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  1. First 3 goals were all gift wrapped for me. Could have got it back to 2.2 but for a poor pass/cross in to the box in the first half. After the fourth went in the heads went down and Aberdeen dominated the midfield winning every loose ball. Poor game but we move on. Support was magnificent. We will still win the league. COYS
  2. The 3 Monthly Spend

    Meant what would happen to the ladies team as it seems that they are counting on it!??
  3. The 3 Monthly Spend

    If SMISA vote against the funding for the ladies team, what happens?
  4. Still having trouble. Re-installed about 4 times. Cleared cache. Just using the browser now. Same with pie n bovril Update:: sorted now. [emoji16]
  5. Dumbarton. 13 jan

    A draw won't be good enough for me. These are the games we must be winning now to keep the pressure on United. If they win their game in hand they still have us at tannadice. Win that and it's all square at the top. Let's get these 3 points and start counting down the games left.
  6. Lewis Morgan

    Was he offered a 4 1/2 year contract?
  7. Probably woke up and smelled the coffee! Stolen from Jeremy Kyle who would no doubt get 10 series from our inverclyde cousins.
  8. SMFC Related Xmas Gifts

    Got a beanie, a dressing gown, a whisky glass and a vintage tie pin!! Very happy man. Just need the 3 points on Friday now. Merry Christmas etc.
  9. Not the first time Shull. [emoji14]
  10. Brechin v St Mirren (9th December)

    Cold drunk tired happy
  11. Agree with LPM, let's boss this league now. We've now got our top team playing and should now get some momentum. Stop giving every other team respect, get behind the boys and keep getting the 3 points. 3.0 tonight
  12. W7 Fans & Banners

    This post reminds me of our first game at cappielow last season or the season before . Evening game. It started raining and as we were in the WDE we were getting soaked. Obviously this amused our friends from the tail of the bank who started singing 'what's it like to have a wash?' This went on for a few minutes until they realised what they were asking. Silly billys
  13. Read a tweet from a st. Mirren director basically heavily hinting that we are getting a ladies team. I'm sure that there is a market for it but can we afford it?