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  1. Mine too, also listened to the live encore version to them playing as support to Uriah Heep at the second last gig at the Apollo in 1985, seems like only yesterday, god I'm getting old [emoji16]
  2. Indeed have listened to Marillion -Grendel and Pallas - The Ripper over the last couple of days and today's choice is Rush - 2112 not everyone's cup of tea but I really like them.
  3. Don't fancy my chances of getting the money out of Donald!
  4. Given the number of loutish yanks about not very well unless he has managed to get the rednecks to do it while they're here.
  5. Currently on holiday in Mexico, towel proudly displayed on sunbed every day.
  6. Then I hope we see the consequential reduction in premiums or will this just be another excuse for the corporate thieves to further line their respective pockets. And before anyone asks I drive a lot and have never had an accident.
  7. Also voted by post this week, have always lived in safe seats so have never voted for the sitting MP just to keep them on their toes as it were, mind, never voted against my conscience either.
  8. I know mentioning Sunderland is controversial but they used to play the dance of the knights from Romeo and juliet to get people in their seats then Republica - Ready to Go, not sure about goal celebrations but always enjoyed Thin Lizzy's - Boys are Back in town at any time!
  9. My uncle worked in the Ferguslie mill until it closed and he always said there was a sense of complacency towards modernisation so that may well have contributed.
  10. Cheesy's fault?
  11. Moonraker aside he did some fine Bond movies and never took himself too seriously, RIP.
  12. I do, yes they lived in Glenburn at the same time I did.
  13. I quite liked Stickroth although thinking about it now he was no Liam Buchanan [emoji57]
  14. How many years did we complain there were no home pre-season games? A game is a game and there is money to be made especially if it allows us to say farewell to Stevie.