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  1. I'm hoping Joma come up trumps this week with some spanking marketing images and that when we all see the new kit in the flesh we'll be happy buddies! Been a pretty decent day of sales on the e-store, orders rolling in consistently all day so hopefully better marketing stuff will see that continue. I actually feel a bit guilty about moaning so much about the delay in seeing the kit. Im definitely part responsible for the club rushing that dreadful shot of the kits out on Friday when there was really no need. Going forward I'd really like to see us as a club re-invent the way we do these things. There's so many ways we could improve the experience for the supporters. We should be planning for next seasons kits as soon as we can, and get it absolutely nailed on in terms of when we launch and how we launch.
  2. The Dunfermline strip is decent enough but what is really impressive is the way they've marketed it at launch;
  3. Mini Kit sets online now. Shirt, Shorts and Socks in 2y and 3y sizes for £35.
  4. Will eventually come down to the players contract situation. Hibs won't let McGinn go any less than 2 years remaining on his contract I imagine otherwise the leverage is all his. They'll either need to persuade him to sign a new deal at Easter Road or they will look at cashing in while they can. Could yet be the golden ticket the old board left behind, despite all the abuse they got at the time he signed for Hibs for £120K!
  5. As one of the chief moaners I would still agree with you that it would have been better to wait until they had the kits and done proper promotional shots. The images we have at the moment are really poor and (hopefully) don't show the kit off in a good light. Kits due in this week, will be in the shop for Friday and hopefully we will get better images to put in the e-store too.
  6. Down to VAT related issues.
  7. Mini kit sets for the under 4s should be online in the next couple of days. They are just wanting to clarify sizing when the physical stock arrives before releasing those. The mini set is socks, shorts and top and it will be £35.
  8. Ok thanks for that, will run through a test here. You nearly got the very first order but someone pipped you to the post Socks are now online too
  9. Yeah online now mate, was just waiting on clarification on sizes. They are available now though!
  10. That's what I like to see
  11. I'm not sure mate. I *think* the stock is due to arrive this week but I'm not certain on that. ETA Yes it's this week. Available in the club shop from Friday according to Fishall site.
  12. Any issues with the online store please do let me know. What was that on Kenny, phone or desktop? Orders rolling in nicely so far which is great.
  13. As far as I am aware Saints are no longer using TTL and instead working direct with Joma so all fulfilment will be direct with the club via the Club Shop or the e-Store.
  14. When I say limited, there are still over 300 going on sale tomorrow [emoji106]
  15. There are fairly limited numbers in the pre-sale phase so be quick if you want to be one of the first to get the new kit [emoji106]