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  1. The Great Politics Thread

    I see it as part of a campaign that began on July 8th 2015 the day the policy was announced with Alison Thewliss's tweet which is part of the webpage. Own goal of the season!
  2. The Great Politics Thread

    Osbourne's budget was on July 8th, below is a Guardian article from the 9th - the day after. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2015/jul/09/government-third-child-tax-credits-proposal-budget-rape If it was reported the day after then the objection must've been raised on the same day (in fact the article confirms they were). Your analysis is just a lie.
  3. The Great Politics Thread

    Again show me the specific vote but it's clearly another case where you're misrepresenting what's happened or at best focussing upon some technicality.
  4. The Great Politics Thread

    Wrong way round! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3169894/Now-official-opposition-SNP-stages-takeover-Labour-benches-Commons-Harman-orders-MPS-not-vote-against-Tory-Budget.html Labour abstained the SNP voted against! Lie or mistake?
  5. The Great Politics Thread

    Show me where.
  6. Disgrace

    Maybe Dunfermline would like to put substance to the apology by knocking a fiver of the price for the next game.
  7. You raged like a bull! All together now - La, la, la, la, la, la, la , la la...............
  8. Injury Updates

    Davis was signed injured, Mckenzie missed the start of last season injured possibly a major factor in Rae getting the sack. If we've got any more injury prone players it might be too much of a white knuckle ride for me.
  9. The Great Politics Thread

    Ruth Davidson brilliant - you obviously missed her TV performances when she was challenged about the Bedroom Tax by a guy with Asprergers and again when defending the "Rape Clause" she's possibly even more brittle than TM when put under pressure, I actually welcome the Tories as the main opposition in Scotland as it polarizes the situation which hasten the inevitable breakup of the Union. As for TM being stronger within her party than Nicola Sturgeon that particular piece of analysis is the joke of the week. Serious question - do you actually believe anything you post?
  10. The Great Politics Thread

    May will see out the Brexit negotiations, how long she survives after that is anyone's guess, but she will never again be a strong Prime Minister. BoJo will not be the next leader of the Tories for the same reason that he didn't win when Cameron quit - he's upset too many people in the party. If TM goes before the next GE it'll likely be David Davies although I'd love to see Regency dude Jacob Rees-Mogg get the job (I've bought a job lot of Beauty Spots just in case). If TM makes it to the next GE it'll be one of the self-declared Golden Intake of 2010 . The existence of a Northern Powerhouse strategy is in itself evidence that London & the SE swallows up to much of the nation's resources and opinion that it is faltering appears to be gathering strength. People weigh up many factors before they cast their vote and I'd be surprised if folk up North views on this issue were closer to yours than mine.
  11. QoS Game

    We've been blowin' hot&cold all season. Let's hope we're
  12. Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams

    Well fuck me sideways - during my slumbers they've only gone and made a new Blade Runner fillum BR: 2049 set 30 years after the original. Despite 35 years having passed since the original it still features involvement from Ridley Scott, one of the original co-writers, Harrison Ford & Edward "origami" Olmos. Time for all you '80's duded to look out your trenchcoats and act all moody..................... ********************* As an aside it looks like there's gonna be another attempt at filming Frank Herbert's masterpiece Dune (am I the only one who loved the 1984 David Lynch version?). Rather worryingly the plan seems to be to make a franchise out of the series which is patchy and I'd argue in the case of the second novel unfilmable as it focusses on Paul/Maud Dib's disillusionment with the Jihad he has unleashed and more of a bridging novella to the third book Children of Dune. It seems there are still plenty of strange worlds for filmmakers, to seek out and boldly direct.
  13. I'm Listening To....

    Strong N'orn Irish posting from EAB overnight!
  14. The Great Politics Thread

    Cart before the horse again, it's the decision of the UK to focus on the City of London that has been the root cause of economic problems in the rest of the UK. Even the regions of England have woken up to this and are now beginning to worry about the faltering Northern Powerhouse strategy - another that appears to be falling by the wayside as TM concentrates on squeezing every remaining day she can in her current position. With Boris back seat driving and Merkel reminding her that "Brexit means Brexit" it doesn't look to me that she's got much time for the day job.