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  1. Just browsing the fixture list and BBC have us playing Dunfermline away on a Friday night. Error or have i missed that one. Can't see any tv listings that far ahead. Saints official site says Sat 27th. Probably more reliable.
  2. Any TV picks decided for this round yet?
  3. 2017 Annual Accounts

    As a Newcastle fan who's club owner has no desire to do well in the cups, i love the difference in attitude from St Mirren. It says their aim is to get promoted and progress to the latter rounds of domestic cup competitions, and they actually mean it. So wish NUFC had that way of thinking and some ambition. It's the way a club SHOULD be run.
  4. W7 Fans & Banners

    I agree about double standards here. Going back a long way to the late nineties granted, but i can remember the clubs own mascot the Paisley panda standing in front of the Morton fans and pretending to wash under its arms as if it was showering. While this was hilarious, some might deem it offensive. Personally i still chuckle to myself when i picture it in my mind all these years on .
  5. W7 Fans & Banners

    Surely common sense should prevail here. A bit of discussion between the club and representatives from W7, together with an apology and a promise to tone down the banner messages in future must surely resolve the issue. I can understand the clubs condemnation of THAT banner but it does seem like an over reaction. The noise and visual displays in W7 have improved the atmosphere greatly. Get together. Get it sorted and let's not have an unnecessary divide between club and fans which indirectly may hinder what promises to be a good season on the field.
  6. Music Gigs

    Aye. I'm coming up for it. Lad at work is a Big Country fanatic. Just mentioned that they were on with the skids in Paisley and he was up for going. I originally thought i'll just go up for a trip away and a few beers etc but after watching the Skids on youtube last night i'm really looking forward to the music side of the trip. What's the town hall like as a venue? Couple of bars in there? Despite years of visiting Paisley i've never set foot in there. We're in the gallery. Is that one of those balcony type areas? Spot the non concert goer eh?
  7. Road To Challenge Cup Glory

    Speaking of the challenge cup, i got saints mentioned on BBC radio Newcastles' football phone in,'Total Sport' the other night in relation to this. Some sunderlanfd fan had been on saying he had been one of their 7 away fans in their checkatrade trophy game at Grimsby last week and had attended all of their ties in the competition. I texted in to tell them about my saints interest and that i'd got to every round on our run to last seasons Irn Bru final. They read it out and mentioned that the producer of the show is a saints fan, while former Ireland defender John Anderson chipped in with 'At least they got to a final'.
  8. Ticket Office Enquiry

    Without wanting to hijack the thread, will i be able to buy west stand tickets at the main ticket office when i arrive in Paisley about 11am tomorrow? Or will we have to get them from the west stand portacabin nearer KO? Would prefer to buy them early and be done.
  9. St Mirren V Morton 28th Oct

    Also looking forward to the game. Hopefully make it 3 wins out of 3 for us this season, albeit we've only been to Stranraer in the cup then Brechin at home. I'm sure it's been mentioned on the forum but i can't find it. Is there a minibus that runs into the town after the games? Would be handy if so. Maybe allow time for a celebratory pint before the train home.
  10. Let's All Laugh At Sevco/ Celtic Thread !

    Pre match on Sunday the cameras showed the Rangers players getting off the bus, 'Simply the Best' playing on the coach. Enjoyed Chris Suttons' comment after the game when he said 'They won't be playing that on the way home, will they?'
  11. Liverpool

    One of the few places we make a point of staying over for nufc away games. When we're in the same division of course. Always felt safe and found the locals to be welcoming. Usually quite hard to find affordable hotels near the centre. Ended up booking a room above a Toxteth pub the other year. We were a bit apprehensive because my memories of Toxteth were of it being in flames during the riots on the news when I was growing up. Turned out to be one of the best places we've tried. So hospitable.
  12. St Mirren Photos & Vids

    What a strip and badge. Reminds me of my early saints watching days and making me nostalgic. Also reminds me of my Panini sticker albums at school. Saints always stood out as a team in black and white on the very back page. The ugly sisters always had a double page spread while the provincial clubs had to make do with a single page. I'd never have guessed back in those days that i'd develop such a saints connection. So pleased i have.
  13. Music Gigs

    tickets purchased for the November gig.
  14. Farewell Bradley Lowery

    So sad. Always looked so happy through his tragically short, troubled life. Well done to Jermain Defoe who took him under his wing too, giving him some of his happiest times. RIP Bradley.
  15. Orange Walk in Alloa This Saturday

    Is that a big bass drum that fruit's carrying?