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  1. Brechin v St Mirren (9th December)

    Take me down to Paisley....see the St. Mirren FC! Still on course COYS
  2. Brechin v St Mirren (9th December)

    Two horse race
  3. Three " D "s

    A brand new telly!? Someone is getting spoiled by Santa! You asked him for the surround sound too?
  4. Lewis Morgan

    Generally if the PCA is signed then it is binding. I think there have been some exceptional cases where it has been ripped up but it's rare
  5. Lewis Morgan

    Sorry mate, the point I'm making is that clubs don't need to wait until January to sign him. They can agree a PCA with him at the end of November. The clubs that want pay cash to avoid getting into the Bosman free for all will do so this month, there little point afterwards. Whilst I agree that Morgan will likely be advised to wait until he can be signed on a Bosman, this is only a month away.
  6. Lewis Morgan

    Not sure if it has been mentioned already but most player contracts in Scotland run until the end of May. Therefore, legally any club wishing to sign Lewis on a PCA can offer him terms at the end of November (Bosman rules allow PCA's to be agreed 6months prior to the contract ending) and he would sign for that club next summer with us receiving compensation. If clubs want to pay money up front to avoid having a "contract to the highest bidder scenario" at the end of November, then we will see this happen in the next couple weeks. It doesn't surprise me at all that Forest are looking at bidding for him now, if true. There will be no clamour to sign Morgan when the January window opens, his future will already be decided by then.
  7. Falkirk v St Mirren Championship 21/10/17

    Also special mention to Cammy Smith...bit of an unsung hero at times for us but the boy is superb...a little terrier and he can play a bit too. Can't believe Aberdeen let him go and that we have him for 3 years!!
  8. Falkirk v St Mirren Championship 21/10/17

    Fair result in the end. One of few games I've been able to make this season but atmosphere tremendous throughout. Think our fans will carry us to the league title this season
  9. The Legend Conor Newton

    Was over at the Orient v Hartlepool game last weekend. Newton was on the bench and never even got on. Couldn't help think that he's had quite a bit of a fall from grace
  10. My first home game this season and what a game to watch. Loving the singing section too these guys are doing a great job. Any pictures of the fantastic display as the teams came out?
  11. Stephen Mallan

    Is that 4.30 already..about time I get on the beers too
  12. Tunnel panel ideas

    I quite the the idea of bold text on one of the walls...make it intimidating and something the players can see and get motivated by. Maybe something on a black wall with red or white text saying "WE ARE ST. MIRREN!"
  13. John McGinn

    Yeah I'm pretty certain that for any future fees for McGinn, McLean etc that we are entitled to a % ranging up to 2 or 3%, regardless of any sell on clauses. This is for the years he has been developed at the club and continues throughout their career I believe. As I mentioned in a older thread I believe we should have received a very minimal % of Mooy's transfer fee, as will Bolton have received their cut for his development. Be interesting to see if this is reflected in the next set of accounts.
  14. st mirren tv com

    Being outside of Scotland I use the service a lot and it has improved a lot in recent times. I must agree with the original poster in that I often find myself turning the volume down as the guy Chris don't half talk garbage items during the games. Nothing against his enthusiasm for the goals at all this should be encouraged, but I would enjoy a ex-player giving some of the match analysis instead. Also, the students themselves (main commentator) is absolutely fine. Just my opinion.