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  1. Sunderland are infact interested in Jack. He goes on holiday tomorrow so can’t see anything happening one way or another in the coming days. He has also said he’s in absolutely no rush to leave St. Mirren but time will tell.
  2. Stevie88

    St.Mirren V Dumbarton 24th March

    Fantastic team performance tonight, complete stroll in the park. Could’ve been double figures easily. Two great finishes from Morgan. It’s a matter of time... we’re on our way [emoji1316][emoji471]
  3. Stevie88

    Trophy Day

    Hopefully they don’t touch the Morton game, I’ve got hospitality & all going to plan will be trophy day. Moving that to the Friday night would be utter shite.
  4. Stevie88

    Director Election Candidacy - Kenny Morrison

    Someone else is appointed & we all move on?
  5. Stevie88

    MYLES HYPOLYTE - Welcome

    Thinks Myles will be a good signing, always looked dangerous when playing against us. I’m confident that Jack & James will get the best out of him.
  6. Stevie88

    Jack Baird - 1 yr extension

    Well deserved new deal for Bairdy, he’s been excellent this season. Most improved player this season for sure.
  7. Stevie88

    January 2018 Transfer Window

    Wouldn’t be too quick to move Magennis into the centre either. He was outstanding yesterday on the right.
  8. Stevie88

    Dumbarton. 13 jan

    Absolutely bossed the game today from start to finish. Kyle Magennis MOTM for me, thought he was outstanding & back to the form of last season. The pitch was terrible but we somehow still managed to knock the ball about well & Dumbarton didn’t get a sniff all afternoon. Slightly disappointed we didn’t score more, we had some decent chances but never managed to convert them. Another difficult away game next up for us in the league. Another 3 points would be great. COYS
  9. Stevie88

    Darryl Duffy

    Round in circles ....
  10. Started off shaky then put in some really decent performances. Jack Baird & Davis are doing the business at the moment with MacKenzie waiting in the wings if a replacement is required. Can understand why Gregor or both parties though this was the best outcome. He will do a job at Livi.
  11. Stevie88

    Darryl Duffy

    We will agree to disagree then as saying he’s a waste of a wage (which he was) was in no way slaughtering his football ability. We move on. Exciting times ahead in the transfer market hopefully.
  12. Stevie88

    Darryl Duffy

    Does it really matter how it’s said, I haven’t slaughtered his footballing capabilities, just that he was wasting a wage it our squad, which he was. I’m glad that he’s gone if he’s not going to play. No one will ever know the true capabilities of Duffy as he wasn’t given then chance. Jack Ross has done fantastically well with the majority of transfers and have absolutely no issue with that. Delighted to be watching the team this year, what a transformation.
  13. Stevie88

    Darryl Duffy

    I definitely wouldn’t have dropped anyone for Duffy, if he was good enough, he would’ve had more game time. Reilly hasn’t played every minute of every game & JR still preferred others before Duffy, think that tells us everything. A spare wheel in a car isn’t the comparison I would’ve made but a spare wheel doesn’t cost money. It isn’t collecting a wage each week to nothing, that could be used better elsewhere. As I’ve already said, if we bring in another striker in this window it will prove that perhaps Duffy just wasn’t capable or he would’ve kept him.
  14. Stevie88

    Darryl Duffy

    We play with one striker so when u refer to changing tactics you must mean going with no one up front, which has never happened. I’m obviously does prefer Reilly & rightly so, he’s been an incredible bit of business. If Jack though Duffy was capable he wouldn’t have let him leave, he obviously doesn’t so he’s away. If we bring in another striker in this transfer window what message do you think that tells us?