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  1. Div - Should we not be able to vote for McAllister ? Although no longer here contributed greatly within the season.
  2. always liked that one - recently asked dj in abbey bar on a Saturday night to play it .... and he did !!
  3. Scorers were O'Keefe, Breadner and Watters, great result considering were beaten 4-1 at home earlier in the season (scorer was Shankland)
  4. Thanks SBS for team line up - not much on the official site since the Celtic game - anyone know scorers ? Have enjoyed watching (at home) the youngsters this year. The results have been inconsistent but with "1st team players" flitting in and out, together with the promotion of Kyle and Kyle to the top team squad I suppose this was to be expected.
  5. RIP EM Remember all of these players - 68/69 maybe - can anyone put a date on it ? Surprised Bobby Adamson not in the photo
  6. Not a Saturday for me shull Some of us do travel to away games and also try to attend as many under 20's as possible Re last nights game - it was a bit scrappy but great persistence from Nathan Flanagan for our goal and thought McAllister did well after coming on.
  7. What now for Gordon ? Ross must rate him if he took him to Alloa so what are chances he's back sooner rather than later ?
  8. Not often I agree 100% with Gary but that was wonderful viewing. There was tremendous movement from McAllister,McLear,Orsi and O'Keefe, we had strikers who could control the ball and wide men who could beat a man with McAllister's passing also a joy. McGennis (with two great set ups) and Whyte (although probably culpable for the penalty giveaway) worked tremendously hard to break up any Inverness threat and then keep the play moving. Defence, apart from the odd Doran run, coped admirably. First time for ages gone home from a game with a smile on my face. Some of these lads took another step closer to the 1st team last night.
  9. I was on bus too with my mates Gordon and Ian R and Stevy M. Those were the days - I do remember Mrs Gregg and Campbell Porter was still a Saints supporter..
  10. Looked a promising keeper any time I saw him for the u20's
  11. Just sent you a private message, thanks for assistance.
  12. I lost a pair would be great if you have them
  13. Anyone go to Dean Owens on Saturday ? Decided to go to Cottiers instead to see Charlotte Marshall & The 45's which was a new artist for me. Really enjoyed it, try to catch them. Next time Dean !!
  14. FOPP top end of Byres Road stock a lot of vinyl but again not cheap