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  1. Paul Gallagher looks like ken Barlows oldest son in Corrie and Kenny McLean looks like Tony Hadley from Spandau Ballet
  2. if Dundee United fail to win this , I doubt they will have any chance in the play offs , and they will be in a similar mess as to what we were at the start of last season , in fact they have all the makings of an average championship team , maybe next time they make the Micky Mouse Cup Final their fans might bother themselves to turn up.
  3. I will celebrate staying up , the team Jack has put together deserve a celebration for the season they have given us since January , and I look forward to Jack improving the squad , and putting out a team that can challenge next season
  4. Think Irvine can play sweeper , and Stellios can fit in at right back , also think Fjelde can play sweeper , but please no Webster , and pretty please Harry's knee isn't as bad as first thought
  5. Could have been solved by selling them from the club shop up until 7,.30
  6. Great idea , we have a bit of dosh , the rules are there to be used , Clarkstons injured , we just need to find and a striker .
  7. I would have settled for as draw at Kirkcaldy , and though disappointed with a draw yesterday , I pleased we have made ground on Ayr , which until we catch them up is our priority , if we beat Ayr when we play them , we can start to target the next team above , all possible , and if we continue to play the way we do we should be good enough to stay up , whether it be by finishing 8th or via the play off
  8. they have a keeper , Pavol Penksa
  9. I'm having a go because I went to buy a ticket on Wednesday and they weren't for sale , and feel quite entitled to have my moan about not being able to get a ticket , that said I,m now going to get pissed tonight and watch the game on Sky tomorrow
  10. Firstly to provide a service for those Saints fans who do wish to go , and have just decided that we have a chance of winning , secondly the team would benefit from having a few extra buds cheering them on , and thirdly theres a few bob to be made , all it would require is to open the office for two hours tomorrow , well worth the effort if it justs gives a few extra Saints fans the opportunity to get tickets
  11. Perhaps sold them before the Hibs game
  12. Lets hope Celtic are making more effort than us in selling tickets for this tie , as a club we must have too much money judging by the effort we are making to sell our ticket allocation , hoping the green bigots turn up in numbers to pay their tributes to Tommy Gemmell , as it would be nice if there was a decent crowd
  13. Low moral at Dumbarton won,t do us any harm , and what about a three game ban for the " Nutter " for violent conduct , I,m sure DAFC TV will have a clip of the incident , look forward to seeing it as these incident get quite a bit of coverage
  14. I actually like the shape of the team that jack has put together , and how he uses Cammy Smith , who come back and helped the central midfield , then got him self forward to support big Suts , also like the way the full backs get forward and work together with the wide midfielders , also the fact that we have a fit team with lots of running , looking forward to see what we can add to the squad in June , if we stay up a lot of players will want to come and play for us
  15. I was one of those , judging him by his performance at East Fife , where he was okay , but nothing special , I was though hoping there was something there , I,d seen the youtube clip and saw a bit of improvement against TNS , yesterday though he was excellent , not just his goals , but his willingness to get stuck in and make things difficult for the opposition , a great player to have as part of the squad as he gives us a few options.