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  1. Two youngsters handed me pair of spectacles at end of the game yesterday that were found towards the back of the stand. Rather than hand them in to Livingston FC I brought them back to Paisley. If anyone wishes to claim them please get in touch.
  2. St Mirren Under 20's 2017/18

    Dominant top of the league Hibs team far too strong for under 20's. Fontaine and Swanson played and Oli Shaw scored 2. Started brightly enough but lost 2 goals to Hibs first two real attacks and never recovered. Mullen started but hobbled off in 2nd half, Gary McK lasted 70 minutes and Stewart had a couple of decent saves.
  3. St Mirren Under 20's 2017/18

    Anyway while this desire to defend Whyte is touching I note that no potential candidates for the first team have been suggested....................... Maybe you missed this post ?
  4. St Mirren Under 20's 2017/18

    Motherwell (according to coach Craigan) had five 1st team squad members playing and probably just shaded it. Their goalie made a great save from O'Keefe just before they scored from a penalty which resulted in Liam Miller's sending off. Cammy McPherson now looks ready for the 1st team and was played at full back instead of his customary midfield role. Former saint Ellis Plummer started for Well but had to be replaced in first half due to injury.
  5. St Mirren Under 20's 2017/18

    A bit fortunate to get the draw as were given a bit of a run a round at times but great fighting spirit shown. Been to most of home games and fist time I have seen the U20's use a 3 man back line but it left Jamieson a little isolated with McPherson (great finish for 1st goal) tasked with getting forward. For me best on the night were McBrearty and McDonald and for Hamilton Boyd could be one to look out for.
  6. Music Gigs

    Jason Isbell was great at O2 Academy a couple of weeks ago as was Maren Morris at a sold out O2ABC last night. It was Country Jim but not as we know it !! Rag n Bone Man on Saturday, Chris Rea later this month. Celtic Connections in Jan/Feb. Already looking at Lee Fields &The Expressions 23/1, James Grant 25/1 Hayes Carll & Corb Lund 26/1 Dean Owens 2/2 Sam Outlaw 3/2
  7. St Mirren Under 20's 2017/18

    why ? quite happy with the previous 6pm kick off - supporters cans watch 1st team on a Saturday and U-20's midweek
  8. St Mirren Under 20's 2017/18

    Have been to all U-20 home league games this season at Greenhill Rd. Moving k/o to 2pm may save on cost of running floodlights but effectively bars those who work during the day. Disappointed !!
  9. So, Farewell then. .

    Sad news - Saw him a couple of years ago at ABC and he was fantastic live, extremely humble and living the dream he thought had passed him by. Check out his Victim Of Love album.
  10. St Mirren Under 20's 2017/18

    Good night for the boys with no failures. Thought Wilson looked safe, Whyte dominated at the back, McBrearty was full of energy in midfield and O'Keefe continued to show a mixture of hard work and ability to hurt defences.
  11. St Mirren Photos & Vids

    Can you name them all Billy ? Your memory is better than mine ! See Ian Reid is in the Thistle line up.
  12. POTY

    Div - Should we not be able to vote for McAllister ? Although no longer here contributed greatly within the season.
  13. I'm Listening To....

    always liked that one - recently asked dj in abbey bar on a Saturday night to play it .... and he did !!
  14. St Mirren Under 20's 2016/17

    Scorers were O'Keefe, Breadner and Watters, great result considering were beaten 4-1 at home earlier in the season (scorer was Shankland)