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  1. St Mirren v QOS Sat 3rd Feb

    Good luck taking girls to The Panda Club, I took 2 girls there before the game on 6th January, they lasted 5 minutes before the boys had both of them in tears.
  2. DIDDY CUP....2017/18

    I make it roughly 1 in 8 chance. There is 4/15 or 26.67% chance to get drawn against an 'interesting" team, Wales, NI or Cove. Plus the 50/50 chance of them being drawn at home makes it about 1/8 chance to be away to an "interesting" team. That would probably come down a snotter if they still keep the NI teams apart. And presuming that Linfield are allowed to play at home on the 7th/8th after NI playing on the 5th October.
  3. SMFC TV

    I just emailed '[email protected]' and wait their feedback.
  4. The New Tannoy Dude

    Was it not Furniture 1986?
  5. Pre Season Friendlies

    For anyone that is really desperate, bet365 has the Clach game listed as "live in play" that means a pretty decent real time live text update, along the lines of, Buds attack, buds dangerous attack, shot on target, goal, shy, corner etc, pretty decent option if you can't see it live, and you don't need to be logged in to get this service. Oh aye and a nonsense price of 1/5 for a Buds victory
  6. We Will Win The League

    I would wait until late July and check oddschecker.com https://www.oddschecker.com/football/scottish/championship this is a pretty good odds comparison site. 11/4 is no value at all, I was expecting 10/1.
  7. Hibernian v St Mirren Championship 6/5/17

    Really? I was 66.47 GBP for the season, that sounds better value than 8.99 a month?
  8. Fans from outside Paisley

    Born in Sunny Govan, a buckie bottle throw from Ibrox, moved to Brodie Park area from Kilbarchan when I was 9 months old, my first Saints memory was Oldham in The ASC in 1978. Was a season ticket holder from teenager (82 ish)to when I went to Oz backpacking in 97. Once had a run of 175 home games without missing one. Almost had a full home and away season one year but my brother had to get married on a Saturday!! Now been in Atyrau, Kazakhstan for the last 10 years, watch St. Mirren TV when I can, kick offs at the wrong time usually, 7/8pm on a Saturday night, family to be fed, pubs to visit. Miss the Jolly Beggars bus, some funny drunken times on that bad boy.
  9. Betting Thread 2016 - 2017

    Sportingbet had Hearts (wrongly I agree) at 17/4 to beat ICT on Saturday, I managed to get a fiver on , the buggers refunded my fiver a few hours later with not even an email telling me. I know there is "boardmarkers error " rule in betting shops if you get some daft lassie signing for the wrong odds on a line but this is the first time I have ever seen such a mistake on line.
  10. East Fife Away

    Possibly because the Falkirk replay was the next night, the only time in my memory we have played 2 first team fixtures in 2 days (outwith friendlies)
  11. East Fife Away

    I just posted this to FB, " Had to check wiki for the year (turns out it was '86) but the rest is from my memory of when we last payed East Fife in the cup. Think it was Jim Rooney that scored a last minute equaliser at Methil, then Stevie Clarke scored one of the best goals I remember seeing at Love Street in the replay in a 3-1 victory. "
  12. St Mirren TV help needed.

    Not according to my bet365, bet 365 usually have the Alba games but not usually if it is just the club sites, like SMFCTV or Falkirk TV etc.
  13. St Mirren Tv

  14. Mads Ibenfeldt

    And the obligatory stupid beard!