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  1. Day one and no ones. On telling us who the 4 guys are we have in training I am shocked.
  2. A guy over on [email protected] saying Rangers would be due half of any fee.
  3. There surely has to be better players somewhere out there
  4. You forget. To mention that useless. c**t Brown he's a f**king liability.
  5. Brown you f**king useless bastard
  6. That c**t Brown is a waste of space
  7. Men against. Boys Scotland are shite
  8. No your right it should read very lucky
  9. You should be so lucky.
  10. Nope my wife is more than happy with my performance.
  11. That's one thing I don't have a problem with even at my age.
  12. Bangle coming up lol
  13. Told Yous he's f**king useless.
  14. One of them will run away with the 5th set my money's on the Swiss.
  15. He is f**king utter shite this will be an utter hammering now I will guess. The result will be 7.6-.3.6.-3.6.-1.6