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  1. MenstrieSaint

    Gavin Reilly

    Totally agree , its not as if the contract offer was put on the table the day before his wife gave birth , and removed two days later . He got caught out , and he knows it . Still would have liked to have kept him though .
  2. MenstrieSaint

    Gavin Reilly

    Well it like Stubbs has looked at the offer on the table and thinks the money could be better spent , shame though as I thought Gavin always put in a hard working shift , that would have suited us in the SPL . Wonder if Gavin would have actually signed the new contract offer on the table , or just wanted to have that option to get a better deal elsewhere ?
  3. MenstrieSaint

    Sunday sun

    The 4,000 season tickets is " Fitzy counting " , we have probably sold 1400 and he,s just two free kids to every season ticket sold to talk the numbers up
  4. MenstrieSaint

    New Assistant Manager

    Rice was not a bad player back in the day , think he stays in Stirling area ( or used to ), so probably quite s good move for him . I wish Stubbs well with his appointments , and think Rice will do well for us , but it does look like a manager " seeing his mates alright "
  5. MenstrieSaint

    New Assistant Manager

    Inverness were not a bad footballing team last season , Rice must have had something to do with that .
  6. MenstrieSaint

    Alan's first signings

    Gie us a signing , and make it a decent one
  7. MenstrieSaint

    Stubbs Already Doomed

    A couple of signings that look good on paper , and a couple of pre season friendlies where we play with a bit of style and we,ll all be happy again
  8. MenstrieSaint

    Speculation Thread

    Wondering if Stubb,s will appoint a couple of player / assistants .
  9. MenstrieSaint

    Speculation Thread

    The scouting network sounds feasable enough to me , probably guys happy to watch ten games a month for free ,
  10. MenstrieSaint

    Stadium developments

    most practical and sensible way to " invest " money in our stadium , would be to explore a way to divide one of the ends into two , so we can accommodate an away crowd of say 2,000 , or be in a position to offer an away support 700 tickets and keep the rest of the stadium for our own fans .
  11. MenstrieSaint

    Stubbs Confirmed

    He had a few decent team mates over the years , wonder how friendly he is with Mikel Arteta who I think might know of a player or two wanting to go out on loan.
  12. MenstrieSaint

    Stubbs Confirmed

    will be interesting to see who his first signings are , and who he brings on loan
  13. MenstrieSaint

    New Manager Latest Odds

    thanks for sharing , worth watching the last few minutes , you can see why the board appointed him , comes across very well , and might be the man to set solid fouyndations for the club, lets hope his contact book has some interesting names in it . Whats Mikel Arteta upto now ( he seems to be linked with a few good jobs )
  14. MenstrieSaint

    New Manager Latest Odds

    I,m not a fan of McIntyre,s but in all fairness to him he has a good record at Ross County , and also at QOS , in both instances he would have won a lot of points off teams that are better resourced , so should he be first choice I,ll be ok with it .
  15. MenstrieSaint

    It's All Guti....

    Its Guti for me as well , a couple of Real Madrid youngsters on loan , and a couple of Spanish youngsters signed on the cheap , theres potential for us to use the rules to sign a few decent players and sell them on , Guti as manager would make it a far more interesting couple of years than a season or two under Jim McIntyre , failing Guti Micky Mellons not a bad shout