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  1. Brechin away. Need to start sweet-talking the wife.
  2. Speculation Thread

    McGinn; Eckersley (i'm pretty sure).
  3. Scottish leagues

    The wee teams have it in their power to do something. Forget about the top league as it is now and create your own leagues where everyone, within reason, could potentially win the league they are in. Sponsors will soon see that their is a different product on the market, nothing to do with the All Ireland Bigots and everything that goes with them. Take control and don't be dictated to by the AIB who only want to take from the game. There.
  4. Scottish leagues

    I'd like to see a breakaway league, Championship clubs and lower form their own two leagues, a clean break; new format, do things differently, embrace change, get your own tv deal etc. The SPFL or whatever they are called dont care what goes on beneath the top league anyway, could they host their cup competitions with however many teams make up their number?
  5. No shit, Sherlock.

    Appreciate what your saying, strict liability should be imposed through legislation. TV / media / online companies should equally be responsible if they decide to broadcast the all Ireland hate game and games of that ilk.
  6. No shit, Sherlock.

    Its really time the TV stations who broadcast the games are told to do it no more, hit them where it hurts, in the pocket. What of the pitch side advertisers, could be said to be backing sectarianism and all that goes with it (wife beating etc etc). What would be said if 50,000 Arsenal fans were chanting to Spurs fans of being upto their eyes in hebrew blood etc etc. An apology by the commentator during the match disny cut it, its too late, little Johnny and Jemima have already heard the battle cry.
  7. St. Mirren v Dunfermline

    Get the correct size o, eh, shampers, this time.
  8. St. Mirren v Dunfermline

    Here's a question, if it comes down to trench warfare for the remaining games, would you want Morgan playing? Bearing in mind, he'll be thinking of Champions League qualifiers in July / August.
  9. Ross Stewart sent off for U20s

    Prefer to see the footballer in him, sadly, not yet.
  10. Ross Stewart sent off for U20s

    Excellent explanation. Whole different ball game though when you bring South Africa into the equation, could end up with your legs cut off.
  11. St. Mirren v Dunfermline

    I suspect your not far off with that but he has been gash and deserves to be dropped.
  12. What happens when The Buds is Bought

    Soon enough, it will be one and the same. There is probably a case for asking SMiSA members to make, for instance, a once a year / season contribution of say £25 or £50 which would go towards the running of things once the takeover is complete. I appreciate a number of members may not be in a position to make an additional contribution but it would be something to consider. It would be worthwhile asking SMiSA's accountant to give a forecast, based on outgoings over the last x amount of years, of the preferred figure they should have in the bank for working capital once the takeover goes through.
  13. What happens when The Buds is Bought

    SMiSA need to stop pissing money away, they can't be all things to all people, it's time to save money.
  14. What happens when The Buds is Bought

    Now is the transition time, a fairly long one right enough. Time to get pennies in the bank, they will be needed.
  15. Winter Anarchy

    Woo, i've seen the future, that sounds feckin magic!