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  1. Jim Goodwin

    Might pop over and watch the 2nd v 3rd at the Recs . thinking Alloa v Ayr .
  2. Wake up call

    Livingston had a well prepared game plan , they left the pitch cut up from the previous week to stop us getting the ball on the deck and playing with speed from back to front , packed their team with tall players , and launched high balls for two strikers to chase down , got loads of balls into the box with long throws , and basically created a game of head ball , where they had a distinct height advantage , that consequently unsettled us , and they took full advantage with three exceptional finishes.
  3. Tony Watt

    They didn't rate Isma
  4. Livingston v St Mirren 17th Feb

    I would like us to try Magennis and McGinn as holding midfielder and Smith , Hippolyte and Morgan playing behind Reilly , think the pace of that front four would create problems for Livvy
  5. St Mirren v QOS Sat 3rd Feb

    Livingston, s position sort of flatters them as they have not played the top teams three times , still looking forward to beating them at Almond Vale though .
  6. St Mirren v QOS Sat 3rd Feb

    And the odds were ?
  7. St Mirren v QOS Sat 3rd Feb

    Whilst I was disappointed with the result , I remember that night as a really entertaining game of football , thought Bowey was supurb for them that night , also remember them having a really good support , and there being a few decent goals that evening .
  8. MYLES HYPOLYTE - Welcome

    Last niggler / cheat / dirty bastard we signed was Andy Millen , and when he signed for us I sort of saw him differently , if Myles is half as good good as Millen WD will be doing well
  9. Speculation Thread

    A short deal could be possible as Hibs may be still be paying part of his wage . Was he a team mate of Jack Ross at Falkirk.
  10. Ross Stewart sent off for U20s

    Alan Hansen said something along them lines ,and was totally shocked at what he was inferring , not racism in my mind , just a lack of Anti Discrimination training , as I believe Alan at the time was trying to be sincere with his choice of words.
  11. Club Deportivo Borgonyà

    Its actually a good opportunity for a fans team to be set up , which maybe pays ten friendlies a year , and has an annual trip to Spain to play an annual game against them
  12. Club Deportivo Borgonyà

    Superb find , we could send a team out for a pre season friendly , cheap flight to Girona and a weekend in Lloret de Mar sounds nice .
  13. New Striker

    Was Jack Ross a former team mate of said Striker ?
  14. Saints Memorabilia

    Do you think a Juniors Supporters club would work if one were set up
  15. Think we also got beat five nil by Ross County in a pre season friendly , hence my concerns about going up via the play offs . We did have a decent enough first half , and we were up against a team that had a few decent players in it . We did defend poorly , hopefully we will be ready for Friday night