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  1. A comfortable win in the end but ICT had 6 really good scoring chances in the second half before we started to dominate. If Lewis Morgan plays like this through to December he will be gone by January for £2M+. Enjoy him while you can.
  2. Misery Guts V Happy Clappers

    Whether we are 'happy clappers' or 'misery guts' we have to face up to the reality of our non-existent defence. Even against Falkirk (which turned out to be a 'happy clap' day) we should have been at least 3 goals down before Stelios' equaliser after 20 minutes. One thing we are consistent at is shipping in goals - 3, 4 or 5 a game. On the 'glass half full' approach we can argue that once Smith, Davis and Eckersley get involved in shoring up the defence, we have a chance of challenging for promotion this season. But we are also sorely missing Kyle Magennis' drive and creativity in midfield and also Darryl Duffy might turn out to be the goalscorer we have been yearning for over the past few years. All is not lost - not yet!
  3. Jack Ross Must Go.

    There is nothing wrong with having a hopeful attitude to the season ahead but on the evidence of results and performance so far this season the likelihood is that we will be struggling once again to even reach mid table. Having said that I still hope for better.
  4. It's just mid July but who can blame us for having a 'deja vu' feeling after the nightmare of the first half of last season (and what went before)! However, although last night's performance was disappointing, we should remind ourselves that we were missing 4 injured players who could have made a difference; it is hopeful that Harry Davis will be restored to our ranks; and we could still add a couple of players before the transfer window closes. Most of the new signings have at least shown the potential to become assets to the squad once they settle in and hopefully find a bit of belief in themselves at this level. We must have faith that JR and his team can get the squad organised for the league season ahead and repeat the minor miracle of last season.
  5. Speculation Thread

    The performance tonight was on a par with the first half of last season. I don't think I could stand a repeat of that dismal form and run of depressing results. It is difficult to be positive about anything I observed tonight other than Harry Davis entering the ground! Our defence looked fragile, our midfield disjointed and our attack powder puff.
  6. Friendly - Dundee 4th July.

    I thought all the new boys did reasonably well this evening. We played some crisp passing movements and only slack finishing and excellent goalkeeping prevented us from scoring at least three. Buchanan looked as if he could be an asset in central defence but I am sure Sammy is wishing he could rewind the clock to 7.45pm! As others have said - yes it was only a friendly but the defence will have to tighten up before the season gets under way proper. And finally - we need a striker to finish off some of LM's inviting crosses - the height of Ross Stewart(19) could be the answer and also compliment the movement of Smith,Reilly or Hilson up front as well as their common lack of height.
  7. Pre Season Friendlies

    Thank goodness we've stuck with winter football!
  8. End of feel-good factor?

    It's no longer speculation Tedious Tom. Dundee are sniffing about. Watch this space!
  9. End of feel-good factor?

    I hope you're right.
  10. Was it too good to last? Derek McInnes is the bookies favourite to take over at Sunderland. If there is a vacancy at Aberdeen, what's the chance of JR doing a 'Fergie' and moving on to Pittodrie? Can St Mirren do anything to stop this from happening or should we just accept the inevitable?
  11. Super Stelios

    Would not disagree too strongly with that but O'Brien is not yet the finished article and we need a keeper who can command his box and give those in front of him a bit more confidence.
  12. Super Stelios

    Craig Samson and Mark Ridgers are free agents. However, as some have pointed out, we could maybe do better, but I would not have a problem if either signed on in addition to O'Brien.
  13. Hibernian v St Mirren Championship 6/5/17

    FT 1-1 Fantastic
  14. Hibernian v St Mirren Championship 6/5/17

    1-1 - utter disgrace!!!!!!
  15. Hibernian v St Mirren Championship 6/5/17

    Big test for the Saints now