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  1. Bring on the Rangers

    Brora away would suit me, down and home again in one day!
  2. ICT vs St. Mirren 25/11/17

    Heading down for this one, looking forward to catching up with a couple of Saints from Shetland. Saints to win but no clean sheet - 1v3.
  3. DIDDY CUP....2017/18

    Glad the EK game is on the tuesday - in Glasgow for a few days so will be my first game of the season. Head up the road on the wednesday.
  4. Fans from outside Paisley

    Born and raised in Shetland, moved to Orkney in 1988 and still there. Way back in 1977 I avoided peer pressure to support either of the sectarian sisters or the sheep and picked St.Mirren. Keeping the faith through tough times at the moment. Next planned trip 'south' is february so will be at the New Saints game cheering on the Buds.
  5. St Mirren V Morton 16/4/2016 Fan Solidarity Day

    Thanks again for all the updates thro the game
  6. St Mirren V Falkirk 1/3/16 A Tuesday Night Ffs

    Down in Glasgow on Tuesday for a few days to will be at the game, first one for a wee while. Should make the Raith game as well before heading back north. Looking forward to seeing Saints continue their home run going. 3-2 win. Interested to see young McAllister in action for the first time - how's he been performing?
  7. St Mirren Under 20's 2015/16

    According to Accies tweets Saints lost 2-1. Howieson scored in the second half. 2 down at half time. A Saints player was stretchered off but it didn't say who it was.
  8. St Mirren Under 20's 2015/16

    Won 2-1.
  9. St.mirren V Morton 20/11/15

    Very poor. Lucky point. Sorry start again - utter crap...........
  10. Abigail - The Storm

    A bit windy here in Orkney................normal for the time of year, no need to panic.
  11. Going to be in Glasgow this weekend so heading to Paisley with the boys - guessing tickets will be on sale at the ground up to kick-off?
  12. Saints V Raith Rovers

    Sure thing - 6 different Valhalla beers plus 4 different Lerwick Brewing Co beers. Hangover guaranteed but won't matter after we win tonight
  13. Saints V Raith Rovers

    Having a ''Shetland Beer'' night at the hoose for some workmates and the game will be on the TV with the volume off! No Saints fans amongst them but I regularly get the sympathy vote. Looking forward to a good night and a Saints win. Going for a 3-1 win.............
  14. Qos V St Mirren

    How many Saints fans were there?
  15. Morton V St Mirren Championship

    Langfield to start. First clean sheet since 28th Feb coming up. Saints to win 2-0. Don't care who scores. and no I've no been drinking....