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  1. Nope Saint Mirren.
  2. Here is mine we will probably get beat it's the saint Mirren way but hope beyond hope i am way wrong
  3. Ha ha f**king everyone just knew that c**t Hardie would score .
  4. I expect Raith to win this now
  5. 61 been watching them since i was 17 stopped watching Celtic and started watching saints after they beat us 6-0 at lovestreet lol
  6. Thought there was a rule that teams must play there strongest team to make sure that all games remain competitive and fair to other clubs.
  7. That was exactly my thought when I saw it never a deliberate. Pass back.
  8. Jack had asked him about his mistake on the first goal and he basically fobbed him of by saying it didn't matter because we would be all right because we are playing well.. How patronising is that.
  9. Yes but there was witnesses. To what he said.
  10. You talk utter shite you know fine well we are referring. To today's game and he was responsible for there first goal no ifs buts or maybes.
  11. I would take 1-0 with the goal coming of off someone's arse anyone who thinks this is going to be 3or4 are off there f**king head.
  12. Might. Win but hammer them don't think so.
  13. Did anyone hear the interview with Jack if what Jack said the ref said to him is true the c**t should get fired by the f. A. Patronising c**t