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  1. St Tricky back on the vino again
  2. First sensible post for a while on this thread.
  3. Saints shop on corner across from What every woman wants I think.
  4. Bet if this happened to Historical building in UK the taxpayer as usual would foot the bill, feck i sound like a grumpy old man.
  5. Fecking disgrace is was ever built in the first place, as I said before blot on the landscape.
  6. Great post mate, wonder if the stewards would act the same with both bigot fans in town?
  7. All I said was the support for away games has been very good considering the piss poor football lol being attempted to be played and the don’t give a feck attitude of some of the players.
  8. Well said, they players who for some reason don’t turn up most weeks don’t deserve a support as good as ours.
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