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  1. Bit of perspective required, we've played against a very good side and are disappointed that we didn't perform as well as we might have, this time last year we would have been hoping to play well to avoid a good tonking, the fact that we are disappointed shows how far we've come.
  2. I think Baird is exposed when the full backs don't play well as he tries to cover for them making it look like he is poor and I don't believe he is. Having said that I agree with others that against the better teams the midfield have to track back more effectively.
  3. Ross Stewart

    Indeed, the boy has something and game time and goals can only help his development.
  4. Well that clears that up[emoji3]
  5. I used to enjoy them too, I remember a tale that was particularly Brookmyreish in nature, would that be right??
  6. Merry Christmas EveryBuddie

    Happy Christmas to all buds out there, a great year so far and it isn't over yet!!
  7. So Farewell Then........Leon

    Funny, principled and really down to earth man, condolences to his equally lovely wife and family. RIP Leon.
  8. QOS v St Mirren 23rd Dec 2017

    After refurbishment, bank of Gary Mac open for business!!
  9. Ross Stewart

    Good lad!
  10. QOS v St Mirren 23rd Dec 2017

    There is a big Morrisons on the way to the station, which although isn't secure it would be very busy so reasonably safe perhaps
  11. St Mirren Contract thread

    I agree that Baird would be snapped up perhaps by someone like Ross County, how gutting would it be to see Naismith, Baird and Kelly all at County.
  12. Stand Still When Snowing

    Have driven to and from Scotland from the north east of England for around 30 years (including the 'treacherous conditions' that Dickson berated us about) and have never needed snow tyres, the only time I have been stuck was when I was the first person on to our estate after a heavy snowfall but I managed to struggle the 150 yards home on foot. Bad driving is the main reason we are brought to a standstill although I agree the authorities could do more to minimise the effects, England is much worse at this than Scotland in my experience.
  13. Brexit Negotiations

    It was never going to be easy, unfortunately Boris and co's lying machine was better than the other side's so now we're stuck with the farcical outcome, oh joy!!
  14. The Politics Thread

    A leave vote fuelled by lies, prejudice and racism.
  15. The Jack Ross and James Fowler Appreciation Thread

    I am currently following your advice to skim threads Shull, could you please combine your responses to assist with this, many thanks[emoji6]