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  1. Better hope Davis signs after that pish tonight. Still early days but Buchanan looks suspect.
  2. Dire performance, just like the start of last season. Massive improvement required, nowhere near good enough.
  3. You're probably right, could still do a job for a bottom half premiership team.
  4. He would get the 20+ goals per season that we're looking for, would be a great addition.
  5. Good signing. Hopefully he can recapture his form he showed at QoS. Got to imagine Rocco Quinn will be shown the door, don't really see a place for him. Getting another striker in is surely the priority now.
  6. Would be a bit pointless having a league predictions thread for the coming season if u can't 'predict' the outcome & can only use facts. Jesus, some folk need to relax a bit.
  7. Thought we were the better team, sounds mental after getting beat 3-1 but I thought we played reasonably well. Their keeper was man of the match! Obviously Samson didn't cover himself in glory tonight but it's early days. I thought Hilson & Reilly played well but definitely need another striker in before the start of the season. Despite the score line, plenty of positives tonight.
  8. At least Rory Loy will more than likely be playing at the paisley 2021 stadium on the opening day....
  9. Super Stelios [emoji1316]
  10. Happy enough with Samson signing. Will be a good addition at this level imo.
  11. He's going nowhere mate, nothing to worry about.
  12. I've heard from a very very reliable source that we definitely have nothing to worry about, Jack Ross is going nowhere!!
  13. Agreed I think he will move on to better things than the Scottish leagues can offer him but Aberdeen would be a decent stepping stone imo. Anyways, he's still got plenty of things left to achieve with us before he goes anywhere.
  14. Not immediately but in a few season maybe, like I say in my post!!
  15. Would be very disappointed/ surprised if Jack moves to Dundee! I think he will stick with us for a season or two yet... can see him being Derek McInnes' replacement when he moves on.