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  1. Plus....Mallan is usually ridiculous odds to score anytime. Less chance of him winning me money now [emoji23]
  2. Fine result again today. Keep up the good work boys and we will get out of this mess
  3. I really find it astonishing with the recent form....and after a 2-0 win away from home...the most popular thread on a Saturday evening is one calling for the managers head. It beggars belief. Very sad. Just my opinion
  4. Absolute jobsworths! Imagine them trying to enforce that in the English phone central!
  5. f**king polis!!
  6. From what I seen of the ayr game on divs phone he was excellent as well
  7. At least in my history I've never been relegated.......[emoji102][emoji12]
  8. Im the st Mirren of likes......haha
  9. Q
  10. True
  11. Faraways likes don't count ha
  12. I've liked a Shull post [emoji7]
  13. Would have been offered £100minimum after our second goal
  14. Any highlights??
  15. Cashed a £10 bet for £41 tonight. Had Man City to win and both teams to score (3-1 up at half time) and saints to win both teams to score. Set to win £320.....wish I let it run to second half before cashing out