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  1. Kath is the only one of us at St James' park who has seen any cups for about the last 50 years, although NUFC frequently manage to get 50000 mugs to turn up week in week out.
  2. Wheres that mate? ElectrIc bar?
  3. Was just looking at a pic of that Electric bar. Sign on the wall says 'families welcome'
  4. Definitely should be enjoyed, away from the pressure of league games.
  5. It's a final. Personally speaking i drove to Coatbridge and Easter Road without touching a drop for previous rounds but intend to make a day of it Saturday. Most folk don't drink at breakfast time regularly but finals don't come round very often so maybe they can be excused this weekend. Each to their own of course.
  6. Lunch? Haven't got time for that. Too much drinking to be done
  7. excellent! Really enjoyed that. Great day. Hoping for more of the same this weekend.
  8. think we must be on the same train ELS.
  9. A like minded saint. We touched on the very subject over in the 'Buses/trains for the final' thread IB. Think it's a 'spoons' breakfast at the one near Motherwell station then either JD or electric bar on way to Fir Park for us.
  10. Which bars do folks think will be popular with saints fans pre-match next Saturday? The above mentioned JD bar? Someone mentioned the 'Electric bar'. I've never spent much time around Fir Park. Have always just went to the game and away again.
  11. Any buddie know how many cup final tickets you can buy per person on general sale?
  12. A couple coming along with us. Aren't regulars but have been to a good few games over the years.
  13. Looking like 07:38 direct train from Newcastle, arriving motherwell about 10. Time for breakfast and a pre match warm up. Choice of trains back was 15:15/17:15ish. Having to opt for the later one in case of ET/pens and celebrations of course. 4 of us so far. Any north east based saints feel free to join us, magic monkey, Stanley saint, anybody. All aboard the toon saints express!
  14. Will be disappointed if they put it on a Friday night. Managed to get to every round due to the favourable timing and lack of a clash with Newcastle games. Would be a shame to not make the final and hopefully drag a few along with me. Chances of escaping work are slim and no holidays until the holiday year starts again in April. Scotland had a home game after we won at Easter Road earlier in this competition. Don't see why it can't be on the Sunday afternoon before the evening international.
  15. Don't know how limited stocks of various sizes will be but if there were the correct sizes available online you can arrange to collect them at your local JD branch.