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  1. Liverpool

    One of the few places we make a point of staying over for nufc away games. When we're in the same division of course. Always felt safe and found the locals to be welcoming. Usually quite hard to find affordable hotels near the centre. Ended up booking a room above a Toxteth pub the other year. We were a bit apprehensive because my memories of Toxteth were of it being in flames during the riots on the news when I was growing up. Turned out to be one of the best places we've tried. So hospitable.
  2. St Mirren Photos & Vids

    What a strip and badge. Reminds me of my early saints watching days and making me nostalgic. Also reminds me of my Panini sticker albums at school. Saints always stood out as a team in black and white on the very back page. The ugly sisters always had a double page spread while the provincial clubs had to make do with a single page. I'd never have guessed back in those days that i'd develop such a saints connection. So pleased i have.
  3. Music Gigs

    tickets purchased for the November gig.
  4. Farewell Bradley Lowery

    So sad. Always looked so happy through his tragically short, troubled life. Well done to Jermain Defoe who took him under his wing too, giving him some of his happiest times. RIP Bradley.
  5. Orange Walk in Alloa This Saturday

    Is that a big bass drum that fruit's carrying?
  6. Pre Season Friendlies

    Celtic playing Sunderland at the stadium of s**t* on July 29th. No away fans stay in Sunderland so Newcastle will be full of the green vermin that weekend. Guaranteed to be dickheads on every visit. Will dig out my saints top especially for the occasion.
  7. Stranraer v St. Mirren 15/07/17

    Never been to Stranraer so unsure of how quickly you can get back to the station but might have to sacrifice the end of the game to catch that 16:59 train rather than have to hang about til 19:03. With the benefit of hindsight we should have waited for news of the supporters busses before booking a return from Glasgow to Stranraer. Never mind. It's done now.
  8. Stranraer v St. Mirren 15/07/17

    Had hoped we'd be able to but it seems there isn't a direct train line between Carlisle and Stranraer and we'd still have to go via Glasgow unfortunately. There's a national express bus leaves Stranraer at 6pm and scheduled to get to Carlisle at 8:45pm. Last train from Carlisle to Newcastle is 21:28 so a bit of a gamble booking that in case there was any delay on the bus journey.
  9. Stranraer v St. Mirren 15/07/17

    Hell of a place to get to this. Booked trains the other day, via Edinburgh and Glasgow on the morning of the game. Trains don't run late enough to get back to Newcastle so staying over in Glasgow Saturday night. Then today Newcastle announce they're playing Hearts at Tynecastle the night before. We change trains in Edinburgh on the Sat' morning. Quite frustrating. To make it a double header is tempting but it means booking more trains and paying for another nights stay. Not quite ruling it out however.
  10. Aberdeen Departures

    I'd forgotten the bit about his failure at Bristol City. A repeat at Sunderland would be nice.
  11. Train tickets

    Pretty sure if you book the bus through megabus.com it's quite cheap, and think you just end up on the citilink coaches.
  12. First Saturday of the Close Season.........

    Nice to have a stress free weekend. A wander round Hartlepool marina for us today. In the words of Band Aid "Well tonight thank god it's them instead of us."
  13. Simply, what a weekend! The pain we fans go through, sometimes i wish i just wasn't interested.This weekend has made that pain seem worthwhile.
  14. Genuinely terrifying few minutes in front of SSN when Raith went 2-1 up. 3 minutes felt like an eternity. Fantastic turn around under JR. Well done SMFC. Now that you can all relax i hope all you buddies enjoy your night and the summer.
  15. Aye. Experience has taught me that it's only a matter of time before good things at NUFC turn to s**t. I'm happy for now but hoping for the icing on the cake this weekend. Newcastle take their unexpected chance of going up as champions and saints avoid the play offs. Now considering how things were a few months back, for saints to have a chance of the latter really IS unexpected. COYS.