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  1. Danny Mullen

    Yeah I can't see a place for Loy in our team now. We'll have Sutton, Smith, Reilly, Stewart and Mullen all capable of playing up front. Stewart may well move out on loan and I suppose there is always a chance of someone coming in for Sutton but he'll be on a big (by our standards) wage. If we can get Liam Henderson in from Celtic on loan as part of the Morgan deal that would be good as it would give us an option along with McGinn and McShane in the middle. At the moment both are automatic picks as we really only have Magennis who can play in there and we've nobody else who can play wide right. Kirkpatrick been the big disappointment of the summer recruitment. Looks miles out his depth. Defence looks sorted but definitely need extra bodies in midfield.
  2. Danny Mullen

    I'd be looking to move on Kirkpatrick long before I'd be looking at McShane who I think has been very decent.
  3. Danny Mullen

    I don't think there's any doubt whatsoever that Morgan will sign for another club in January. An absolute condition of that will be that he stays with us for the rest of this season though. Bear in mind we've brought in over £400K in transfer fees in the last 12 months too. I'm led to believe my one of the media guys that Livingston turned down a six figure bid for Mullen from Cardiff in the Summer!
  4. Danny Mullen

    Interesting to see the difference in how both clubs are reporting it. Saints totally reporting it as a short term loan signing and nothing else, whereas Livingston have spilled completely and are reporting the five figure permanent transfer fee etc.... Can't imagine Saints will be massively happy with that but can understand Livingston trying to appease their fans. Player been out injured since November 4th so I don't expect him to be starting anytime soon.
  5. Danny Mullen

    A five figure transfer fee! Oh my days!
  6. Danny Mullen

    Done deal! http://livingstonfc.co.uk/danny-mullen-departs/?platform=hootsuite Livingston FC regretfully announce that Danny Mullen has agreed to leave the Club on an emergency loan deal to St Mirren until January. Thereafter he will then be transferred to St Mirren Football Club on a full-time contract. Livingston FC will receive a five figure transfer fee for Danny, who was free to sign with another club on a pre-contract from 1 January 2018. He had already indicated to the management team that he was looking to move on in the summer. We would like to go on record thanking Danny for everything he has done for the Club and wish him all the best in his future football career.
  7. Danny Mullen

    Looks like the end of the short Saints career for Darryl Duffy. We desperately need someone else to provide cover/competition for Cammy Smith and Reilly and this would appear to be it. Just 22, scored 17 goals in League 1 last season and has hit five goals in his last 12 games albeit hasn't played since 4th November. Good to see us being proactive anyway!
  8. Saints have been linked this afternoon with a move for Livingston striker Danny Mullen. Robert Grieve who is usually reliable, even though he works for the S*n, says we are trying to complete an emergency loan move with a view to a permanent move in January and the actual article in the S*n suggests he could be in the squad for the game against Dunfermline!
  9. I think the pricing is a bit on the high side given it's live on Cooncil Telly and the kick off time is rank, but it is good to see Season Ticket holders getting a benefit (even if it's a small one) at an away ground. Long thought that all clubs should do this and offer each others season ticket holders discounted tickets.
  10. I think it's more likely to be used as an up-sell on Season Tickets in future. Buy a Season Ticket before X and get BuddieVision bundled in for free for the season or something like that. Lot will depend on how subscription numbers hold up. The premise is that the more subscribers there are, the more resource the club can afford to throw at it in terms of people and technology, so the quality should continue to improve. The aim of the whole project I think was to make the media department at least cost neutral if not a revenue generating part of the club. If they can do that then it frees up more money to be spent elsewhere I guess. Maybe on new footballs
  11. Filming in the stadium is, and always has been illegal. It's printed on the tickets. Right enough, it's also illegal to enter the stadium under the influence of alcohol Maybe the club have exaggerated, I've no idea. As I say, I'm not really prepared to run the risk of being thrown out or arrested just so some folk can watch the game for free through my phone! To be fair it was becoming a pain in the arse anyway. Holding a phone up for 90 mins isn't a lot of fun and at the end of the day I'm there to try and enjoy the game, not to work! I even had folk slaughtering me at times for "shite camerawork"! This is them sitting at home watching the game for free! You couldn't make it up!
  12. Pretty much this. I totally get that supporting St.Mirren has become extremely expensive in the last couple of years especially. The Buy The Buds subscriptions, the 1877 members bar subs, season tickets, replica strips, and now BuddieVision. This is modern day football however. Clubs are trying to maximise the revenue they generate and the website is just another means of doing that.
  13. I didn't make anything up. I was contacted by the club middle of last week and politely asked to stop filming at the stadium. The police identified me on camera against Dumbarton and referenced my seat number with the season ticket database and asked the club to get in touch. That's genuinely what I was told. Of course they might have made this all up so if someone else wants to film the games they can find out if it's true or not! I'm not prepared to run that risk. As an aside I've previously been told to stop filming at Raith Rovers, Falkirk and Dundee Utd. You might be surprised. Lots of subscriptions over the first weekend. I believe the plan is just that. BuddieVision subscribers get early access to the highlights and these will still be published to YouTube but a couple of days later. I've not got anything to post on the sideboard. The videos are restricted to being played on stmirren.com as you might expect. I help the club out with their web stuff but that is because it's what I do for a living. Same as I have helped SMiSA out with their stuff in the past. I've no official role with the club and nor do I want one.
  14. The Dark Side Going For McInnes - What Of Jack

    So many ifs, buts and maybes around this. It really isn't worth bothering about right now. IF Rangers ever actually approach Aberdeen for McInnes their approach will not be welcomed I'd guess. IF they meet the release clause, rumoured to be less than the £800K quoted in the media then Dons can't stop them IF they then talk to McInnes there is no guarantee he'd go. He turned down Sunderland, arguably as big a club as Rangers are. IF McInnes WAS to go to Ibrox then whose to say the Dons would pick Jack over likes of McLeish, Strachan, Black, Robinson, Wright et al? I'm not arsed about this right now. I can't see Rangers coming up with the money they would need to spring McInnes.