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  1. St. Mirren ladies team

    The idea of signing players from other teams and create a female football team to compete in a league won't increase St Mirren fanbase . That said to set up a street sport type project promoting opportunities for females to play football on a regular basis would be a great idea .
  2. The Cost Of Supporting SMFC

    Probz about £700 a season , chuck in parking , the odd pie and Bovril , travel and a few away games .
  3. Shankland

    His sixth senior team as a 22 year old ,fast catching up with Chic Charnley . I liked him , and thought we could have made more of that magnificent throw that he had
  4. Kevin O'Hara Falkirk - 8 match ban

    Seem to remember his father during a post match interview either sarcastically referring to Kirk Boadfoot as the handsome one , or just referring to kirky as being ugly , and was quite upset as I used to Love Kirky .
  5. Lewis Morgan

    I would rest him until our next league game , let his body recover from a few weekly bashings , would also like to see Smith , Morgan and Hilson play together behind Reilly
  6. If Spartens have an artificial surface we will probably end up playing there . Though they might fancy playing at Forthbank again .
  7. Thomas Stickroth Goal...

    Technically very gifted , hugely skilful , but didn't have the fight required for the Scottish game , the £125k we received when we sold him a season and a half later was probably what we should have paid for him . That five minutes of brilliance against Rangers quadrupled his transfer fee .
  8. St Mirren V Brechin City 30th September

    Thought Hilson showed decent potential during the time he was on , scored a goal , made a few good passes , put in a really good cross from the right , nice wee dummy when Stewart was brought down , and a clever wee foul in their half to break up play in their half . Strange feeling being top of the league but feeling your teams not playing as well as they can . Hopefully our injured and suspended players will comeback , give us a bit of shape and enable is to hit the form we hit at the end of last season.
  9. Ross County sack McIntyre

    I thought he had put together a decent team at RC , and would have kept them out of the relegation zone , wonder who Ross County have in mind for their new manager ? Jim McIntyre lives in Dunblane , so the Falkirk job is pretty much perfect for him , and a sensible choice for Falkirk ,
  10. Ross County sack McIntyre

    Well the guy must be loaded , he,ll take his pay off from Ross County and walk straight into the Falkirk job . thought he was doing a decent enough job at Ross County and am quite surprised with this sacking
  11. Craig Samson

    The only reason they managed the draw was because we played most the game with ten men as big JC got sent off . Thought we too some support for the first game at Parkhead where big Starsky scored the winner
  12. Former Saints Goalkeeper Passes Away

    I think I saw him play against us in the old first division when he played for Ayr United
  13. St Mirren Under 20's 2017/18

    Saw the under 20,s last week at Forthbank , and was surprised how much of the game went through Ethan Erhahon , not a bad player and still very young . Connor McBrearty impressed me for the amount of high balls that he won . Hoping that a few of these youngsters break through in due course
  14. Lewis Morgan

    Morgan is very much a man on form , and if he was playing for one of the old firm , would be under consideration for a call up for the full international squad . Also interesting to note that his game seems to improve during the last quarter , he,s got an amazing engine . Loved the way he ran back 30 yards to keep the ball in , then turn round and run at the Inverness full back , also loved the way he ran at the Inverness defence , when he passed it on to Reilly instead of shooting himself . Genuinely believe Strachan should consider using Lewis as an impact player in our forthcoming world cup qualifiers . With regards to Morgan moving on , I tend to agree with Bud the Baker , and think we should be trying to encourage decent offers in January , we should also be looking to use some of the incoming cash to bring in a replacement ( Lewis Vaughan from Raith ) Would be quite happy though if Lewis stayed with us until the end of the season is it just me , but does anyone else think he plays a like George Best
  15. Top 5 Worst St Mirren Players Ever

    ChIc Charnley , Roddy Manley , Lex Baillie , Fraser Wishart and Mark Reid , between transfer fees and signing on fees must of cost Saints pretty close to £1,000,000 , and all of whom left us within three years for a total of zilch