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  2. Isn't Hamilton a whole other world? It is very stinky...
  3. If you can find one they could be an exhibit in our stadium Museum?😊
  4. Paul McGinn and MacPherson. Couldn't grudge Baird or Erhahon either however.
  5. He never touched one ever. Always got lifted over.
  6. Today
  7. I got 2 of the little shelf things where you passed money over with the manufacturers name etc on it. I have one and my dad has the other. Should have a picture somewhere of them Not sure anyone turned up on the day with the tools required to move. Wouldn't be surprised if were still there when bulldozers moved in.
  8. Sorry Callum, I forgot to respond re: the venue etc via text. I am happy to play any venue locally but with the money going back to club as preferred option. I have only played once (due to loosing place a week I couldn't make) therefore, feel less in a place to help make decisions. Though would happy play any Monday games as they come up.
  9. Have you tried asking shull if he knows ?
  10. Dundee haven't exactly been doing much better financially over the last few years under their American owners (who I seem to recall were interested in Saints at one point) rather than fan ownership. A loss of more than £750,000 in the past two seasons and that's after raking in more than £1million in player sales! I appreciate we've not exactly posted impressive financial results after the player sales of the last few years but we're nowhere near as bad as that.
  11. I'm under the impression things will run as they are maybe with a vote for chairman and one SMISA member on the board. The whole point of fan ownership is to stop any dodgy person or group taking the club over not for the boardroom room to be full of random supporters. Am I wrong ?
  12. And how would we do that? The only way that would be possible is to have access to the minutes or to have been there in person. I clearly stated he plays mind games and dances around what was said at these meetings, anyone on this chat can see that. What I did do is provide undeniable evidence of multiple lies on here that anyone can go back and check. That isn't a personal attack, it is fact. But you like Oak before you has made a disrespectful and unfounded claim about the kind of person I am. You seem to think having only the most negative of people involved in running our club will do. Again I have no interest in being near our boardroom but you have zero basis for how I or practically anyone else on here would perform.
  13. I have my seat from the old main stand. Now, if I could get a turnstile too, then I could go through it before I sit on my seat.
  14. So Instead of providing one substantial piece of evidence that he lied about the workings of SMISA when he was on the committee, you just launch in with a personal attack. You are a prime example of how fans using other people's money to live their dream of running a football clubshould not be anywher near a boardrom.
  15. What happened to them ? Were they all sold off, maybe the older ones dumped ? I know Morton got bits of the Stadium and Accrington Stanley got a pile of seats. I would be interested to know who got the Turnstiles.
  16. Popescu replaced Stubbs "marquee signing" for me and young Erahon
  17. Well Accies ground isnt that far away
  18. If there has been a misinterpretation fine but I feel my point was perfectly clear, not untrue and if anything a positive for both you and SMISA. This could easily have been presented with minimum details. 'Should a standing option to carry the £2 spend be included on every vote from now on?' vote on the day, no more no less. Allowing you to fully detail the argument for this, clear details on how people can proxy and then to offer yourself for proxy voters on the by far biggest St Mirren fan forum there is, in my opinion 'campaigning' is the right word. I meant it completely in a positive manner and obviously BEK took exception, I think it's clear he has a vendetta out on me based on our previous argument. Also I didn't use the word canvasing which BEK has gotten wrong and I'm sure he will soon correct...
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