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  1. Shaughnessy bunging in throws from the right big Dec bunging in throws from the left . Four big men in the middle. And four guys who can shoot round the edge of the box . Defences will hate playing against us .
  2. So thats who we were interested in if the Gallagher deal had been offered. I do though wonder if we have thus guy in mind to replace Dunne if he moves on .
  3. Robinson come across as a passionate guy . Yes I believe he,s capable of upsetting people . Maybe his style is about getting the issue out the way and not let it build up and fester . Can't all be bad as a few former players happy to play for him again .
  4. Can see it being a straight swop with Aberdeen continuing to pay most of his wages .
  5. Wonder if someone could clarify. Does a parent and two children season ticket count as one or three season tickets ?
  6. I think now is the right time for Villa to sell McGinn before he hits the final year of his contract and is tempted to play it out . He looked jaded towards the end of last season , but he did play loads of games , these guys didn't get much rest pre season last year with the Euros do I think clubs will take that into consideration. He will get a decent rest during the World Cup . So will be a very good signing for a club aspiring to be top six next season .
  7. Can also see them trying to sign Hladky , McGrath and Ronan.
  8. Aberdeen are loaded. Think they will sign at least 12 players . Can see them being interested in Dunn ( well documented) and Brophy , a very good player , who would be so much better in a very attack minded team . And think that they might make a bid for Henderson in the hope that they can can convert him into a wing back to take over from Ramsay .
  9. Well done Saints for bringing in a few new faces , looks like interesting times ahead . I'm thinking we,ll be saying good bye to a few players by the end of the month , reckon a couple will be off to Aberdeen . Very pleased about how things are progressing , just have a feeling a few will be moving on to make way for the new signings.
  10. Strange stats . If you go onto the Billericay town YouTube page , there's two games on it where he scores two goals. He looks very much like a goalscorer and does seem to have a bit of pace . Could potentially be another Junior Morias .But he may be a bit faster and with the right coaching could improve . The video clips suggest he knows where the goals are .
  11. Im looking forward to what Martin Foyle will bring to the club , especially the six players I haven't heard of that will be signed on his recommendation.
  12. I think we could be after both with Gogic potentially as a central defender .
  13. I actually enjoy the " lottery " of signing unheard of players from.the English lower leagues . Let's have a few more and see what we get .
  14. Read somewhere that his family live in Southampton area . Can see him playing for the likes of Bath , Weymouth , Aldershot or Salisbury next season .
  15. If he comes I think he will come in as part of a player / coach package . Thing is my feeling is we already have digned that player when we offered Ryan Flynn a new contract . I do though would like him to sign .
  16. What I like about Gogic is that he,s able to play in Central defence . Wouldn't be surprised to see him play next to big Joe next season .
  17. I think the player that can break up an attack and very quickly drive forward with the ball is hugely underestimated . Against St Johnstone Gogic did exactly that , which allows our attackers much more space to play in.
  18. I would like to see Gogic play in a back three and be the player that can carry the ball forward from defence or move into a holding midfield role if there is a change of set up mid game . As for Brophy, I always thought he played well , even if he wasn't among the goals . Our play is often too tippy tappy and allows teams to get behind the ball to easy . I'm hoping the players we are signing will allow us to transition from defence to attack a lot faster .
  19. I wouldn't put it past Jim Goodwin to put in a offer for Brophy.
  20. I'm expecting at least six signings from England. Martin Foyle isn't going to be a paid a wage for just recommending two or three players .
  21. My first thought was that Goodie was on £100k a year and the £250 comp was the outstanding balance of his contract was his agreed release fee . With a further £50k being compensation for Lee Sharp . I,m also wondering if the £85k mentioned as Robertsons release fee was a years wages and was maybe agreed in his contract . Purely speculation..just what I think .
  22. So , in the first instance I would have Jack Ross, failing that would interview Sharp and McManus and see what they have to offer .
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