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  1. I agree with St Ricky. There are a few posters on here with delusions of grandeur and that anyone who posts anything other than what they think is a pest and clogging up the forum with inane drivel. They are the condescending ones!
  2. I think somebody else got lamped by a stray shot at halftime on Saturday there. Goodness knows how many times this sot of thing happens throughout a season. The player (not sure who it was) went over to check the guy was ok and then went back to play with his pals.
  3. Desnold

    Time to bin Interstadia

    I have a MacBook pro and had no problems when using Firefox, however Safari was a non starter.
  4. I expect our average will be around 5000-5500. It'll probably start reasonably high, drop away in October & November, slight increase in December, drop away again Jan & Feb and rise a bit on the run in March to May. Its going to be brutal but if Jacks plan works it could be beautiful. When are season tickets on sale?
  5. I think the potential income for games was set when the ground was designed ie no point in having 5000 empty seats when only two teams will likely fill the ground. We will just need to set a budget based on what we can accommodate. If there's no room elsewhere other than the North Stand then they can't sit anywhere else but the North Stand and it won't make any difference. Jack is shrewd and will get the players he needs on the budget he has available. As far as the fans go, get your season tickets early
  6. I think the play offs will give us a better idea of how our current team might fare next season. I have a feeling that whoever gets to play the second bottom from the Premier league will take a pasting.
  7. Desnold

    Here You Are Boys And Girls

    I imagine it will depend on season ticket sales
  8. For me, Stelios has made too many costly mistakes in the defence, conversely, he has made a great contribution going forward. Would he be better suited to playing a wide midfield / winger role without having to worry about defending? edit: I would definitely keep him though
  9. Desnold


    a bonny wee lass......
  10. Desnold

    Atmosphere in the Stadium

    I’d tend to agree. I used to meet my mate in the Bank house, have a couple of pints, then stroll down Love Street to enjoy the match. Since we moved to Greenhill road I think I have had a pre match pint once other than my visit to hospitality in the ground on Saturday there. Picked the right game[emoji41][emoji209][emoji41][emoji209]
  11. Desnold

    Atmosphere in the Stadium

    I’m sure Tannadice was only about 15/16 rows so not too different. I think a bit of ‘fold back’ of sound makes it seem louder to those sitting around singers which would maybe encourage more to join in. Dropping a say three or four foot skirt onto the front of the roof wouldn’t block anyone’s view as the roof slopes up towards the pitch. If you think back to the north Bank even when seated singing spread along the length of it. The front of the roof slopes down which would reflect a bit of sound back in to the stand increasing the number of singers and creating a louder noise on the pitch. The more I think about this the more I’m convincing myself that it would work. Perhaps some young student of acoustics or waves or something like that could shed some light on it [emoji41][emoji209][emoji209][emoji209]
  12. Desnold

    Atmosphere in the Stadium

    Being a musician myself, I always like to hear back when I’m playing/singing. Some sort of addition to the structure to reflect some of the sound back in to the stand would help I think. The shed at Tannadice has roughly the same number of rows of seats and that was rockin last Tuesday. Re my boredom in the first half, I think I may have over indulged that being my 4th game in 10 days. I can see why players need a rest [emoji2]
  13. When I was sitting through the dull first half last night my mind wandered off and I was looking at the roofs on the stands. I noticed that they are straight girders with some sheeting on top. Compare these to the two away stands I have been in in the last couple of weeks and the difference is an apex roof running along the length meaning that there is a flat bit which would reflect sound back towards you. Could this be why the general atmosphere around the ground is quiet barring the W7 boys? I suspect that to put a skirt on the front of the roof would possibly reflect some of the noise back in to the stands creating a louder experience on the pitch. Any scientists out there who could confirm or denounce this theory?
  14. Desnold

    Dundee Utd v St Mirren, 10th April 2018

    Jack mentioned he has been carrying an injury for a few weeks on the after match interview at Tannadice. I expect that's why he isn't first pick at the moment.