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  1. supras

    Stevie Mallon

    FFS Put yir tongue away
  2. supras

    Stevie Mallon

    I thought Steve was on to sort out Munoz for bad spelling.
  3. supras

    Stevie Mallon

    Bloody grumpier than me. Sin Bin for you.
  4. supras

    Jack Ross Must Go.

    Wouldn't allow him or Fowler back on the Team Bus on Saturday, if we lose to East Fife. Appoint Gus on Sunday, to save our Club, which Jack is presently destroying.
  5. supras

    Stephen McGinn - New club Captain

    The Sooper Dooper High and Fecking Mighty Fannies will only be happy when Top Cat is in the Sin Bin. That's why they helped create it. TC is talking sense which the bams fail to grasp. Bully Boys and Cry Babies
  6. supras

    Jack Ross Must Go.

    8th place for me and winning 2 Cups. I do give a f*ck.
  7. supras

    Jack Ross Must Go.

    If we are going to treat the cup ties as friendlies, I hope all Saints fans are given free admission. If we lose next week at Bayview, I expect Ross to be sacked before the Team Bus arrives back in Paisley. Maybe , better booting him out now and getting wee Gus in to save the day. WE ARE IN A HELLISH STATE
  8. He isn't. He is talking a lot of sense. You posting wee pointy arrows is just ridiculous. Grow up
  9. As I mentioned, this is the Match. Absolutely huge. Club, SMISA, Fans Council, Supporters Clubs and the rst must all get together and make sure the away end at Somerset is filled to capacity. Let's get the tickets sold and the buses ( subsidised or free ) booked.
  10. supras

    NEW: The Sin Bin

    Dry yir eyes ye fanny. Bleating baby.
  11. supras

    NEW: The Sin Bin

    Shull might be The Shull isnae