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  1. Dawson Drive Gardiner Gardens Crilly Crescent Sinclair (Eric) Street
  2. This is a fans' forum dedicated to the club we all support, St. Mirren, there's a place for the we're gonna hammer them posts but there's also a place for more analytical posts. Where it all falls down is when people try and make quasi-analytical posts while wearing their black&white tinted glasses. I never quoted anyone in my original post and was subjected to a lot of ill-thought drivel in reply from Rosstafarian Zealots - think before you post guys. ************* I didn't even bother following the match once I saw the line up, no Stelios or Sutton a lightweight midfield, really it was a foregone conclusion before the match even started - just checked the final score at 10-2-5. Instead I read the new Carl Hiasen novel Razor Girl which is up there with his best!
  3. I know what you mean about Nesbitt who I find unconvincing in straight drama but this is a Stan Lee production and Nesbitt, erm, excels!
  4. One episode to go & I'm guessing Harry will have to don the bracelet again & go mano a (wo)mano with Season2's archbaddy Isabella Augustine.
  5. A radio debate about who should participate on a TV debate - surreal. You're right(ish) in that it prob'ly wont change many folks minds but The Cap'n is right too in that May's the leader with it all to lose although it's a risky strategy if people start to think she's avoiding a TV debate because she thinks it's beneath her. For me she's gone to post-Falklands crazy Thatcher mode in less than year as leader - where she may go if she & the Tories win the election is frightening! Her manifesto which is essentially "Give Me The Power" may yet alienate voters - keepin' all my fingers & toes crossed.
  6. IIRC he was injured and homesick (cause & effect?) during his second season and asked to be released from his contract. There wasn't too much gnashing of teeth on here at the time. He went home and got his career back on track - congratulations & best wishes to the guy but no regrets. **************** On a side note The Cap'n is right in that we pissed away a strong position which inevitably is taking a longer to recover from............................
  7. Going round in circles probably but when we voted to leave Europe the prospect of that "decade of stability" vanished.
  8. I was under the impression that any games before February could be dismissed as a hangover from the AR era.............. I'd say the Dumbarton, Raith, Dunfermline, Dundee. Utd. (CC final), Dumbarton (again) & Falkirk games all fit the pattern I described. Maybe not as clear cut as I was thinking but the only game where we actually came from behind to win was against TNS which I'd argue should be classed with East Fife & Celtic as outliers as they're not in the same division as ourselves, but that's still 6 out of 12 games. Selective but what's the use in in statistics otherwise................. Feel free to continue with the "stone the unbeliever" tactics!
  9. Run out of arguments.........
  10. I've already given my opinions and reckon yours falls into the if your granny had balls category. JR has put together a decent team but if we don't steamroller the opposition in the first quarter then we've generally struggled a bit. The way I see Saturday's game is as the (potential) decider in a three game rubber, we steamrollered them in the first game at our place, lost the second at a neutral venue with Flood as the MotM and despite them being mediocre on Saturday we have to be seen as outsiders on Saturday playing at their hovel with Flood back from suspension. It's a sporting bet, by no means a foregone conclusion, but I reckon the odds are in my favour.
  11. I'm not bitter, I just disagree with your assessment of the match. Despite a few of our players looking better than their direct opponents Dundee Utd. had more chances than us, we only scored once, just after their first goal when their guard was down. Their manager, McKinnon, made better substitutions than Ross and we didn't have one decent chance in the second half. Despite having a proven matchwinner, at this level, on the bench Ross did not have the nous or courage to use him and in end we were reduced to playing Mackenzie as a forward which was ineffective and we were lucky not to lose a third goal. That's my assessment of the match, a pretty tame surrender to a side who were more streetwise & better organized than us on the day. It's what I posted at the time, when it didn't seem nearly as controversial, and I feel your view (and that of your compadres) is based on reviewing the match through black&white tinted glasses You're the one who quoted me, I just offered you a bet based on my belief that your post was based on a mistaken assessment of our chances on Saturday. Probably a bit belligerent on my part but let's roll the bones.....................
  12. Wanna bet? If we win I'll never post on this site again if the win you stop?
  13. Strange appointment as others have said, initially on an interim basis but it's hard to imagine it won't be his for the asking if he keeps them up.
  14. In practice it would be difficult for the SNP to do deals with the Lab & Lib-Dem parties as long as they are opposed to an IndyRef2 but they could argue that a Westminster government elected to reverse the EuroReferendum result would take us back to Alex Salmond's "once in a generation" situation holds sway. The likely alternative to this is the Tories hovering up the majority of UKIP voters and increasing their majority.* In these days when Social Media holds sway there's no need for the impetus for a Lab/Lib-Dem pact to come from the top. *************************** * Having said all I've said it's not a foregone conclusion that the Tories will romp it as TPAFKATS says above......... And I'll tell you, honestly, I will love it if it all blows up in May's face. Love it!