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  1. Speculation Thread

    Folk have been on here earlier suggesting we’re in for stokes, well he has just been released, I wonder if there is any truth in this after all?
  2. St Mirren V Dumbarton 02/12/2017

    I watched it on “buddievision” and from their angel it looked like his shoulder, but on this you can clearly see a forearm used.
  3. Don't think so, just think stellios gives us more going forward than eckersley
  4. My team which I think will open Brechin up
  5. My team for Saturday, let's get out and get into them from the off.
  6. Speculation Thread

  7. Brian Graham

  8. Speculation Thread

    Quite possibly, great signing if it happens
  9. Speculation Thread

    Has anyone received the email from the supporters bar? In it Alan said there are more signings on the way, but 1 can't be revealed until August 1st. I'm sure someone said that Davies can't sign for anyone until then, so perhaps that's it confirmed in a cryptic way
  10. Players loaned back

    Dam tooting we should be looking for A 7 figure sum. If that mob at I***x want £500k for a 15 year old then we should defo be getting double that for Mallan. Will we? I doubt it as this is Scotland and we always sell cheap.
  11. No it's not premiership compliant, it needs 6000 seats with a back of at least 30cm. All seats must be individually numbered and all seats must be covered.
  12. Baby change facilities?

    I used to have to nip out to the car in the car park to change the wee man's nappy a few times. Now the youngest will be starting his love affair with the saints soon, hopefully we could put a changing table in. The mobile ones on wheels only cost £90
  13. Gary Locke Binned by Raith.

    Looking like John Hughes as the raith gaffer
  14. The Dome

    Thanks for the info, hope it's back up for next weds so the wee man can get playing again