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  1. Brian Graham

    I think he played against us when he was at St Johnstone , seem to remember him running us ragged and playing really well . I think he,s a decent player , but we can only start with two strikers and at present already have five options .
  2. Brian Graham

    Maybe Dale Hilson can provide that option .
  3. Shankland signs for The Ton

    He,ll probably be very effective for them , chucking in long throws towards Christian Nade , thing is they may be a bit top heavy with lazy players ( most of whom have played for us )
  4. Speculation Thread

    There is potential for the Council , Sports Development Scotland , A House Building Company , St Mirren , Ralston Residents Association and whoever we lease Ralston from to come together and work a solution out where Ralson is developed into housing and training pitches are developed on land next to the ground ( probably as p[art of the first phase of the new sports village ) .
  5. Rocco Quinn

    I actually think that's what will happen , and he will receive some sort of insurance pay out , and will only continue to play at a level that allows him to receive the payout , its quite clear he isn,t fit enough for the demands of full time football . Good Luck Rocco
  6. Formation possibilities

    Reckon we will some sort of variation of a 4 - 2 - 4 , which will involve McShane and McGinn playing in the middle and taking turns at supporting the two strikers , Magennis and Morgan will be the first choice wide players , and Suttton , Reilly , Hilson , Kirkpatrick , Stewart and Smith will fight for the two positions up front , I think theres enough quality about the squad to put a decent starting eleven out , lets open we get formation right and hit the form we ended last season with asap .
  7. What is our chances

    would settle for 10 points from the first 9 games and the team starting to gel and play well , and then picking up 15 points in each of the next three quarters , having us head into the play offs with a reasonably degree of confidence .
  8. Partick V St Mirren 22/7/17

    It was very much men against boys , we were bullied all over the park , Thistle looked not a bad outfit , but we made it too easy for them , we won't be playing teams of that calibre in the Championship this season . We do however need to improve and play to a decent shape . We which means Morgan on the left wing , a right footed player on the right side of midfield , and two strikers that look liked they've played together linking up front .
  9. Stranraer v St. Mirren 15/07/17

    I suspect some tabloid journalist will be reading this thread , and we will in the next couple of days have an article highlighting and exaggerating all the negatives , there will be a couple of quotes directly taken from this forum , and a few quotes made up from imaginary passengers . I hope I,m wrong . That said , I hope some of those who misbehaved have seen some of these comments and can perhaps modify their behaviour when they follow the Saints on public transport .
  10. Stranraer v St. Mirren 15/07/17

    I think a lot of the grumps on here have forgot about some of their Saints Away days when they were young . That said , there's no need to be abusive , use foul language or take drugs . A few beers and a sing song en route to away games , was pretty much how I spent most Saturdays during the eighties I wanna be in that number
  11. The New Tannoy Dude

    Go Buddy Go Do anything you wanna do Sound of the Suburbs
  12. Speculation Thread

    Very much my feeling , chances are we will have to pay up part of their contacts , so would only probably bring one in , if we moved them on . Still think their experience will be useful over the season
  13. Speculation Thread

    Vaughan played well against us for Raith at the beginning of last season , and scored against us for Dunbarton , Raith fans reckon him getting loaned out to Dumbarton got them relegated . I think he would be a great direct replacement for Mallan . But let's see how we do in competitive games before we decide what's required to improve the squad
  14. Rocco Quinn

    Think we should hold onto Quin and Sutton , their experience will be useful , and if we have to come to an arrangement to get rid of them. We might only be able to bring one player in , so on my opinion it makes sense to try and get the best out of these two . Its a long season with potentially 50 odd games
  15. Dale Hilson

    He,s from Raploch Stirling , and supported Rangers as a boy , I hope he does well and was quite pleased he got clapped off when he was subbed on Tuesday night . Let's hope his career kicks on and he improves playing for us