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  1. elvis

    Speculation Thread

    Got beat 2-1 A young team out apparently.
  2. elvis

    Speculation Thread

    I know I think I am brilliant and so good looking.
  3. elvis

    Speculation Thread

    How can anyone not like Elvis. BAFFLING in my opinion.
  4. elvis

    Speculation Thread

    He is playing in a closed door game today against clyde for us. Starts at 3.
  5. elvis

    Alan's first signings

    Do you forget Saint Mirren fans were accused of being racist by Ruud Gullit in fact the worse he had ever been subjected to. So no better than the boy.
  6. elvis

    Alan's first signings

    But what's it got to do with his ability to play. football
  7. elvis

    Alan's first signings

    In what context does it have to do with football.
  8. elvis

    Alan's first signings

    So it was necessary to go looking for dirt on the guy.
  9. elvis

    Alan's first signings

    And what is the relevance of this post.
  10. elvis

    Speculation Thread

    Free kick specialist.
  11. elvis

    Speculation Thread

  12. elvis

    Speculation Thread

    On b/w twitter another one before weekend.
  13. elvis

    Gavin Reilly

    That's what happens when you try to hold out
  14. elvis

    Alan's first signings

    I believe he said he was hoping to have a few new faces in before going to la manga.
  15. elvis

    Sunday sun

    Have you forgot to add the 25,000 Poles that live here now lol