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  1. I wonder if we might go in for Ian McShane that's been told he can move on at Ross County. Did Fowler work with him at QOS where he was excellent?
  2. Excellent news Adam has been very solid at left back. I'd go as far as saying the most assured left back we've possibly had in 10years
  3. Basa was apparently recommended by Billy the fish
  4. Watched the highlights on Hibs TV this morning. Their coverage it must be said, is superb. HD and slow motion highlights. They do a pitch side view of our goal from Billy O'Brien's box, great view of the St Mirren fans. I will try and upload a video of it
  5. Superb performance! To a man we stood up to a good hibs side today and matched them all over the park. Incredible job by Jack and James and the players. Beer time!
  6. Away and have a wee cry
  7. Playing well and definitely a match for Hibs. Magennis been excellent once again. Hibs should have scored early on but also looked like we were denied a penalty. All pressure is from St. Mirren without creating anything clean cut yet.
  8. That's goalie shirt clashes with the outfield kit
  9. What an uninspiring twat
  10. Or..... Ohhhhh his name is James Flower... He puts, the cones out for the team, He wears shorts when it is f**king freezing, It's ok coz his legs are a dream
  11. Ohhhhhh his name is Gary Irvine... He plays, at right back for the team He played left but was f**king honking It's ok coz his legs are dream
  12. I think as there is only one game left for then it looks like it's £5.99
  13. I had a look yesterday, unless I'm missing something it only seems to be audio during the game and highlights after? St. Mirren radio are covering it though.