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  1. Telly Programmes

    The English red tops will have to save the 'London Mo rathon' headline for another year!
  2. Setting off in the next hour to get there nice and early, can't make Falkirk so this will be my last game of this season and what a season it has been, hope the boys can provide a show that demonstrates how we can play and send us off to the premiership on a high, see you all soon(ish). COYS
  3. Tunnel

    Is it just me or is the box starting to look like home?
  4. Who is on my pot ? ? ? !

    Paisley Panda......it's a sign!!!
  5. What's happened to this forum? AKA WTF!

    Suppose it depends on what you want from a forum, arrogant, argumentative, deliberately controversial, frequently wrong and often obnoxious in the extreme, if that's your bag then Dickson was jewel in the crown, bug not for me thanks.
  6. After much struggle with the ticketing system that I had never had before my ticket ordered on Tuesday arrived today. Happy days!!
  7. Yes Drew, I usually pick up from the window next to the 1877 club.
  8. Inverness v St Mirren 31/03/2018(Maybe)

    The boy has been sensational both in performance and attitude this season.
  9. 15th one point above Dundee Utd and Third Lanark, now I know I'm getting old!!
  10. Telly Programmes

    He does, has payed off wives in the same way we used to do with duff managers.
  11. Summer Transfer Window

    It is indeed a more attractive proposition but our crowds won't increase greatly until we start winning regularly in the 'big league' and even then I think the prospect of a sell out will be a rarity not the norm and I'm a glass half full kind of guy.
  12. Trophy Day

    Would have beaten the England cricket team's score
  13. I agree but I still think filling in the corner between the South and West stands and perhaps putting the drum/singing section in there would help with the atmosphere when it isn't being generated by the fare on the pitch.
  14. St Mirren Photos & Vids

    good historic kit as well, we need to bring back the striped shorts....not!!
  15. Scottish leagues

    Scottish football is clearly fan led as long as you are a fan of the ugly sisters.....but fewer and larger leagues would be a good way to take our game forward, shame it'll never happen.