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  1. We would have settled for this at Christmas , the opportunity to beat Raith at home and move into a play off place , our team is playing well , we just need some of these refereeing decisions to even themselves out , looking forward to watching us bounce back next Saturday
  2. You would think they would make the bottom tier of the away stand available , or half of the top or bottom , making a similar number of tickets available as to what we have given them for their games in Paisley , that would still give them 18,500 for their own fans , which in all fairness , they might struggle to sell
  3. At this stage Dundee will be a bad move , they are on a downward spiral , and will probably end up in the play offs wolith a team totally lacking in confidence . Look for someone like Calderwood and Nicol taking the job short term
  4. There's a guy Greg Spence that's doing okay at Alloa , would take a chance on him .
  5. I hope he,s enjoying the positivity about St Mirren and wants to stay for a couple of seasons , same goes for Davis
  6. I wondered about Tom Walsh too great goal against Falkirk , then we hardly see him again , had a few assists too , then I ask myself why no ones signed him , and why he was released by Rangers , as no doubt he is a decent player , and a decent option for any team in our league to have on the bench as an impact player , there will no doubt be a very good reason as to no team has shown any interest in signing him.
  7. With regards to contracts for some of the youngsters , It would very much depend on how much the contract is for and could we get a better player in for the same wages , if the wage Jack Baird is on is a relatively low one I would keep him , if he is on quite a high wage and the money could be better spent , its time for a change , likewise with regards to Mallan and Morgan , the end of this season might be a good time to offer them new contracts on a better wage . Though I do think we would struggle to keep hold of them .
  8. I think they would if they believed we were going straight back up , we might not get all four , but maybe two or three of them , but it of course depends on whatever other offers they have , but we should have a decent enough budget to retain a backbone of decent experienced players
  9. I,m hoping that whatever happens at the end of the season , we will make decent offers to try and keep Irvine , McGinn , Stellios and G Mac , since January there's been a good feel about the team , and if the wages are okay I would that these guys would want to stay with us , the wages made available from losing Langfield , Quin , Clarkson , and Webster should come in handy
  10. Paul Gallagher looks like ken Barlows oldest son in Corrie and Kenny McLean looks like Tony Hadley from Spandau Ballet
  11. if Dundee United fail to win this , I doubt they will have any chance in the play offs , and they will be in a similar mess as to what we were at the start of last season , in fact they have all the makings of an average championship team , maybe next time they make the Micky Mouse Cup Final their fans might bother themselves to turn up.
  12. I will celebrate staying up , the team Jack has put together deserve a celebration for the season they have given us since January , and I look forward to Jack improving the squad , and putting out a team that can challenge next season
  13. Think Irvine can play sweeper , and Stellios can fit in at right back , also think Fjelde can play sweeper , but please no Webster , and pretty please Harry's knee isn't as bad as first thought
  14. Could have been solved by selling them from the club shop up until 7,.30
  15. Great idea , we have a bit of dosh , the rules are there to be used , Clarkstons injured , we just need to find and a striker .