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  1. Wall is only for original people that signed up, that's how it was put forward when the scheme started. Every St Mirren fan has had the opportunity to be part of this (with the exception of those under 18 at the time) so wouldn't imagine there was any need to add new members. People that dropped out after a couple months being on it... TBC. Shull you going down with your Tipex this afternoon?
  2. I think everyone would welcome you saying it looks great.
  3. That's pretty good, hopefully the new members and drop out members more or less even out going forward. Would like to see a campaign for new members as well.
  4. Does anyone know What kind of numbers of people dropping out we have? I know people will have personal circumstances for doing so but it's a bit of a shame if we've had a number of drop outs in the first 12 months.
  5. Good, I fully appreciate fans right to choose not to back the bid. So many fans do so much for the club financially outside of the £12/ £25 p/m and can't be criticised for not signing up. Stop saying things I agree with it's weird!
  6. Yeah it's totally daft moving the club into fan ownership, should of sold up to those Argentinians with the fraud charges...
  7. I wouldn't want my statue to take attention off the fan ownership board. I wonder if your name will be on it... Did they not get about £24 out of you before you got really upset about democracy?
  8. Well why not let this wee bit of positivity go? Just for a one off?
  9. Did I say that? I said why try bring people down with negative comments, does it make you feel good about yourself? I could try and say it in simpler words for you...
  10. We provide the strips aye? Okay we get it you associate Joma as St Mirren, you don't need to bang on about it.
  11. Why can't you just let your fellow fans enjoy this positive step without your negativity? It's nothing to do with you if people feel proud. What kind of guy has to rain on peoples joy? Nothing nice to say then just don't comment.
  12. It is a great feeling knowing you're now part of the club history and future generations of fans will see your name as one of the St Mirren fans that banned together to move the club into ownership of the people that care most about it.The buddies!! Can't wait to see it on Saturday
  13. I know Joma are gash. let me know how that goes for you though blaming the team you 'support'
  14. So you can't think of one other positive in a debt free club, owns it's own stadium, gold rated youth and training facilities (also owned), 140% to target in a fan ownership buyout, a few former promising youth players at other clubs doing well with sell-on clauses, attendances up over the last half of the season, season tickets up on this time last year. not one? Nothing at all you can think of? Try hard... You're just Mr Sunshine