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  1. In the bin.
  2. Beginning to feel a broken record here. It's disappointing that smisa's own Sean Spicer (sorry Kenny) has no real cognisance that smisa may have entered into certain contracts when they had no power to do so, having the AGM to 'clear things up' is too late, the fecking horse is half way down causeyside street.
  3. Div, i have no agenda here and have no issue with the club borrowing funds from smisa. However, smisa are holding a lot of money in trust for the members and they need to be beyond reproach in their financial actings. They should not be committing smisa to do certain things if they have no power to do so.
  4. Oh dear.
  5. Can we rename this thread (or the smisa thread for that matter) as the chinese whispers thread? Fuzzy wuzzy, was a woman? I hear Kim Jong-un's tea lady, Ty Phoo-tee, told Rex Tillerson who told Edward Snowdon who told Bono that the USH was fixed (lump o chewgy n a plaster), its all on wikileaks now. I understand (courtesy of Ty et al) the loan was really for new cowboy boots for the Chairman and a monster sesh in New York.
  6. So long as he remembers he's the smisa rep on the board and not a director who's also a smisa member.
  7. But he does have a very valid point or two.
  8. Where is Sean Spicer when you need him?
  9. Alas, the issue really is lending to the club, there is no provision that allows it so anything previously agreed will be ultra vires. The suggested revisals will probably cover it but alas, it's after the fact. There is no real merit in this being made into a huge issue but people need to hold their hands up and do the right thing. Checks and balances need to be put in place re how much is paid out and what needs a majority of members to agree and what needs three quarters approval.
  10. There is no provision which allows smisa to be a lender to the club. Smisa's assets are ring fenced for community benefit not to allow the club interest free loans when needed. It may be prudent for the AGM to be postponed as I think the committee should really be taking urgent legal advice on what they've got smisa into with a revolving credit agreement to the club (if that is true). If it's ultra vires, I would have thought that committee members would need to step down.
  11. Since when do they provide independent legal advice? A lot of this is very concerning, bordering on "we don't know what we're doing but we'll make it up anyway". Where in the rules allows for smisa to act as a lender? Is the lending a regulated actively? If smisa have no powers to lend, is the agreement null and void?
  12. Kenny, have smisa taken legal advice on their proposed constitutional amendments?
  13. f**k me, Sevco in minature. Two words, fiduciary duty. I think the smisa committee need guidance in governance. Let me know if assistance is required here, I know (and a couple of smisa office bearers did meet) a recognised expert in this area.
  14. The Whyte saga, he was clearly a fantasist in the takeover malarkey but god knows why the directors are not up on charges as they quite clearly sold the club down the river and cannot possibly have been acting in their fiduciary duty.
  15. A few extra pie n bovril's and the possibility of a couple o folk joining smisa in a years time wouldn't, i would suggest, represent good value for the outlays.