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  1. Dumbarton v St Mirren 14th Oct

    Thanks Saints, great birthday present for me, will enjoy the rest of the weekend from the dizzy heights of top of the league after first qiarter of the season. Well done all [emoji3]
  2. Perhaps some panels with the black and Paisley pattern like last year's away top on the outide of the main stand would vive it more character?
  3. The Politics Thread

    Got a bargain there mate or a typo £8.60 the proper rate [emoji6] and I'm sure I read somwhere with exemptions there are only something like 20% or less in England who actually pay, makes you wonder if the admin costs are worth considering the Scottish example.
  4. Main stand could have been given better kerb appeal and rake of seating also could have been steeper. I always feel for those poor souls in the front few rows of any of the stands when it rains so preferrably better weather but I suspect that was outside the developer's gift.
  5. Besides the rest issue, there is also the increased risk of injury in a less important game, note not unimportant but less important, to key players who we need for the league campaign. Not defending it but understand the rationale.
  6. The God Interviews Thread

    Maybe, but it's our pish!
  7. London Dump Uber

    I see Uber have gone from outraged victims to apologetic miscreants, funny how that has happened, well done tfl
  8. QoS Game

    Indeed, didn't play our best but got the result, isn't that a characteristic of a good side?
  9. The Legend Conor Newton

    Really good article, and it highlights how difficult things are at big clubs, one of the young lads at my place of work came up to Saints on trial from Newcastle around the 2014 time, he didn't like it (odd but true) went back to Newcastle and eventually drifted out of the game. Part of that was his inability to deal with the restrictions on his life that being at Newcastle held but there was also the lack of opportunity at the club he loves. Having heard his story I am more and more impressed with the dedication that our youngsters show in their attitude and application just to get game time. When those that do break through have a bad game I for one will think twice before criticising them.
  10. Lewis Morgan

    Not strictly Morgan related but what if anything happens to the Bosman ruling post Brexit, anyone any ideas?
  11. Lewis Morgan

    Not an end to our hopes but we will have to do things differently, we also still have Kyle McGennis to come back as well. Listening to the crowd when Morgan was subbed yesterday took me back to qualifying at the Singapore Grand Prix 2014 and the chants of Lewis, Lewis when Hamilton got pole and the stand on the pit straight went wild, although Morgan goes past people faster than Hamilton. [emoji3]
  12. Not long home fantastic entertainment, right result now for a glass of something white and cold and it ain't milk. Just to add, if we can't keep Morgan then we should make sure we sign up Reilly he had a great game today.
  13. Just heading off now meeting my son in Paisley spot of lunch, good match, better result and home by 8pm. What's not to like. [emoji5]
  14. New Moneymaking Idea

    Ok, I'll say, it looks a bit steep. Apologies.