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  1. We have signed Two Stewarts , Hilson , Reilly ( I almost typed Carmichael ) , Kirkpatrick and Buchanan , if two of them are goof , two average and two poor , we will have done better than the previous five transfer windows
  2. Carl Finninghan ?
  3. Getting old and getting players mixed up . Sorry
  4. And Carmichael
  5. Dale Hilson is one of those players that can play a few positions , which is quite handy if you want to change things over the course of the game . Played in the SPL as a 16 year old , played for Scotland at under 19 level and has played about 150 senior games , and last season played for a club that finished higher up the league than us . Not a bad signing I would say
  6. Dale Hilson had a great game against us when QoS came for the first time last season , more or less running the show on the left side , but the previous season when he came on as a sub against us he barely touched the ball ( that's because it was IP in the air all the time )Think Jack might get the best out of him
  7. Greg Stewart on a seasons long loan at Pittodrie , do we get %10 of that , as I,m sure now it won't be long til Kenny goes down to Brum to join Harry . Wonder if we get a %10 cut of any sell on clause , should this transfer deal have a sell on clause .
  8. Say £15,000 and %30 of any future transfer fee ( they might fall for it )
  9. Heard Calum Waters has signed for Killie , so we can forget about him signing for us .
  10. Still thought Sutton offered something , and gave us options over the course of the game , wonder if it would be worth using him as s strikers coach
  11. Dale is a left sided midfielder , with a bit of pace , who could play up front if required , I think if we go for him I it will initially be as a squad player , with the hope that he improves playing with better players . Don't think it would have a massive impact on our playing budget . Got a feeling Ricky Gillies might be his agent
  12. Raploch boy who started off with Dundee Utd , capped for Scotland at youth level , played very well against us for QoS last years.
  13. I think Smith will play in Mallans position , occasionally providing cover for Magennis or Morgan , which will give Kirkpatrick the odd start until either Morgan or Magennis move on As for Sutton , I think it might make sense to keep him and use him as cover , and maybe even as a striker coach .
  14. great quiz , got 80 , but it would have been more if I could spell Gonglaves , Quintongo and Innes , but well done to whoever put it together
  15. I,ve suspected for a while that there's been interest in Morgan , also think there's a possibility of us losing Magennis next season . Hence why we are signing so many players early doors so we have our replacements within the squad , my preferred option is we arrange a deal which allows us to loan the player for the rest of the season.