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  1. Project Brave

    Well if you were looking to clarify the point on discrimination. I imagine it wouldn't pretty easy... it's completely irrelevant
  2. Project Brave

    Again it's nothing to do with any sort of discrimination. I'm not sure how much clearer I can make this [emoji23][emoji23] there's already rules in the game about minimum numbers of club trained players. No one questions them on equality. I'm simply saying we'd benefit from putting them up considerably. And also again THIS WOULD NOT IMPACT CLUBS PERMISSIONS ON SIGNING PLAYERS [emoji849]
  3. Project Brave

    Which we're not talking about. Not in any way shape or form. As I've previously stated, the rules does not impact a club signing players. The club could go out and sign 50 Chinese players with an average age of 67 if they so wished. The rules would simply be players trained at the club for X amount of time before their 21st birthday. Nothing to do with employment law, nothing to do with discrimination. These rules already exist in our game, England and even the Champions league. Just for less players than my suggestion. I'm not sure what people aren't getting
  4. Project Brave

    I agree with you, that would help. too many delicate little flowers in youth football. But that doesn't go far enough. Need to be doing more and investing heavily in children football. They need to be trained and nurtured properly so they don't end up either being prima donnaor or on the bottle. Other nations are doing far more and greater success, we need to mirror some of their practices.
  5. Project Brave

    I think my point is... What's your point? Does it in anyway put up a barrier to the suggestion we could implement rules to encourage better youth development? Get my torch out for the next Scotland Under 21 game at St Mirren Park Age discrimination
  6. Project Brave

    Sortit aye? Like the way we were a world force when the reserve league was in place? Need to be doing much more to match other nations (and not just the biggest football ones) the world over.
  7. Project Brave

    Discussions at ways to improve our game Discussions about Jack Ross fielding a team you don't agree with in a competition no one cares about Nae bother Shullster
  8. Project Brave

    By your definition of discrimination that means having under 21 teams, under 18 teams are discriminating against older players. Not allowing a Brazilian to play in the Scottish national team is discrimination on someones nationality. I think you need to investigate the difference between a rule and a legal barrier. Changing a rule does not mean something is discriminatory. Rules exist for Under 21s so they can exist for first team. It's a game we're talking about here. Made the point earlier, teams can sign as many players from wherever they want at whatever age they choose. That doesn't change. It would simply be inputting new rules. Very simple to grasp I thought...
  9. Project Brave

    I bet you're fun at parties... Only two questions that need to be answered in regards to a technicality when we're speaking about discrimination 1. Is it illegal? 2. Is it unethical? Answer to both is no. There is no ethical aspects of encouraging youth players and having rules that help their development and it's completely within the rules of the game (zero legal impact) I see the point your maybe trying to make but bringing up discrimination for me is just a barrier.
  10. Project Brave

    It's likely more than that but it's still far from full-time hours. We're miles behind other countries.
  11. Project Brave

    I was laughing away to myself at the dinner lady comment. I was very prod of myself! Don't be bursting my bubble.
  12. Project Brave

    Great point.
  13. Project Brave

    It's nothing to do with discrimination. The rule would be players trained at club before the age of 21 (Home grown players does not mean Scottish nationality players). The players could be from anywhere the world over so absolutely nothing to do with discrimination. Naturally most of those players would be Scottish because we're in Scotland but even if they weren't given new time in education rules, the players would likely be Scotland eligible anyway.
  14. Project Brave

    No, no I got it. I thought it was pretty clear I got your comment was tongue in cheek given my dinner lady follow up comment?..
  15. I think there's been about 18 injured player topics this season [emoji23]