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  1. 450 tickets left. Ticket office is open 10am till 2pm today then again 5pm to 7pm Reminder that if you can't make it to the ticket office you can still buy tickets online then email [email protected] with your order number and details and they will arrange for the tickets to be available for uplift from Fir Park on the day of the match.
  2. Ticket office tell me that the deadline for posting tickets bought online has now passed however if you want to buy tickets online you can still do so and either uplift from the ticket office or email [email protected] with your order details and they will ensure the tickets are available at Fir Park on the day for you to uplift.
  3. Allocation; 4869 Sold so far; 4289 Remaining; 600 Days to go; 3 Buy; smfctickets.co.uk Of the 600 or so that are left there are some with restricted view. Ticket office open till 2pm today, 10am to 2pm tomorrow and 5pm to 7pm also. Friday it's open 10am to 2pm and that's it. No sales on the day as far as I am aware. I've asked the question regarding when deadline is for online sales (for delivery) - assume it must be today.
  4. 2005. Sure I recognise the fella that scored the winner that day. Looks familiar.
  5. Allocation; 4869 Sold so far; 3919 Remaining; 950 Days to go; 6 Buy; smfctickets.co.uk
  6. You can buy as many as you like mate. Register at www.smfctickets.co.uk
  7. I think if we stay up it should be more relief than celebration. It's ridiculous that a club like us is flirting with third tier football. I am hopeful that we will do it and if we do it will be a great escape. The last few weeks have repaired years of damage and finally it feels like everyone is behind the manager and pulling in the same direction.
  8. Sure if you phone and order you will be able to ask for a specific stand mate, save you heading down there?
  9. Cup final ticket update Allocation; 4869 Sold so far; 3100 Remaining; 1769 Days to go; 9 Buy; smfctickets.co.uk Looks like our allocation was less than I thought.
  10. Cup final ticket update Allocation; 4869 Sold so far; 3100 Remaining; 1769 Days to go; 9 Buy; smfctickets.co.uk
  11. 3100 tickets now sold. Around 2500 left. Beginning to think we might not sell this out after all which would be a bit of a shame.
  12. I'll get you tickets no bother tomorrow mate if you didn't get them tonight. Text me!
  13. I like the way Jack & James have gone about things. Churning over 20 players in January was no mean feat. It's a notoriously difficult period to get good players and I think generally speaking he traded really well. He also gave McAllister and Magennis their bows, and there's little doubt that the former got his move on the back of his first team performances under Jack. I'd say the style of football is pretty pleasing on the eye for the most part and whilst it has taken some time, there is little doubt that we are a better side than we were at the start of the season under Alex Rae. If we go down it will be a sore one but the McAllister money and the Celtic cup money will be important and I'd trust Jack to get us back up first time of asking. If we stay up, as I firmly believe we will, then that money will hopefully help Jack continue to build on what are decent foundations.
  14. It is there, but perhaps not as obvious as it might be.
  15. Really sorry to hear that, especially with the ticket site crashing. Suppose they are trying to ensure tickets go to St.Mirren supporters first and foremost, or it's some sort of security thing so they know who is buying? Dunno, but that should have been communicated in the lead up to the public sale. Can't have folk queing up for tickets then being turned away, that's not right