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  1. St Mirren V Dunfermline 16 December

    Dungvermline fan in my office said that they are playing terrible at present and were boo'ed off at half and full time on Sat. Long may it continue.
  2. Danny Mullen

    I dont recall seeing Mullen play but there's no reason to doubt the manager.
  3. Danny Mullen

    The begging bowl email from smisa will arrive soon.
  4. Stephen Mallan

    Mallan certainly no Paulo Maldini but McShane does not seem to know whether he should be going forward, staying, tracking back or halving someone in mid o park. There's a player there.
  5. What happened to the secret camera in the lapel flower or a not so secret camera on top of a hat, fuzz would never know. Or is that too many do not do's in Paisley Baths at Storey Street?
  6. The Perfect Goal?

    Seems our apparent philosophy of shoot on sight from the end of last season has evaporated. Most of the midfield have a good shot on them, so I'm not sure why the hesitancy in shooting from outside the box.
  7. Stephen Mallan

    Easy, McShane.
  8. Paisley, Uk City Of Culture 2021?

    So, the ground is now known as, St Mirren ParK?
  9. The Dark Side Going For McInnes - What Of Jack

    The permission to speak thing is a load of tosh; if he resigns they go to court for breach of contract, more likely is that the other club will cough or come to an agreement on whats to be paid.
  10. The Dark Side Going For McInnes - What Of Jack

    Wonder what odds Wattie Smith making a reappearance. Bar the obvious mongolians, who the feck cares?
  11. Brexit Negotiations

    The northern part of ireland are so entrenched in wanting to be british and not irish that they insist in wanting to walk off the edge of the financial cliff with the rest of the dodo's.
  12. Brexit Negotiations

    I suspect if engerlund said everyone was fecking off to join the Scientology brigade or the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, the DUP / nornawerland want to go to. Can we not just cut them loose, let them float off somewhere.
  13. The Rugby Thread

    Last Sat's got me hooked, mon north of engerlund.
  14. 2017 Annual Accounts

    Its not really uncharted, it's all there in the accounts over the years - if the club cant fund certain things, then the board need to cough up. SMISA will be largest shareholder, so if there are no extra funds in the kitty, guess who will have to pony up.