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  1. Under contract till 2020!!! Brilliant news. This is the sort of thing we haven't been very good at over the years. Hope he got a good hike too, totally deserved!
  2. Delighted if this is true, he's going to be a star. Was under contract already until summer 2019 though so any bids from other clubs would have been up to the club to reject rather than the player?
  3. Ridgers isn't as good as O'Brien. Samson has had his turn.
  4. Pretty much how I read it. Doesn't matter when the photo was taken, you don't post that with a thumbs up emoji unless you're coming back! Will be delighted to get him signed up. Having a player who can play left or right back is a real plus in the squad. If he doesn't come back I do note that Keith Watson is now a free agent. If we get one of those plus Harry Davis then the defence is sorted apart from the goalkeeper situation. On that note I see the Fish has disappeared from the 1st team squad listing on the official site along with Craig Storie and Rory Loy whereas Stelios and Fjelde remain.
  5. I believe each game is the subject of a risk assessment and review by the Police in consultation with the club and this determines what the policing situation will be. If the Police deem that a presence is required inside the stadium then the costs of each officer inside the stadium is met by the club. There is a price list that applies and it's an hourly rate per rank of officer required. Police deployed outside the stadium footprint don't count towards that cost. In essence every copper inside the stadium is us pissing our previous funds away so it's in all our interests to behave!
  6. My only concern is that the defence of O'Brien, Eck, Baird, MacK and Irvine leaked goals last season. We kept two clean sheets in the last ten matches of the season. At the end of the day that might well be because we were playing a very attacking game and scoring plenty at the other end too, but still room for improvement for me. In an ideal world we would bring in the Fish plus a slightly older keeper and have those two fight it out for the number 1 jersey with Langfield purely doing coaching. Not sure we'd have the budget for that right enough.
  7. Undecided on that one. Sammy was excellent for us and all that but that was 4 years ago now and he's hardly covered himself with glory at Motherwell this season. He's a good goalkeeper, but I wonder if we could do even better.
  8. The player turns 22 in August, so at that time Aberdeen would lose any entitlement to a development fee. I guess that's probably why there isn't any requirement for us to pay any compensation. Might be wrong though!
  9. Spot on. Smith signing shows ambition from the club but there is little doubt he would have got offers from Premiership sides IMO. The fact he's chosen to commit to Saints for 2 years and to do it this early when he could have dicked around in the summer waiting on "something better" shows how happy he was here during the second part of last season. The players love training under J&J and they like his style of play and man management. Hopefully we can persuade Dundee and Rory Loy that his future lies with us too.
  10. Great to have the big man back for another year. I'm going to put a fiver on him to score anytime every single week next season
  11. Yeah spot on. My neebur told me he'd have just given up if i hadn't been there to help. I shudder to think how many people are being put off by the current issues with the website. If I had time I'd sit down and document all the problems but I don't really have the time and to be honest it's a commercial platform the club are paying for so the providers should be doing it themselves!
  12. No mate, as I said above, it's not just an e-commerce website, it's tied to the whole ticketing infrastruture so the smart cards, point of sale, stadium turnstyles etc... I am doing the e-commerce stuff for the new strips though which will be sold via the official site e-store rather than through the St.Mirren Direct website. No pressure then! ps; And no, I haven't seen the new strips yet pps; No, I don't know when they are going to start selling them
  13. It is the strangest thing isn't it? Baird has all the makings of a very good defender, whilst Kelly, Naismith and McAusland were decent without ever being world beaters. Up front though, next to nothing since we produced Basher and McGarry. Thomas Reilly about as good as we've produced. Not had a keeper come through the ranks in donkeys either.
  14. Website says no mate. Closed Sat & Sun.
  15. Firstly I'm sad to lose a player of genuine quality and one that excites me as a fan when watching the team. The award of a free kick anywhere within 25 yards of goal created a wee buzz of anticipation around the Saints fans home or away and I will definitely miss that. From a club perspective though it's good to see these players getting a move to what is after all a very big league. Although it's the 2nd tier in England the money going around in that division is mind boggling. I'd be sure the Championship would be in the top 5 richest leagues in European football. It says a lot about the work that David Longwell, and now Allan McManus and his team have done/are doing at Ralston that we've had two graduates go to that league in the last 6 months. McLean and McGinn have also went on to receive international honours since graduating from the academy and Jason Naismith is plying his trade in the top flight too. It sends a message to existing players in the academy that if they are good enough and work hard enough they will get a chance, and if they get in the first team they can earn a move on to bigger clubs who can offer bigger rewards. Secondly it says to prospective players and their parents that this is a club who can provide that platform. It has to be a great incentive for young players to join us over other clubs. Thirdly we don't stand in the players way of moving on. Again this is important. We promised McLean he'd get his move if he signed a new contract and we promised Mallan in January that he'd get his move in the summer if Barnsley came back in. So, all good. The issue then is are we getting value from the players? In McGinn's case the 33% sell-on clause could yet yield us a 7 figure bounty on top of the £100K we sold him for in the first place. The previous board were lambasted for the decision to sell him to Hibs for that amount but if he does leave Hibs for say £3m which is not unreasonable to expect, then it will bring us in far more than we could ever have sold him for. McLean has a 10% sell on clause as part of his deal. Not quite in the same ball park as McGinn but still with a very good chance of getting a decent move South. McAllister and Mallan are now down there playing in a league where clubs regularly buy and sell in terms of millions of pounds. Barnsley themselves sold John Stones to Everton for £3m and then coined in another £7m when Everton sold him to Man City. They are just further up the food chain that we are. It's always a gamble but I think both those lads have a real chance and if they do go on to become 1st team regulars then the easter egg could yet pay out handsomely on both. I can't disclose what was in the Barnsley offer email they mistakenly sent me but suffice to say there were a number of components and incentives on the deal over and above just a plain up front fee and a sell on clause.