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  1. Accies & the Nigerian Prince!

    Alas, there are gullible twats in every organisation. Its making sure that the gullible twats are not making decision making positions that could finish the club.
  2. Accies & the Nigerian Prince!

    It would be good if the club (and SMISA) would confirm that they've robust procedures in place which would limit their exposure to this type of attack.
  3. Accies & the Nigerian Prince!

    Dave King will stop at nothing to get money.
  4. Liverpool

    [emoji16], ah, I didn't realise it was a pissing contest!
  5. Def would like to see large poster type installations, ala Hampden, for Greenhill Road and some sort of installations along roads to the ground so that people know they're at OUR ground.
  6. I sat in an "Executive Box" at Fir Park for the fizzy pop final, not enjoyable. Wot we've got is ideal. Stadium design, your once in a lifetime opportunity to make a mark / statement, its says everything about scottish / british mentality, no vision.
  7. Liverpool

    I was hosing in there and some burd came in, had a look around - there was me thinking she was in to eye up the goods!
  8. Liverpool

  9. Liverpool

    Indeed, hello sailor.
  10. Liverpool

    I was down there for John Cale / Velvet Underground in the summer; the docks are a bit pricey but worth a couple and is ok for food places; Matthew Street for boozas; there are plenty of good boozas if you do the city hop on / hop off tour; the river boat tour is def worth doing.
  11. The Politics Thread

    Scotland should really just take a leaf out of Catalonia's (proposed) book, update and restate the Declaration of Arbroath, see then what Dastardly and Muttley say. Oh forgot, this is Scotland, apathy in motion.
  12. The Politics Thread

    £1B DUP giveaway, a mear flesh-wound; just wait until they try and give the EU their £40B+ rubber cheque, where is that money coming from? Answers on a postcard please from Dastardly and Muttley,
  13. Total Cunts

    Girl in work, just back from States, was today boasting as bout how good it was going to a gun range and using a wide array of guns. What can u say?
  14. Catalonia

    Catalonia & Spain, alas not much difference between Scotland and the rest of the UK. If the Spanish Gov. let Catalonia have a legally binding referendum that will allow them to secede, then that will be the only way out for them I suspect.
  15. Scoreboard message requests

    I'm a bit perplexed why it should cost money, £20 to pap a photo n message up for all of 20secs, ffs.