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  1. Fjelde,s agent has put clips up of him saying he,s available this summer , he,s not done that for Stellios , which may suggest that Stellios is not available this summer because he,s with us . If Mallan goes , I would like us to go for Joe Thompson on loan and Lewis Vaughan , hoping the two or three players from last seasons squad signing next week will be Smith , McKenzie and Davis . Thinking we already have Irvine for next season . Look forward to seeing a couple of signings who I,ve never heard of , that always makes the start of the new season that bit more interesting.
  2. Think its a tenner to get in , under 16,s free , concessions a fiver .
  3. Still a bit confused , thought it was fixed so that either the team finishing second bottom or fourth , plays the second leg of the final at home . Mon the Wasps
  4. Games at Alloa tonight , was planning to go ,but heard it was on Alba and decided just to watch it on the box , just shows how televised games keep people away
  5. Heard the story before , also Spurs were happy to pay the balance of Ardiles pay , and that Alex Smith was happy for that to happen because he thought it would improve Hamilton , Lambert , Walker and Cameron's game .
  6. Quite impressed if this is the case , and wasn't it nice of Barnsley to help us a wee bit too .
  7. We have him signed up for next season , so we might as well use him , would like to see if can play sweeper , he might not be able to , but worth trying it out during the pre season friendlies
  8. So the option is , we stay up , we have an option for Stellios , he considers it , we go down , we don't,t have an option , Stellios leaves . What was the point of having an option , unless we actually do have him for next season.
  9. Agreed with you , until you mentioned Stellios moving on , I think we need a guy like Stellios on the bench covering three or four positions
  10. Lennon might take a common sense approach here and rest both players because their heads might not be right , and he wants neither player injured or picking up a booking
  11. There's quite a few of us meeting up and the pubs close by get too busy for us all to get round a table , so Cask and Barrel suits us , the Omni Centre is a sort of stop off place end route , Cafe Royal and the Guildford are for after the game
  12. I would develop a facility on ground that we own in the greenhill road area that would compete with the football five a side providers Pitz seemed to do very well , and with the parking and bar already at the stadium , half the work is done
  13. Omni centre and cask and barrel before the game , Conan Doyle , cafe royal and Guildford arms after the game
  14. Stellios is a fantastic option to have . I believe a good squad should have two keepers , three full backs , three central defenders , six midfielder and four attackers , with a few of the players able to play in a number of positions , think its great we can have this debate , my opinion is , two different types of defenders suited to different types of games
  15. Just think its fantastic , the options we have are supurb , Stellios seems to thrive playing as an attacking full back , and along with Morgan will terrorise their right back tomorrow , that said Eckersley might be more suited to playing a tighter game away from home like next weeks game . So much at stake in tomorrow's game. COYS