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  1. Jack are James are hopefully turning our home into a fortress and teams won't like coming to play us.
  2. Every game is a big one we can't dismiss any team in the league, if we do that we'll suffer!
  3. We can't count out Dundee Utd because of one game, remember we lost heavily to Morton and then we beat Livvy and DU.
  4. George Best

    Wishful thinking probably. If we keep him till May we'll be doing really well.
  5. Jack Ross will come good

    Jack proving his doubters wrong again yesterday!
  6. Hospitality Prices 2017/18

    I doubt they have enough food for me and shull in hospitality.
  7. Jack Ross Must Go.

    Is this thread still going?
  8. Rory Loy

    The facebook page is a good laugh. I just read it, don't contribute. I think all of Shull's aliases are on it.
  9. St Mirren songs

    tut tut
  10. You not at the gym working those cakes off?
  11. Harry

    Getting Harry back and keeping him fit will be a massive boost if we are to challenge for the title.
  12. I will need to shed a stone or two before i could ask for a game.
  13. Absolute legend is Jack!