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  1. northstbuddie

    Speculation Thread

    Yes that is the case, but on the other hand Oban has a Paisley postal address.
  2. northstbuddie

    Speculation Thread

    They're not getting their hands on it - it's in East Renfrewshire, not Glasgow and never has been.
  3. northstbuddie

    Stadium developments

    Cheer up Pod - even your panda avatar looks pretty glum!
  4. northstbuddie

    Stadium developments

    Sad - but the pessimists are in the majority on this topic. When we 'peaked' in the 80s, Rangers and Celtic were averaging about half what they get now. Hearts and Hibs are now at almost record attendance levels and Aberdeen have failed to replicate St Mirren in attendance decline since the 80s. So this is not necessarily part of a national decline in attendances - more a local one due to the fact that we have not enjoyed much success in staying in the top six in Scotland since the 80s. I am not saying that we are ready to invest in expanding the stadium at this moment in time, but to aim for say 10,000+ (on at least ten times a season) within five successful years in the Scottish Premiership is not an unreasonable target for a town the size of Paisley. I am afraid that there will be more than a few struggling to get a seat at our dinky little junior football stadium next season if interest in the Scottish Premiership grows as anticipated by some pundits.
  5. northstbuddie

    Stadium developments

    That makes sense - only if you consider that St Mirren are incapable of growing to meet future demand. Perhaps you are too young to remember being squashed into Love Street with 30,000+ for a Scottish cup tie with Celtic. Then you will point out that we have deteriorated from these heady days and there is no way back - especially with your pessimistic outlook.
  6. northstbuddie

    What is the target?

    Thanks to JR’s premature departure we have half a team at present - just one week or so before the return to training for the new season. Our immediate target therefore should be to sign the other half.
  7. northstbuddie

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Now that the new manager situation is practically settled, it’s now time to rekindle the feel-good factor and get behind Alan Stubbs if his appointment is confirmed within the next couple of days. There have been differences aired on here due to the fact there did not appear to be any one outstanding candidate ready to take over the reins from Jack Ross. The St Mirren support was a significant factor in the satisfactory conclusion to the season just ended and it is important that that continues into the new season. Probably very few on here envied the task facing GLS and TF in choosing the right person/s to take over from JR and JF. Now that this unfortunate disruption is nearly over we have a lot of catching up to do to sign the players required to enable the feel-good factor to continue into season 2018/19.
  8. northstbuddie

    New Manager Latest Odds

    This guy is worth a punt (despite his age) if we could afford him:- https://www.fourfourtwo.com/features/when-alex-ferguson-got-sacked-st-mirren-40-years-job-made-him
  9. northstbuddie

    Paisley Saint Mirren

    Atheism is the belief that there is not a god - as you say yourself, that is your own personal belief. I happen to believe along with millions of others that there is. Each to their own belief system.
  10. northstbuddie

    John McGinn

    So what is the position with the sell-on clause in the situation where Celtic and Hibs do a player exchange? I would imagine that it depends on the wording of the sell-on clause agreed by St Mirren with Hibs. Surely it shouldn't matter whether McGinn's overall sell-on valuation is determined purely in pounds sterling or a combination of a swap + cash?
  11. northstbuddie

    Paisley Saint Mirren

    I think that you will find that atheism is generally recognised to be a religion - just like any other belief system. This legal ruling was established by the US Supreme Court in 2005. You either believe in God or you don't - either way it's merely a belief.
  12. northstbuddie

    Paisley Saint Mirren

    Including atheism?
  13. northstbuddie

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Continuing with the hypothetical theme from earlier discussion, who would you like to see as the respective assistant if any of the following got the manager's job:- Paul Lambert, Robbie Neilson, Jim McInyre or David Hopkin ?
  14. northstbuddie

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Why did Ferguson take St Mirren to an industrial tribunal (and lost his case against unfair dismissal) then?
  15. northstbuddie

    New Manager Latest Odds

    On the other hand, the same could be said for Larson in that he did not set the heather on fire as manager . Lambert perhaps does not talk an impressive game (like for instance JR) but he probably has other qualities which would serve St Mirren well. However, like you, I have no way of knowing for certain, as I do not know him personally.