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  2. An OK player. Don't think he's outstanding. Personally I was hoping for somebody better and more experienced in Jan. Has sold a fair number of goals this year. Broadfoot is a better defender in my opinion. Hladky, Magennis, Flynn, Foley, P McGinn all also better players in their respective positions and more important to the team. A number are just as good as him.
  3. Many thanks, Buddies. He died Friday evening. Wherever he went after dying I believe he had a word with someone important So Saints got an away win. At least, that was my fond thought when I heard the result. He was a lover of St Mirren to the end.
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  5. These accounts tell you very little. What we should be asking is things like ,total agents fees paid out ,total Directors expenses, 4 largest suppliers names and amount paid etc We need detail to understand how the clubs costs are made up apart from players wages. Is hospitality income up or down,ditto club 1877 ,these things tell us more than the accounts required by law.
  6. Oh dear, you really are a walloper. Wrang, but you're used to that. Why would I have needed to beg, I was never away, ha ha.
  7. Problem would be solved if the other 40 SPFL Clubs didn't entertain sectarian Sevco and sectarian Celtic. It is now time for the two vile Clubs to be removed from Scottish Football.
  8. Got to agree I'd certainly encourage fans to turn up for this one. Good to see the club continue its great offer for 2 adults and 20 plus kids in the family stand. Will be there.
  9. Aye, fickle, we win one game and dimwits start talking about winning the next 2. You don't half talk some shite.
  10. Bonjour all and Cornwall Saint. Thanks Douglas.
  11. I really wanted to say "Handbags at Dawn" but she refused to play along with them !!!
  12. Don't worry about those who play yo yo on whether we retain our manager or not. Imagine we win the next two and make it a heady three wins on the bounce, then lose the next match and they will be calls for JG to go once again.. Fickle is the word !
  13. Tickets now on sale. https://www.stmirren.com/all-news/3334-broxburn-athletic-tickets-on-sale-now
  14. Sean has really improved over the season with us. He was a bit raw to begin with, but he struts the ground well and has a very good all round game. Given he is managing to stay fit (Hope that is not a commentators curse), he is the only CB who has been available in every game - with his ability too that is two bonuses. For him to keep playing every match, I think he needs to stay with us as he is unlikely to walk straight into the Hull team... Think we need Baird back also - we cannot risk being thin at the finish line and he is a better player than many realise...
  15. Can someone rename this thread Buddie in EK and Baz85 going at it hammer and tongs ! 💖
  16. Yes and welcome back ! It was not just any win - it was a win against a near (in league position) rival, at a horrible plastic park where they have a good record, and we had not picked up any away points until this. It was also a win that carried us above them and put them into the play-off place. But the way we won spoke volumes - even though it was only by one goal... We need to repeat this result in the next 2 matches and put some serious distance between us and those at the wrong end of the table. It is a big ask, but it would be fair reward considering how many times we have played pretty well but failed to get results due to the failure to score sufficiently in many of those matches despite having created enough decent chances. This game could go wrong for us, but hopefully not....
  17. It can’t be much of a life posting on another team’s forum to try and get their lowly satisfaction.
  18. A perfect run of fixtures leading into the winter break, if you take your chances and build on the last performance. Saturdays 3 points were huge and another 3 this Saturday would set us up perfectly for Perth with less pressure going into that game. I certainly think the remaining games in December are winnable Celtic aside, even though i think we could still take a point from that if we frustrate them like we did with Rangers before falling to a set-piece. I predict Saints 3 Livingston 1
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