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  1. My hope was that it would be Wigan chasing him , to strengthen the squad to push for promotion.
  2. So it seems there is considerable interest in McGrath, let's hope its for a January transfer send not on a PCA.
  3. Are St Mirren shirts and W6er one of the same . BTW I too used to enjoy seeing the shirts .
  4. The only thing the person owning the shirt now could be criticised for is perhaps trying to buy the shirt on the cheap . But maybe he hasn't, maybe he,s Paul good money for it , and the money has been put to good use .
  5. I suspect that a lot of people are being played . The real issue is about who had ownership of the shirt and sold it and their relationship to the Bryceland family who think they should have ownership. That's not my business .
  6. Would like to see a couple of players I ve not heard of break into the Scotland squad a bit like Paterson and Gilmour did last season . Would also like to see a group of young players come to the fore at St Mirren .
  7. Scored today for Dagenham and Redbridge.
  8. He was the reason Liverpool played against us for our centenary match , they wanted first option on him , and to partner him with Hansen . Together they would have been superb .
  9. Two things happened in 1978 that put St Mirren back . Fergie getting sacked was one of them , Bobby Reid getting injured was the other .
  10. McAvennie , McGarvey and McDougall and I would create a system that allowed us to play the three of them up front .
  11. Celtic at home at the start of the 1966 - 67 season , just remember walking up Ferguslie Park Avenue to the game , dont remember much else . Next game was Motherwell away in 1969 , that was Ian Listers debut , who very quickly became my favourite favourite player . We moved around loads during the early seventies, so it was sometimes a tear or two between games .
  12. Our back three will very much be a back five , we will have one forward , and will will create a few chances , but we are hugely dependent on our keeper having a great game . I would persevere with Dean Lynass with a view of seeing if he,s got it in him to be a first team regular. Much as I would like Jak to remain with us next season , he will no doubt have several offers coming his way . So no harm on working in plan B
  13. Add to the fact that it was a horrible evening to be driving yo the game .
  14. I think Saints would rather get as much money as possible for him from a club in England and putting wee rumours about is Saints way if letting teams know that he will be going this January . Kennedy to Saints as part of a player swop with a decent cash adjustment might suit both teams , but I'm thinking that Saints are now trying to create an Auction for Jamie . To be honest , I think now is the time to move him on , he's talents are wasted with the way we are set up and the way we play .
  15. Bit in one of todays papers , I suspect St Mirren , player and agent are trying to entice a bid from the championship
  16. It's all about opinions and not being hostile towards people who,s opinions are different to yours .
  17. I think it will . It has a nice ring to it . Tbh I rather St Mirren and Fibble break their ties and the term Fibble just dies a death . So to a certain extent agree with you Baz .
  18. Fibble , love that . Though I suspect the those working for Kibble won't. Those working for rival companies that compete for the same business as Kibble will be loving this terminology and how this relationship is seemingly developing. Kibble really shouldn't really be making enemies as it will just result in name calling petty accusations and there will be no winners . With that in mind , I think both parties should seek a compromise that allows both parties to come out the arrangement with dignity. And BTW , I'm one of the guys that believe the rumours to be true , and am concerned about the impact it could have on the team .
  19. Can someone in the know please clarify how many St Mirren shares Kibble actually own ? Is it %27 of St Mirrens total shares or is it %27 of the shares that Smisa wished to buy to have ownership and control of the club? Is there a reason why %27 was the amount of ownership that Kibble agreed to buy ?
  20. Providing services for vulnerable young people and invoicing local authorities seems rather lucrative .
  21. Could be the most important AGM in years . An opportunity to stop the tail wagging the dog .
  22. Could the club not call an egm and have one motion to bring in two more smisa directors and another motion that all the key decisions in running the club be taken to the vote .
  23. Personally I prefer a group of St Mirren fans running the club as opposed to a group of people who,s business expertise is profiting from providing services to the most vulnerable young people in Scotland .
  24. I think there will be teams wanting McGrath this season to help their push for promotion. Some teams will probably be touching base just now to try and get a deal done early. There will be lots of scouts watching McGrath in the next two ROI games knowing he us available relatively cheap in the next transfer window . I think we will get considerably more for him in January , than what Hibs were offering in September.
  25. There will be top end Championship clubs in England desperate to sign McGrath. We could get quite a decent fee for him , certainly more than what was offered last transfer window . As soon as a club signs him and puts him on a three year contract his value will be £3 million as a current Irish International. Should the team get promoted that value would triple . Look out for Celtic offering sweeties .
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