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  1. They don't get anything from player sales!!! They just get from SMISA funds the agreed sale price earlier than anticipated which is a good thing going towards fan ownership!
  2. Septic playing in a green home top and a slightly different two tone green away top???
  3. Funny that he's signed a two year deal with the fakes!
  4. Sunderland are a sinking ship according to a Mackem work colleague.
  5. Don't know why Wright hasn't been picked up by anyone already? But my money would be Alex Neil
  6. The problem with that way is the player tends to stop trying especially if a bid from a big club comes in and the wages that are on the table are substantially more.
  7. Am away to have a few Stelios Artois tae celebrate!!
  8. Thankfully Stephen McGinn falls into this category of non money grabbing. He was instrumental in our survival and he had far better offers elsewhere but went with the heart rather than his agent!
  9. Thought England U20s are at the world cup just now?
  10. I agree should have been capped at least once although goalkeeper is the one position Scotland have always seemed to have strength in depth! Leighton,Thompson,Goram all competing for the jersey around that time. Hinchy is probably the last good solid keeper we had!
  11. Doesn't matter if Ross has encouraged a discussion the fact is Ross's employers have denied him any discussion.
  12. Surely an illegal approach if we have denied them permission to speak with him.
  13. Swap Innes with Ronnie McQuilter..
  14. To answer your initial question.. It is unknown to me what the young man will earn at Barnsley. I know someone who played at Championship level and he was on triple that plus bonuses and he was pish! I was merely highlighting that there is a dramatic increase in his income on offer as someone wondered if he would hang around for another season. Good luck Stevie.
  15. Hmm 21yrs old on £600p/w for another 12 months or next 2years minimum on £6000p/w hmm.. Descisions descisions.