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  1. St mirren tv for Morton game

    Cheers. Just downloaded turbo vpn and bought the game. Hopefully get it now at 3pm. Couple of old boys in the ward are saints fan too!! COYS
  2. St mirren tv for Morton game

    I have bought a ticket for the match but unfortunately am now hospitalised. Was thinking of buying the game on tv. But looks like it only works abroad. Will saints radio be covering??
  3. 0.0. Decent. Falkirk on a wee run at the moment so to me it's what I expected. Good wee run out for magennis. Still top of the league so have to be happy. Let's put the soapdodgers to the sword next week.
  4. Probably keeping collum for the soapdodgers game. 🤡
  5. Gary McKenzie

  6. Injury Updates

    Harry Davis trained today
  7. St Mirren V Morton 28th Oct

    2.0 saints. 6 point lead at the top of the league.
  8. Gary McKenzie

    It you had quoted my whole post it would have said I would still hope to see him back. Not gloating, just feel it's been a while now.
  9. Gary McKenzie

    I said over a month ago that he may not be back at all and was told I was hearing voices in my head. I hope he does come back but each passing week makes it more unlikely!!
  10. Injury Updates

    Magennis back today I'm hearing [emoji16]
  11. Kebab shop for me would make it better.
  12. Gary McKenzie

    Any news yet?
  13. Lewis Morgan

    Surely must score today. Didn't mallan score on his 21st and possibly John mcginn too??