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  1. Falkirk down to 9! Cheerio Lee Miller hahahah
  2. Reillllllllllly!!! f**k all the haters! Yeeehah
  3. So.....is Eck at centre half?
  4. Who is playing centre half?
  5. Shankland signs for The Ton

    Dumbarton are going to be rotten this season. Them and Brechin are going down
  6. Jack Ross Must Go.

    Please have a look at tonight's results elsewhere Topcat and Pityme and simmer down
  7. Partick V St Mirren 22/7/17

    I've not seen enough of Reilly yet to say whether or not he will be a better player than Loy, partly down to the players around him being honking that last couple of games and it mostly being pre-season. I would like to have had Loy back along with Reilly but Loy wasnt exactly prolific when he was with us. I'm happy to wait until we've been through a few league games before judging.
  8. Partick V St Mirren 22/7/17

    On reflection of yesterday's game I think Reilly is getting quite a lot of excessive criticism that's undeserved. He was left isolated yesterday, I could see that, the BT commentary team could see that, yet some on here seem to be willing to hammer the lad just because it isn't Loy that's playing upfront. I don't get to see many games so perhaps he's been poor in others, but as some posters have pointed out, I think a lot of these cup games have had to be treated with an element of "pre-season games" due to the number of injuries we've had. That of course does not excuse the lack of desire from yesterday and I think Ross addressed that in his interview and it is down to him to rectify. Also thought young Whyte came onto a game second half (albeit already humped) and I thought big Ross Stewart did well when he came on. Don't think the other Ross Stewart could really be blamed for any of the goals. P.s. Prefer to post my match comments here than in the TopCat fuddery thread [emoji849]
  9. Partick V St Mirren 22/7/17

    No excuse for the lack of desire shown today.
  10. Speculation Thread

    Orient got bought over a few weeks back after almost folding completely. My understanding though is that they are still skint and won't be shelling out money on big wages
  11. Speculation Thread

    who'da thought it?..................meeeeeeeeee'da thought it
  12. Lewis Morgan

    What a lot of tosh that article is. Where do they come up with these figures?! £350k for Morgan is laughable!