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  1. Now 1100 people have taken the time to vote in our poll which is over the 1,000 limit we have on our SurveyMonkey plan! This is almost 3 times as many people who voted last season! As such I've brought forward the cut off time. Our polls will close at 1am on Monday morning, 24th April!
  2. Personally I'm happy for my £2 a month to be used for whatever SMiSA think it is for the best. What I think we've seen to date is "here is what we want to do, vote to allow us to do it" whereas I think it might be better if they said "here are x different options for you to consider, please vote for your favourite" which would provide more scope for alternatives. We've only had three votes at this so far. The Wheelchair platform was a bit of a no-brainer, the transfer kitty one was quite a hot topic and although I was massively in support of that at the time and although it almost certainly helped the managers hand in January, I still think it should have been paid back when the club cashed in on McAllister. As an aside we still don't really know what happened to the USH situation either. Was it ever fixed, and was the money paid back to SMiSA? This third vote was the first one that was a bit "meh" for me. It smacked off "we've £8K to spend and we need to spend it on something". I think now is the time to introduce a "bank it" option and save up for something we really need or want. It's what we all tell our kids to do with their pocket money! So yeah, not all perfect, but it's up to SMiSA to make it work better IMO.
  3. Don't disagree with any of that. I don't personally think spending £1.5K on Hall of Fame boards was massively sensible use of our money as I assumed any one of the many sponsors in and around the club would have been happy to foot that bill in return for them having an advertisement on said boards. If I had been asked I'd certainly have considered it as that would have been of far more use to me than sponsoring the corners which hasn't really resulted in anything for my business other than one guy who called and asked if I sold big doors It didn't exercise me enough at the time to vote against it right enough, perhaps I'm guilty of being a bit too trigger happy and just agreeing with everything.
  4. Alan Murray who operates the scoreboard has been in touch regarding what will hopefully be our last home game of the season against Raith next Sat, April 29th. As per previous seasons the club want to remember the buddies that have passed away during the season with a minutes applause with their names appearing up on the scoreboard. If you would like anyone remembered in this way Alan has asked if you could send over their name to [email protected] Ta much
  5. I'd have thought it only natural and sensible that the business we are in the process of buying, and the club we are in the business of supporting, tells us what it is they need help with. I also thought SMiSA had a rep on the club board, but maybe you can correct me on that? Vast majority of us are happy to let SMiSA and the club work together on these initiatives. If the club are proposing ideas for consideration and SMiSA take those on board and present them to the members then as far as I'm concerned that's good and healthy. The members still get to decide whether to take them forward, as they have done overwhelmingly in all cases to date.
  6. I totally agree that there should be an option to save the 3 month pot and have said that myself several times. If I had a real problem with it I'd communicate that with SMiSA though, I don't see what it's got to do with the board of the football club, and in particular the Chairman who LPM has mentioned twice in his postings above. This coming just a couple of weeks after attacking our new major sponsor and that just days after he posted thinly veiled allegations about the agreement between SMiSA and Gordon. If you think all of that is deemed to be positive and well intentioned then that's up to you. I see it for exactly what it is.
  7. Do you have that violin playing, tear stained post saved away for regular use as it's trotted out on a regular basis. The £2 discretionary fund is for the SMiSA members to decide on. The options put to the SMiSA members are published and decided on by SMiSA. If you have a problem with the way the options are chosen then you should be taking it up with SMiSA. If only you were on the committee there, eh?
  8. It's a shame that when we got rid of the poison of Stuart Dickson that you saw fit to fill that void. Can't remember the last positive post you made about anything do with the club. Every single post laced with negativity.
  9. There is no specific allocation for Easter Road. Currently it's as many as we can sell. That might change but all the rumours circulating about us only having 900 tickets are a load of bollocks, that's why the tickets went straight to general sale.
  10. Trophies have arrived. Over 700 votes cast to date. Have unpinned so it's obvious for anyone accessing on mobile app.
  11. We've had 323 votes cast already and the poll has only been open a few hours. Great effort. Keep voting and share with any other buddies you know who maybe don't use the forum or follow us on twitter.
  12. It's been a rollercoaster season even by our usual standards and still with some twists and turns ahead. Jack and James have brought the pride back to St.Mirren and now it's time for you to recognise your favourites in our player of the year poll. This year we are also introducing a new trophy, the Tam McGarry Young Player of the Year award, named after one of our greatest supporters who tragically passed away just before the season began. Tam of course was father to one of the great products of our youth system, Steven, and it seemed fitting then that we should name that award after him. Steven has given us his blessing and this will now be an annual award for us going forward. The Young Player award is open to all players who were under 21 when the season began. We've left Jason Naismith and Kyle McAllister in the poll as we felt both of those players deserved recognition even though they have left the club. We have simplified the voting this year, all you need to do is pick your top three choices for player of the year, and your top three for young player of the year. Players receive more points for a 1st choice, less for 2nd, and less again for 3rd. Player with the most points wins the award. In the event that the same player wins both polls we will award the Young Player trophy to the 2nd placed player in that poll to ensure we have two different winners. Top 3 players in both polls will also receive a bottle of Champagne. The voting closes at 1am on Mon April 24th so get your votes in now and share with your Saints supporting mates please. Every vote counts. CLICK HERE TO VOTE NOW