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  1. Well that's us f**ked then.
  2. Dumbarton v St Mirren 14th Oct

    Reporter on radio says goal has been coming so can't be that bad.
  3. It would still be a load of Bollox.
  4. So Falkirk can have a cracking main stand but we can't what a load of bollocks anyone can clearly see there was no real thought put into the out side design of the main stand. But could be changed for not a great deal of cash. As I said before the three entrances to the stand could be given a more asteticly pleasing look on the outside .
  5. It is an ideal size no one is arguing that. To me the only problem with it is the look of the frontage Of the main Stand they could improve the entrance to both the hospitality and 1877 club to give them a more asteticly pleasing look and I am sure the same could be done for the main entrance by adding some sort of shape to each side to improve the look.
  6. Shut up you f**king fanny.
  7. The main Stand from outside is a cracker. Compared to our box front.
  8. Who the f**k cares about proper spelling.
  9. As did Raith with six out according To there fans .
  10. Raith had six players out also.
  11. Well where does. One start. (1)Thank f**k it was a Diddy cup game and not a league. One. (2)We have six players to come back in next week. (3) That was one inept performance from a lot of guys with first team experience. (4) Three really. Good goals from Raith well deserved win for them. I told a Raith fan last week they would beat us simply because if we struggled badly against East Kilbride we were not going to beat them and I was right Big Big lmprovement needed next week.