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  1. Speculation Thread

    My feeling is that if there are 8 signings to be made , 4 will be for players expected to go straight into the starting eleven and four will have to fight it out with the existing squad for a place on the starting eleven . So far the players we have been linked with are McGinn , Goodwillie , Cadden and Halkett . I would think these would be guys bought in to challenge for a position , as and not walk straight into a first team place . Stephen McGinn , Flynn , Davis and Eckersley were brought into the team from lower league teams in England , I,m hoping to see another two or three signings coming from that direction.
  2. No 1999 - 2000 season , think we were 4/1 this season , joint second favourites with with ICT , didn't back us , as I thought we were poor value for money
  3. We were second favourites for relegation , had a £100 ew on Saints in the handicap league 7/1 , with Saints having a 20 point handicap , one of my better bets
  4. Punt or Keep - Summer 2018 edition

    I actually think Mullan and Reilly would play well together , both have a high work rate and along with Smith would ensure most defences are kept busy . I think next season we will be a hard working team , and our front players will have to run their socks off , so ideally I would keep them both , but also look to add someone with a bit of height pace and muscle into the attack.
  5. Seem to remember a bit of a rumble in the North bank when the police tried to move the Celtic fans to their end via the gate , think it was maybe 1985 as we had Rooney in the team , you are right about the outcome in the North bank though
  6. Saint Mirren V Livingston 14 April

    There are was 4 empty seats next to me in W4. The boys whose seats they are were in W7. One of them was mine , as I was en route to Edinburgh from New York , a couple of guys were also on a stag weekend , need to get better organized next season
  7. Need transport for 2 to brechin

    Should have booked another bus or two then
  8. Brechin v St. Mirren 7/4/18

    Think its great that a nice wee team will benefit from a huge Saints away support . Will be in NYC on Saturday , hoping someone periscopes
  9. Summer Transfer Window

    Still , we know we are in line for a decent amount of money next , as and worse case scenario ,if we are relegated , we are due parachute payments . Most important though is to spend the money wisely , no room for mistakes
  10. Summer Transfer Window

    Depending on who we get the opportune to retain , I reckon we need to get between three and six new signings , I also think we will play as more containing , and the players WD bring in , will be hardworking as and fit .
  11. Bid accepted for Kyle McAllister?

    I think Morgan is a better player now than what Forrest was at the same age , will be interesting how Morgan does pre season for Celtic , and how well he foes with better players round him . He could surprise a few and continue improving . Not many speedy two footed wingers with superb ball control.
  12. Summer Transfer Window

    Have more trust in Jack Ross making two or three quality signings after yesterday's performance , recent signings Mullen and Flynn were outstanding
  13. New signing Left Back Stelios Demetriou

    Can cover both full back positions so the perfect sub , should get him signed up for next season.
  14. Trophy Day

    For me , today is the day we become certainties , us getting three points for an away win , our two closest rival drawing at home , us having a massive lead already , and there's only eight games left . Really pissed off I,ll probably be in New York when we clinh it
  15. Vote Now For Street Names

    Five players who made the most appearances at Love Street ,