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  1. Which would leave the Fake's job open.................
  2. Great result especially after the events of Stage 16. Congrats to Dumoulun who has worked to make himself a better allrounder since "hitting the wall" on the penultimate stage of the 2015 Vuelta. ********** Oh and Adam Hansen was 93rd.
  3. Primo intermedio: Tom Dumoulin Nibali + 17 Quintana + 33 Pinot + 38
  4. Another good ole Southern rocker passes away early, I'm guessing it's not Gods favourite music. Kinda liked Gregg's self eulogy.......
  5. Interesting to see Nibali, Pinot & Quintana trying to ride away from Dumoulin in the final climb................. *************** 1. T. PINOT (81) 2. I. ZAKARIN (151) 3. V. NIBALI (1) Pinot & Nibali get the bonuses, Quintana 5th on the same time, Dumoulin 15 secs behind on the day 53 secs overall! Say what you like about Shitegate but it's left the prospect of a brilliant final day! Mon the guy in the b&w stripes "Tiny" Tom Dumoulin!
  6. 3 guys within a minute of Quintana. Nibali & Pinot must attack tomorrow whereas the pressure might be less on Dumoulin now he's out the pink but still with the chance to pull back 1-1½ mins on the ITT.
  7. Yeah the rules of the peloton seem to be more liberally interpreted these days. In a few years pro-cycling could be a bit like Death Race.
  8. Dumoulin seems to be struggling on the final climb. Can he get by with a little help from his friends on the Sunweb team?
  9. Congrats on being the quickest post in the west. More excellent news in that our impressive end to the season has allowed us to capture another two of the 2J's targets!
  10. First Objective for the upcoming season is a Top 4 finish. I'd say you can discount Brechin, Livi, Dumbarton and fourth in the second tier being as high as QotS have finished since league reconstruction during the '70's so it'd be right at the top end of their potential. Fourth out of six teams should be a minimum target regardless of who wins the Accies/United tussle.
  11. JC about to stir things up with a speech today where he is apparently going to link Monday's bombing with British Foreign policy over the last 20 years.
  12. It was 50 years ago today Sgt. Pepper was released in the UK (a week later in the US) in monaural sound configuration. Amidst the celebrations or otherwise (celebrity detractors include Keith Richards - surprised he remembers 1967) from music fans it's being rereleased in 4 different formats altho' in my personal opinion the trick missed was not reissuing a version with Strawberry Fields & Penny Lane squeezed into the running order - they were omitted as the double-A sided single only reached No. 2 in the charts amidst fears that The Beatles had peaked and were on the slide, George Martin always said he regarded leaving them off the album to be a mistake but he was overuled by Brian Epstein. Not my favourite Beatles album and probably the one which is most "Paul", in hindsight it might sound a bit cheesy in places but there's no doubt that after Sgt. Pepper there were no rules (source - Dave Crosby?). All You Need Is Love
  13. Apologies! I didn't realize they'd brought forward the date of the final - I never pay any attention to cup tournaments after we're put out.