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  1. How do I go about joining the waiting list? I'm interested
  2. matthew_irving

    Tom Walsh

    Best part of all these signings ( sutton excluded ) is they are all under the radar. I can't remember one person mentioning Walsh's name COYS
  3. matthew_irving

    Rangers To Be Given South Stand

    the dosh may not even work out much more tbh
  4. matthew_irving

    Saints V Queens 6/2/16

    Game is off
  5. matthew_irving

    Saints V Queens 6/2/16

    Pitch inspection now 9:45 think it may be off now
  6. matthew_irving

    Morton Tickets

    Anyone still looking for a ticket have an adult spare?
  7. matthew_irving

    Morton V St Mirren Championship

    Just over 900 tickets have been sold for the game.
  8. matthew_irving


    Scan on Monday will find out extent of injury then
  9. matthew_irving

    New Kit Spoiler Alert

    love the new kit did find the last paragraph in description a bit ironic though.
  10. matthew_irving

    Gregg Wylde , Good News !

    T here's the confirmation he's left.
  11. matthew_irving

    Let's Prepare For The Championship

    happens every year though make the signings in January and then find some form
  12. matthew_irving

    Let's Prepare For The Championship

    I have never felt so gutted to be a saints fan looking at this table though it shows it was on the cards
  13. matthew_irving

    Jason Naismith

    Spoke to naismith and he said he's heard nothing about it.
  14. matthew_irving

    Goalscoring Debutants...?

    Well he won't be scoring today
  15. matthew_irving

    New York City Next Month

    "Strong opposition"