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  1. No, he played in the S/F against TNS.
  2. In his role Flood's effectively playing the ref, it's a fine line and he got it correct yesterday - as I said above deserved MotM for a streetwise performance. Think of our two Div 1 winning seasons and TT & AM doing pretty much the same and being booed by opposing fans every week. JG did it well for a while until it went to his head and once he was noted for the "off the ball" stuff he was never quite as effective. Unlike Flood Malllan's booking was unnecessary and could have been a straight red.
  3. QotS fielded three new players on Jan 7th and two of them made significant contributions that day, they didn't need a month to gel! You say JR's done a fantastic job since he came here and then in the next sentence there's no-one on the bench who could've freshened up a wilting midfield - something doesn't add up. Finally it's not night and day in terms of league position - we're still 10th.
  4. Another glorious failure, JR left it too long to freshen things up, yesterday's performance/result doesn't improve my rating of him, still got the same opinion I had on P3 - ninth or bust!
  5. Wish we were that bad................ Flood did what he was there to do, make the necessary fouls with the minimum of fuss. Got straight back up when he was hit in the face by the ball close to full-time when he could've spent a good minute plus rolling around then getting treated, fair play to him - my MotM. United were a bit more streetwise than us & just about deserved to win it.
  6. Well we lost the game, bit unlucky but the ref let them & WF, in particular, away with a bit much, still we really didn't do enough in the second half to win it................. Got a sweaty train back to Agylle St. packed with many depessed Saints fans, had a few beers, kissed a dyke in The Horseshoe Bar, then got the train back to Ayr where I bumped into a hen party & sung some Barry Manilow songs. Finally made it back home with a Thai curry for my supper. I'm away to bed but will be at GHR next Saturday to see us beat Ayr.......... To all those Saints fans out there hurtin' - I share the pain! As ever - COYS!
  7. Up, showered, breakfasted watched an episode of Robin of Sherwood and I'm ready to rock! Just need to get dressed and head down to the train station for the 9:24 to Glasgow Central............... COYS!
  8. I'd be interest but will be coming by train - where is the club in relation to the train station/ground?
  9. The only person who never made a mistake posts on the Fishal site these days!
  10. This thread has reached over 1,000 posts now - I reckon TC should get some sorta recognition for starting such a popular topic!
  11. All turned round yesterday but with one session to go I fancy Australia behind to hold out for a draw. Only 23 wickets in the 14 sessions so far 6 in 1 would be a bit of a collapse. ********* India are an appealing team, Rangers are an appalling one...........
  12. Well we've got the form team in the league (us) playing against the team currently worst (them) so I guess there can only be one result. http://www.statto.com/football/stats/scotland/championship/2016-2017/form-table Anyone wanna buy a ticket?