Flynn, Smith and Willock.. only one Stubbzo newbie there!

in attack its dufficult to gauge if NBM is a hit, or miss as he only seems to get the ball when he wins outside the box. Precious little, if any threaded through, or pinged in from the flanks.

in defence big Cole looked better, and Hodson looked good in tackles and getting forward. Coulson needs moved or dropped, he's like giving away a goal a game because he isn't physical enough in challenges. Baird still dropping clangers, as did Jones. But i felt we could be nearer to a decent starting eleven.

my main worry about Cole, and this maybe why he's been a bit of nomad is he doesnt look like a leader! With his physical presence you just assume he would be bawling at his teammates to stay tight. I dont see that in him, i dont see him telling the youngsters what to do, i dont see him leading, or telling others to get out of the way this is mine! Consequently Jones, Baird and Coulson seem to get caught out running to cover situations, after the fact.

someone in that back line needs to lead it, command it and feckin rule it! Thats the sign of any good backline, he may not be your captain, but whoever leads in there calls the shots. I wonder if there's disharmony amongst McGinn, Cole and any other newbies?

Stubbzo is going to get a lot more time, the board have set the precedent for that. And when you consider we have players from Man Utd, Southampton, Middlesborough, Birmingham, Rangers & Hearts then you should expect our existing players to be eager to play with a bit of quality beside them. I think one or two have had their noses put out, and they are letting it affect their game.

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1 hour ago, faraway saint said:

You're trying too hard......................really isn't worth the effort. :byebye

PS Nobody eats rusty nail sandwiches. :lol:

PPS You're quite happy at St Mirren supporters being called what this so called supporter said yet have a go at me for calling it out, aye ,wonder why eh? :thumbsdown

not worth the effort?  well at least one of us is trying, though not trying very hard.

And I wasn't having a go at you for calling anyone out-I was just having a go

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