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  1. Now some people want fans to pay for his stupidity and have set up a go fund me page. You couldn't make it up!! Some people obviously have more money than sense.
  2. Well done SMISA, well done St Mirren. Handled like the absolute amateurs you are. Fined 6 grand and no one saying anthing. What a joke. Apart from bringing shame on our club I'd love to know what this idiot has done for the club since his appointment. Answers on the back of a £5000 cheque made payable to the SFA.
  3. He’s dead in the water.. as chairman of St Mirren he’s been charged with bringing the game into disrepute and since he’s apologised it’s difficult to see what his defence will be. It’s one thing hating the old firm and all they stand for. It’s another thing to be Chairman of our great club and do what he did. The fact he’s still there says more about him than anyone else. He’s not been seen since before the Rangers game. Embarrassing. Smisa and the board come out it as amateurs as well.
  4. No shame at all… he’s been Chairman during an absolute cluster feck of terrible decisions. No one will miss him..
  5. That doesn’t make his comments as a director of St Mirren right and you know it…you know and I know he won’t survive this.
  6. Genuinely don’t know a SINGLE St Mirren supporter whether season ticket, club sponsor, guy who goes when he can or armchair fan who thinks he should not go.
  7. We aren’t going to agree. Your entitled to your opinion. He won’t be chairman for much longer.
  8. Haven’t met a single St Mirren fan out of the dozens I know who disagree. NOT ONE. And some of them sponsors and people who put large sums of money into the club.
  9. Now been charged by the SFA. Hearing on December 2. Tic tock tic tock… only a matter of time… pity he, St Mirren and the absolutely useless Smisa didn’t do the right thing weeks ago.
  10. Just a wee note... you are an arsehole! The 'likes of you' repersents almost every St Mirren fan I know. Oh and he wasn't at the game on Saturday so time for the club and the useless Smisa to tell us what the feck is happening at our club
  11. That may be difficult to believe but 100% true…Truly embarrassing…
  12. The fact Needham is still there just shows what a joke club we have become off the park. The fact he’s not done the right thing by now tells me everything I want to know about him. Not someone who should represent our club in any way shape or form never mind be chairman. Absolutely unbelievable. Oh and still NOTHING from smisa and St Mirren. What the feck is happening behind the scenes at our club. They are VERY fortunate Jim and the team are doing so well ON the park.
  13. That’s because as we go into day 4 of this shit show the silence from St Mirren and Smisa is deafening! Not a single word! Amateurs! If they think they can stick their head in the sand and this will go away they are very much mistaken. Needham should have resigned by now and done the club and the supporters a favour. But if he won’t do the right thing then he needs sacked. Today.
  14. We have a commercial and marketing Dept?
  15. We are in day 4 of this shit show and the silence from St Mirren and Smisa is deafening. Not a SINGLE word from them. Amateurs! Clearly Kibble thought they HAD to distance themselves fron the idiot Chairmans comments. If St Mirren think they can bury their head in the sand and this will go away they are very much mistaken. Says everything you need to know about Needham that he hasn't already resigned and saved the club being a laughing stock. If he is not prepared to do the right thing then he should be sacked. Today.
  16. No Clown. I used that article to get the official quote from Kibble. St Mirren, having known for 3 days now this was coming are STILL saying NOTHING. Absoultely disgraceful. We all know how this is ending. Get it done tomorrow one way or the other and kill the story!
  17. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/st-mirren-chairman-slammed-rangers-25297513 The begining of the end. He will be gone by tomorrow.
  18. St Mirren clearly thought they could bury their head in the sand and this story would go away. It is now going to be covered by every media outlet in the country bringing shame and embarrasment to our club. He should be writing his letter now and putting a stop to this.
  19. HAS to go. Sooner the better as this story isn't going away and is a huge embarrassment to the club. Idiot.
  20. For someone obsessed by grammar and spelling WTF is this shit show?🤣
  21. THICHASFCUK? My excuse is 2 bottles of wine, what's yours? Thanks for the English lesson. You're a prick. Is that better? Have a great weekend. 🙂
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