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  1. Yes - we are all hurting and some have gone over the score with their criticism. However, it's not just on here that you find that meaty delicacy. Some have argued (quite rightly IMO) that we did ok in the first half but we were 3-1 down at half time and it could/should have been 6-1 at full time. We just did not turn up for the second half. Our defensive frailties have been obvious for most of this season (and certainly last season) although there were recent signs that that weakness had been dealt with successfully. And most people recognise that we will have to do better in the middle of the park where we often, like today's game, get over-run. Hopefully there will not be an adverse reaction for the rest of the season and that JR/JF will be able to get the players re-focussed on winning the Championship.
  2. Are you seriously suggesting that was the difference between the 2 sides today?
  3. Do we really want to be playing in the SPL when we perform like this? And no in the second half - we were not saving ourselves for the challenge ahead in the Championship - we were just rank rotten. This was a chance today to compare how we would fare in the SPL - and we got our answer. No "ifs" and "buts" - we are not nearly ready to step up based on today's performance.
  4. And most of our players did not - especially in the second half!
  5. If we had played a lot better we would have won the game.
  6. Midfield deficiencies are affecting us more than in any other area of the park (although today's match was lost due to defensive deficiencies ). Despite all the talk/debate about whether we should be strengthening either in defence or attack, we are not going to compete successfully at a higher level until we learn to take control of (or compete in) the midfield. Hopefully the signings of Flynn and Hill will help to address this particular failing. So long as today's performance does not impact negatively on our more immediate challenge - winning the Championship.
  7. I agree with most of what you say except that this was an uncharacteristic defensive display by us. As stated by others, we have shipped loads of goals against SPL opposition in the recent past and against the likes of Dundermline and Morton in the Championship. In quite a few games in which we have either drawn or won, this was often partly down to poor finishing from the opposition - we are cut wide open far too easily despite our current league position. I accept that there are signs that things are improving and I hope that this is the case. Sadly, we often get at each others' throats on this forum, when someone states the obvious about our deficiencies, but I am sure Jack will address these as soon as practicable if he has not already done so. The reason we are currently sitting top of the league is because of a combination of good organisation, team spirit and individual performances, but we will have to improve significantly to survive in the SPL if we go up at the end of this season.
  8. Perhaps you missed the irony in my post. But we would not survive a season in the SPL playing like this. Many others on here share my view about the frailty of our defence and about our inability to control the midfield. And without Morgan next season we will struggle up front. The recent memories of continually battling to avoid relegation are still too fresh in my mind. I have serious doubts as to whether we are ready to step up a division but I hope I am wrong. We will certainly have to improve considerably. The silver lining is that we have Jack Ross as manager and a significant improvement is therefore likely.
  9. You must have watched different games from me.
  10. They only had to read this forum
  11. We are so far behind Aberdeen it might be a good idea not to win the Championship this season - maybe the season after.
  12. Defensively we have been performing like this most of the season - the difference today is the quality of the opposition.
  13. If Eckersley is fit enough he should be on. I’m afraid Stelios is a luxury at this level.
  14. Speculation Thread

    And if Jack Baird goes to Dundee we could go for Jamie McCart of Celtic..... Just more idle speculation.