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  1. 12 goals last season averaging 1 goal every 151 minutes. Really good return considering the players around him and where they finished.
  2. Happy so far with the team, Stewart up front looked like he banged in the goals at Albion and hopefully can do it up a level with better players behind him. I know it's been said before but is Irvine a cert for next season? I know he had a one year option but not heard if it's 100% been triggered.
  3. yeah, a player that has the quality and ability to develop does not sit on the scrapheap. Where would he fit on or play within the players we currently have available? Would be way down the pecking order on the wings and even more so if Flanagan signs up.
  4. I agree with you to a certain extent, I do think there can be a lot more protection giving to clubs though to be honest. They could implement something like in England to stop clubs being able to poach players away from other clubs in different areas. More compensation for young players moving about. Limit to the size of squads (at all levels) as well so we don't get situations where clubs have 35 U20s and 15 are loaned out (going that way in England) To improve the national squad as well I'd also like to see the return of minimum eligible Scotland players in the starting 11. That went in 1995 and we last qualified for a major tournament in 1998, coincidence? Possibly, possibly not.
  5. He's on holiday right now until next week and apparently will make a decision then. Dundee also rumoured to be interested but imagine we'd get a small amount of comp if he did go to them.
  6. IMO Project Brave is the biggest load of nonsense since the idiotic 12-12-18 team league format rubbish. trying to dress up cuts to youth football and pandering to the Old Firm as something positive for all of Scottish football. I really hope the whole idea gets shot down and once and for all we get rid of the completely incompetent people in charge of the SFA. A few reasons it's ridiculous and will pull other clubs and the Scottish national team down even further: Less funding for elite academy status, they're basically cutting a funding and removing it to most academies that we have right now, I think they'll only be funding 16 now instead of 25+ last season. Criteria for elite funding set unrealistically high for smaller clubs (number of FT positions and other criteria) muscling them out and costing them youth players. Increase in development loans, basically meaning Rangers and Celtic and a few other SPL clubs can swallow up a bunch of decent/ good players then loan them out passing the wage cost onto smaller clubs and getting the benefit if they develop. Pandering to the Old Firm in regards to their coult teams. This has gone a bit quiet because it's been so unpopular but would be a complete outrage if they were allowed to walk into any level of the pyramid never mind league 2. What they actually should do They should throw money at youth development, Scottish and UK governments should be getting involved here and massively increasing the budget for football to help develop our best players. There should also be a big focus on the education piece so young players don't fall away to drink and partying in their masses when they hit 17/18. A limit on the number of young players at all clubs and a limit to number of players the club can send on loan. This would stop the big teams taking all the best talent and either having them rot at U18/ U20 level or having them sent out to 3-4 different smaller clubs over 3-4 seasons, learning different ways and habits and impacting their development. Young players playing for the same team at lower levels for 3-5 years before moving on seems to be more effective than players in the Celtic and Rangers youth squads with a chip on their shoulders being loaned out. Re-introduce minimum number of players eligible to play for Scotland in the starting 11 and increase the number of home grown youth players in the squad with a minimum number starting. financial rewards for playing club developed youngsters.
  7. I didn't say there wasn't either. That's finethat you're happy with that, I was just saying I'd like to see who's leaving so we know... Strange thing to comment back to if you can see my point. You're not fussed about seeing an update... great, gold star!
  8. I'm thinking more along the lines of the U20s and first team players won't be retained so we aren't looking for them getting signed. What's wrong with that? more or less every other club do it. They've thrown out three names that won't be here got to think there will be more.
  9. Anyone know how long his contract is? Hopefully he's hungry to succeed
  10. Can't agree more with this, I think if the fish signs there will still be another goalkeeper. From what I'm gathering Langfield hasn't been signed up as reserve keeper, more emergencies and his focus being on coaching. To be fair most clubs our level have a goalkeeper coach so imagine it's part of the budget. I think Irvine, Eck and hopefully Stelios will give us good options at r/l back. I imagine there will be at least one and maybe two new center backs coming in as well. Been a long time since I've been this positive about a new campaign.
  11. First (and second) time for everything lol
  12. Is comp not including the age off 22? Was that not the whole deal with Naismith because he turned 23 this summer? I know the situation is we didn't pay anything because he wasn't offered a contract just for future reference.
  13. I thought that was likely the case however in fairness I think he's worth a lot more than £100k based on his performances for us last season.
  14. One of my mates said about the McLean sign on clause. Aberdeen could possibly of asked for it to be cancelled in exchange for him going for free. Not sure that's how it works though, I think to get comp the team the player is contracted to have to offer the player a deal on equal or more money he's currently on to stay.
  15. I wonder when the club will come out with a statement with who is definitely going, including the U20s as well. Would be good to know who we're waiting on.