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  1. How do I go about joining the waiting list? I'm interested
  2. Tom Walsh

    Best part of all these signings ( sutton excluded ) is they are all under the radar. I can't remember one person mentioning Walsh's name COYS
  3. Rangers To Be Given South Stand

    the dosh may not even work out much more tbh
  4. Saints V Queens 6/2/16

    Game is off
  5. Saints V Queens 6/2/16

    Pitch inspection now 9:45 think it may be off now
  6. Morton Tickets

    Anyone still looking for a ticket have an adult spare?
  7. Morton V St Mirren Championship

    Just over 900 tickets have been sold for the game.
  8. Naisy

    Scan on Monday will find out extent of injury then
  9. New Kit Spoiler Alert

    love the new kit did find the last paragraph in description a bit ironic though.
  10. Gregg Wylde , Good News !

    T here's the confirmation he's left.
  11. Let's Prepare For The Championship

    happens every year though make the signings in January and then find some form
  12. Let's Prepare For The Championship

    I have never felt so gutted to be a saints fan looking at this table though it shows it was on the cards
  13. Jason Naismith

    Spoke to naismith and he said he's heard nothing about it.
  14. Goalscoring Debutants...?

    Well he won't be scoring today
  15. New York City Next Month

    "Strong opposition"