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  1. I don't get all this chat about Davis being replaced or not being replaced with good enough defenders. Davis, whilst he was clearly a good defender, only played in a handful of games for us before he got injured. A defence of Mackenzie and Baird was more prominent in the run in which seen us play so well. Would I have taken Davis back...of course....But I'm still more than comfortable with the acquisitions we've made and the squad we currently have.
  2. What time is bounce game with East Fire today?
  3. Sorry but I have to disagree. The majority of the team that finished the season so strongly have been retained, plus a few new additions who all have something to prove and will most likely not be on very much money. Were you not happy with the team that finished last season? For me it was some of the most exciting football we have played since Tom Hendrie. I think if we bring in one more experienced striker then we have one of the best squads in the division, however I think Ross will give Reilly a chance to lead the line first of all in the League Cup games before we bring in any other striker (Loy being the exception). Morgan and Magennis also have an extra year of first team football under their belts (in my opinion both more exciting prospects than McLean or McGinn were when they broke into the team) and I have a feeling that the former is going to score a lot of goals for us this season.
  4. That is a lovely kit
  5. I stand corrected
  6. draw is live on the SPFL facebook page now if anyone is interested.........I suspect not
  7. Really hope it's Southend they're only 15minutes along the road from me!
  8. I think as he played for us under the age of 21 we get some kind of cut from the £10m as a development fee, albeit it will be absolute peanuts in comparison. Like 0.2% max. Perhaps someone can confirm
  9. Can I please just say after all the bawbagerry on this thread....I cannot bloody wait for the new season!! "Jack Ross's Black and a white Armyyyyyyyy!!!" Never in doubt
  10. I wonder if we might go in for Ian McShane that's been told he can move on at Ross County. Did Fowler work with him at QOS where he was excellent?
  11. Excellent news Adam has been very solid at left back. I'd go as far as saying the most assured left back we've possibly had in 10years
  12. Basa was apparently recommended by Billy the fish
  13. Watched the highlights on Hibs TV this morning. Their coverage it must be said, is superb. HD and slow motion highlights. They do a pitch side view of our goal from Billy O'Brien's box, great view of the St Mirren fans. I will try and upload a video of it