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  1. Given what was at stake tonight, Sammy's penalty save could be regarded as one of the most important moments of the season, if we go on to win the league or be promoted. Potentially as important as his penalty save in the league cup semi.
  2. Season 17/18 St Mirren Kit

    I keep noticing Macron strips this season. Like Joma, It's not one of the big name manufacturers. But they have been designing some cracking bespoke strips this season for the teams they supply. PAOK's strips are the most recent I've seen. Whilst I like our strips this season, would love to have seen us in something like these.
  3. Morton v Saints 12 August

    Does anyone happen to have a spare ticket? Need one for a mate. Cheers.
  4. Season 17/18 St Mirren Kit

    I was speaking with both Gordon Scott and Campbell Kennedy a couple of weeks before the launch. As far as I recall, the club were to receive an initial delivery for the launch. Thereafter, the shirts would be delivered in batches of up to 500 with a lead in time of 14days from order. Both were very positive about the dealings with Joma.
  5. Season 17/18 St Mirren Kit

    Yeah, that annoys me as well. So easy to get right, but the badge has been in 3 different positions depending on the image (preview/presentation/joma marketing). Hopefully those on sale are consistent and positioned properly.
  6. Craig Samson

    Samson's penalty save in the LC semi final was a massive moment in the cup run. For that, I will be eternally grateful. If it wasn't for that save, I doubt we would have got to the final.
  7. Stephen Mallan

    He is entering the final year of his contract so Mallan and his agent hold a strong hand when it comes to the club accepting offers. With regards to personal terms, has Mallan accepted anything? Yeah, he might be being offered 6x his current wage, but his stock has risen a lot in the last 4 months since Barnsley were last in for him, so it's not unreasonable that other better clubs could come in for him. I assume any transfer can't go through until the window opens. When is that? I'm sure he and his agent will be happy to be patient for a few weeks. With it having fallen through in Jan, Barnsley are simply trying to steal a march by getting their offer in early. But surely there is plenty time for other clubs to show an interest.
  8. Eckersley signs 2 year deal

    Isn't that the reason Jens Paeslack left us all those years ago?
  9. As much as we joke, Perhaps Gordon Scott and SMISA could work with Paul Kelly at AS Homes to ensure the history of the club and site is reflected and recognised in the development. It is a really good opportunity and important part of the town's history, never mind the club. Plenty of fitba ground redevelopments have cleverly incorporated the site's history. I like the idea of having cobbled lines through the streets to reflect the pitch markings...similar to the way the route of the Berlin wall is remembered. Middlesbrough's old ground, Ayresome Park, was turned into a housing estate. There are a few subtle sculptures around the estate...a football where the centre spot would have been, a pair of boots I think where the dugout was and jackets hanging on a fence to indicate where the goalposts would have been. Simple, but a wee nod to the history. In terms of street names, Dargo Drive to celebrate the final goal!
  10. St Mirren Photos & Vids

    To get you in the mood for Fir Park tomorrow, here are some pics from the brilliant 3-2 comeback victory in May 2007.
  11. Season 17/18 Replica Kits

    How about a wee poll to gauge opinion of potential strips? Taken from the Joma 2017 catalogue... HOME 1... HOME 2... AWAY 1... AWAY 2... AWAY 3... AWAY 4... AWAY 5... AWAY 6... AWAY 7...
  12. Wow. In your relentless pursuit of petty point scoring and one-upmanship you've actually played the dying child card, like it's some weird game of top trumps. Even for a sanctimonious bar steward like you, that's pretty low.
  13. How Can We Help the Board?

    Brian Caldwell already explored this and approached a number of airlines. Couldn't get the idea to fly unfortunately.
  14. Love Street Photos

    https://canmore.org.uk/search/image?SIMPLE_KEYWORD=Love street&images_page=1
  15. Season 17/18 St Mirren Kit

    If this story is correct, JD's suppliers require a lead-in time of 150 days from order...5 months!! That timescale astounds me given that extremely fast turnaround times are key to the modern clothing/fashion industry. Fake strips are on the shelves and available online within hours of ManU/Barca/Madrid strips being revealed or leaked. To have strip launch in May 2017, the designs would have to be agreed and orders submitted to the manufacturer in early December. For a July launch, prior to the season starting, it would be Feb. I'd imagine they would already have to be pretty advanced with the design work to achieve an early launch next year. Also, i'm sure I read somewhere that the quantities ordered are based on the previous sales. That being the case, JD don't do themselves any favours in that dept by launching the strips late and missing summer, as well as the pre season hope and anticipation. Jeso, this season was all but over by the time the away and third kits were 'released'. Personally, I really like the bespoke kits and detailing we've had in recent years. Shame about the service from JD.