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  1. The barrister also claimed after what I thought was a reasonable question about how all this would be perceived by the public at large that the presenter was being paid to ask controversial questions, this was BBC breakfast not bloody Newsnight, the barrister did come across as a right arsehole.
  2. 53 in October, uncle took me to my first game when I was 7. Dad didn't like football (fan of the dead club). Hooked from day 1. Now work in Durham with just about everyone I've ever worked with in the office looking out for our scores now. I must be a buddie bore!!
  3. It is going to be a very tense week but I've managed to get work changed so I can come up for Saturday. Really looking forward to the atmosphere and our players doing it when it matters most. COYS.
  4. Difficult to decide, didn't think that would be the case earlier in the season!
  5. And Allan McManus, I think he is also key to what the management team have achieved so far.
  6. Cancelling.....Hell no. Now is the time to stand together and see the purchase through to its conclusion.
  7. Still needs the middle stripe to be black, but yes a good one
  8. Despite all the circumstances surrounding the goalie situation they only improved their goal difference by 1 which could have been a lot worse if Stevenson had been terrible. So minimum damage as we all expected an Ayr win on hearing the news.
  9. Just home as stayed over in Paisley last night, really enjoyed the atmosphere in the west stand, not such a daft decision to close the stands behind the goals after all. McGinn was superb as everyone has been saying and Morgan's impact was obvious, only gripe was that with the airport parking thing going tits up l thought I'd be able to pay to park in the carpark, another opportunity to raise some cash gone begging.
  10. Yes, for some reason an even number of black stripes doesn't look right!
  11. Home 1, Away 2 and for a third strip Away 7, agree that stripes on the back are preferable but getting them available earlier and on sale at the ground for those of us who can only attend occasionally would be great.
  12. Pity this couldn't fit above the tunnel on to the pitch!
  13. Bit pointless, as far as I'm aware no one has questioned the commitment of the fans.
  14. Agree with Slash, another cup game should see the SMISA money bearing fruit and hopefully proves to be a sound investment. Brilliant result COYS
  15. I had just landed in Vegas and got a text asking what had got in to us last night, took ages to get through immigration to get the score, what a way to start a fantastic holiday.