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  1. lovestreet

    John McGinn

    What happens if there's no transfer fee and he leaves on a free? I guess the 30% doesn't roll over ?
  2. lovestreet

    Sing Along at stadium

    Great idea and something we should do but as a club, make the match day experience from 12pm with live music,etc,etc.... I didn't go to this event as it's was all about Paisley 2021 and f**k that
  3. lovestreet

    St Mirren songs

  4. lovestreet

    Gary McKenzie

    Great him and Davis title in the bag
  5. lovestreet

    St Mirren songs

    Don't know tune but Celtic fans sing it with Stephen Cairney
  6. lovestreet

    St Mirren songs

    Get a few of your lads to go to another stand and do the song...... Saint Mirren x2 Come on ye Paisley Saints x2 Paisley's Black n White x2 Wooo etc
  7. lovestreet

    St Mirren songs

    Tra la la la la la la la Lewis Morgan tra la la la la la la la la Lewis Morgan.....
  8. Brilliant victory great game and good to see the new lad starting, I feel a good season ahead COYS
  9. I'm nipping back to elbow room this is shite
  10. lovestreet

    Morton v Saints 12 August

    I normally drink in Norseman before and after the game,great laugh and you get a scuffle now and then great opportunity to skelp a few of the unwashed