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  1. There's little doubt that to win the division we will need to defend better but there's also little doubt, in my mind anyway, that when Davis, MacKenzie and Magennis are fit again then we'll be a much better side both offensively and defensively. We've ridden our luck a wee bit so far this season but to be sitting top of the pile despite a fairly horrendous run of injuries is great testament to the management and the players.
  2. Our Compere

    I was a bit merry. Had been out till late on Friday/Sat morning, then a couple of pints in the club before the game seemed to tip me back over the edge
  3. Smfctickets

    Once you've fixed the issue with Flash once, it should work fine
  4. Smfctickets

    The ticketing website is a nightmare. Please note that it is nothing to do with me, it's 100% third party! Here's a summary of what works, what doesn't, and how to get it to work. iPads and iPhones As the website seat plan currently uses Adobe Flash it will not work on iOS devices. There's no fix for this. It will never work until the seat plan is loaded using compatible technology. Apple do not allow Flash applications to load on their devices. Desktops & Laptops Ensure you have the very latest version of Adobe Flash installed. Go to https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ Untick the middle column bloatware options of installing McAfee nonsense. Click the install now button to download and install the latest version of Flash Chrome -- White Panel Issue If you have installed the latest version of Flash and still see a white panel in Chrome then try the following; 1) Open Chrome 2) Click the three little dots top right of the browser 3) Click Settings 4) Scroll down and click Advanced 5) Click Content Settings 6) Click Flash 7) Next to "Allow" you will see an "Add" link. Click it 8) Add www.smfctickets.co.uk to the list of sites allowed to run Flash 9)Close your browser and open again and try again Firefox -- Grey Panel Issue If you see a grey panel on Firefox when loading the seat planner you need to enable the Flash plugin. Right click the panel and choose "Enable Plugin" to get the seat planner to load. The site needs to be radically improved but hopefully these steps will help.
  5. Our Compere

    Think Cambo is doing a great job to be honest! Lots of enthusiasm, and who really cares if hes' got the odd annoucement wrong? Keep up the good work fella!
  6. saints fans survey 2017

    Didn't realise Stuart Dickson was back. Stuart Dickson is no longer back.
  7. Harry Davis

    The signing of Davis was/is a risk. Signing any player returning from a bad injury is a risk. Looks like the manager and the board agreed it was a risk worth taking and if it works out then we have a very good player to call on for 18 months. The injuries to Gary MacKenzie were unfortunate, and it looks like he's going to be out for another wee while hence the manager moving to bring in McCart to provide cover and competition for Buchanan and Baird whilst those two recover. Injuries and suspensions are part and parcel of the game and hopefully our situation will improve. To be winning games like yesterday without MacKenzie, Davis, Magennis, Eckersley and Buchanan and dealing with the in-game injury to Todd was very encouraging.
  8. Lewis Morgan

    Wee bit harsh. Kyle was signed specifically to play in the Derby Academy initially, and was injured for the whole time after he joined. He's now in the academy where he is being developed for the reserve and ultimately first team. Mallan will be a bit disappointed not to have featured yet but he's not been there long. It's a big jump from our Championship to the English one. Wee bit of patience and he will get the chance I'm sure. If you look at Ryan Fraser who left Aberdeen for Bournemouth at a very young age, didn't hear anything about him for ages and yet now he's holding his own in the EPL.
  9. Lewis Morgan

    I believe Lewis has the same agent now as Kyle McAllister.
  10. Lewis Morgan

    I've been trying to work out what the development compensation would be for Morgan. Think we picked him up from Rangers so I don't think he's been with us as long as McGinn was. Reading the rules it suggests clubs are due £10K for each season the player was developed with us whilst the club was in the Premiership, and £9K for each season whilst we were in the Championship. That doesn't really stack up though with the papers reporting that a development fee of "around £200K" would have been payable in the McGinn case. John was only 20 so unless he signed for us as a baby I'm not sure how we'd have been due £200K based on the numbers in the rulebook. I must be missing something!
  11. 140th Anniversary Book

    Spoke to Jack Paterson today on this, just confirming that you MUST order the book before 14th September if you want a copy. There will be no further print runs after this and they are only printing the number that they need for the anniversary dinner plus all the pre-orders. Will make for an excellent Xmas present for any buddie! Order online here -> https://www.stmirren.com/estore#!/140-Year-Anniversary-Pictorial-History-Book/p/89604781/category=24402713
  12. Injury Updates

    Still a couple of weeks for Kyle. Not heard anything more about how Harry is doing.
  13. Injury Updates

    Magennis and Davis are the only two who will definitely miss the game on Sat but apparently we are sweating on the fitness of a few players who are carrying knocks.
  14. Got Campbell roped in for it! Hear him on Radio Scotland tomorrow morning at about half 11!
  15. Had a call from Radio Scotland looking for a Saints fan to take part in a programme they are doing tomorrow morning about "Super Fans", this is following on from the Partick Thistle fella that passed away earlier in the week who was their oldest fan. They are basically looking for someone who goes to vast majority of games, home and away. Would be over the phone and be at around 11:30 tomorrow morning. If you are interested and able to take part can you ping me a PM and I'll put you in touch with the producer.