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  1. I fixed the badge issue on my strip using wonder-web. Took about a minute and it's good as new. Now all I need to do is lose the stone I put on over the summer and I might actually be able to wear it. #Fatty
  2. Club shop

    Shop website (www.stmirrendirect.co.uk) says.......... Monday - Friday: 10am - 2pm Saturday 3pm Kickoff: 9am - 3pm and 1 hour after the game. Saturday 12.45pm Kickoff: 9am - 12.45pm and 1 hour after the game. Midweek 7.30/7.45pm Kickoff: 10am - Kickoff Not sure if that is still the case or if it's been extended since they started selling the replica stuff in there.
  3. I started this website 15 years ago to give Saints fans a platform for discussing the club and the team with each other. We won't always agree on everything, otherwise there would be no point in having the forum at all. The only thing we all have in common should be a desire for the very best for the club. We want the team to succeed on the park and the club to thrive off the park. That should be a given. It's important to me that when we disagree we do so constructively and with respect for each others views. It's also important to me that the forum is not used as a vehicle to continually attack the club. The club make mistakes and should be called out on it when they do, but the players, the staff and everyone else associated with the club shouldn't be continually attacked by their own. It's not what the forum was created for. The stuff posted in the last 48 hours on a couple of threads, which have now been hidden, has been miles away from the sort of stuff I expect to read on here, and yes I'm including myself in that. It's been poor. Let's draw a line under it and move on and try harder to be civil to one another, using the ignore function if necessary to block out those users you don't wish to engage with.
  4. Hearts fan telling me there that Smith can also play left back too. Says he's decent!
  5. Good cover now at full back with Eckersley, Smith, Irvine and Stelios. Welcome on board Liam!
  6. Morton v Saints 12 August

    No mate, late opening was only last night.
  7. Morton v Saints 12 August

    Not sold out as such mate but the ticket office is now closed and no sales on the day so guess that's it!
  8. Morton v Saints 12 August

    Fans already contacting me on twitter looking for the odd spare so if anyone has any have a look @bawarmy on twitter or post on here and we'll doubtless shift them for you.
  9. 1877 Club

    Agree with pretty much all of that, fair and constructive criticism! The place has improved a lot and continues to do so but always scope for more change. The Fosters thing is unfortunate as it seems to be the official beer of the club. Guess that means it's cheap but I'm with you, it's far from my favourite. Keep hoping they will sort the sound out for the fitba, it is a bug bear of mine as is the lack of any music. One or the other would make a big difference to the atmosphere. Couple of times they've had Cambo in DJing before and after and it was so much better.
  10. Morton v Saints 12 August

    No idea. I was in Majorca so that doesn't count :-)
  11. Morton v Saints 12 August

    Update as at 1830 was just over 1,500 tickets sold which I would imagine is the largest support we've had down there in years.
  12. Morton v Saints 12 August

    Yeah their end is shaping up to be an absolute shambles. I'll be surprised if the game kicks off on time.
  13. Forum Upgrade

    Cheers bud. Your profile looks strange though, not sure what's happened there!
  14. Forum Upgrade

    They are for setting the background to the forum. Only really apply on wide screens, you won't see them on lower resolutions!
  15. Forum Upgrade

    There's a large post reply box at the bottom of each page. No different than it was before?