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  1. gies instructions on how to delete a thread can ye?


    I need to delete a thread as cunts are getting on my tits

    and I am going to get barred again.



  2. If the fans buy the club, will we get scroungy little bus convener committee types running the club? Do I have to pay £12 a month to listen to this type of insufferable bore?

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    2. murray street

      murray street

      too many cliques already among the saints fans, imagine how it will be when you get every cùnt and his uncle thinking he owns the club. Glad to pay for a saints game when I want to see it, think I will just continue with that.

    3. shull


      Chairman Joe of St Mirren Football Club.

    4. insaintee


      We are aw' Joe

  3. Can anyone name The Squadron Commander Guy Gibsons Dog in the Film The Dambusters?

  4. How much is it for an Alan Gow Turban from the Club Shop

    1. shull


      I got a Calender for £4

    2. murray street

      murray street

      I got a song from the East Bengal St Mirren supporters club oh but but ding ding when the saints go marching in

    3. insaintee
  5. Tour de Britain started today, finishes in Lahndahn next week my son, those bikeys are so coollllllll, don't you think so fellow WEE TROLL MIDDENS?

    1. scrappy coco

      scrappy coco

      Tour "DE" Britain, nice bikey talk with a French twist coollllllll...

    2. murray street

      murray street

      Knowsley to Llandudno today, climbing WEE TROLL MIDDEN hill, wee bradley wiggins (6ft 4) should be at the front today. Lots of coooll bikeys at the top of this climb

  6. Wee Midden Trolls of the world unite against fanny batter bellends

    1. insaintee
    2. buddiecat


      what is fanny batter ? is it good on fish ?

  7. Feckin tube strike tomorrow, gonnie huv tae walk tae work, some lahndahn underground buckled cùnts gonnie get his baws toed!!!!

    1. faraway saint

      faraway saint

      How often do tubes go on strike, ya tube......... :)

    2. murray street

      murray street

      Central line off, need to use the wee midden troll line,

    3. faraway saint

      faraway saint

      I'm loving being a midden.....ha ha

  8. How do you change the member title? Mines is sfa hall of fame, how do you change that?

  9. Rolf Harris cancelling his papers & milk deliveries tomorrow

  10. No even June yet and we're already getting coconut dug type posts, for fùcks sake!!

  11. Not often you see Top of the Pops on BBC Four due to it being presented by auld beast kiddy fiddlers banned by the bbc

  12. Dambusters on the telly just now, can anybody name Squadron Leader Guy Gibsons Dog?

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    2. shull


      Kevin Thomson

    3. Happy Buddie

      Happy Buddie

      Slang name for a Central African Native only Afro-Americans are allowed to use, something like "Nigerian"?

    4. Toon Saints Dug

      Toon Saints Dug

      It's my Great Grandfather.

  13. To Be Is To Do Jean-Paul Sartre. Do Be Do Be Doo Frank Sinatra

  14. Who'se this guy Grangemouth that died today?

    1. insaintee


      Danny Grangemouth

    2. slapamythighs


      its his gran gemouth,a distant relation from the east

  15. Betty Swallocks, Hoof Hearted & Norfolk Enchants all running today, cannae make my mind up on which one to put ten bob each way.

    1. murray street

      murray street

      Joe Blob is running today, you could stick a shilling on that.

  16. Has Danny di Paulio been bagged yet?

  17. I've got a PhD, Prepares hot Dinners

  18. Jim Goodwin interview on the Manager Thread

  19. Some freaky fannies on Embarrassing Bodies last night, see the things you see when you don't have a gun

  20. womens 3,000 meters steeplechase on cooncil telly, CAMELTOEtastic!!!

    1. Mick


      What is a camel toe?

  21. Saltcoats Shitey Shore today Dodge that andrex boys

  22. DON'T GO FOR THE DISC in the Scottish Communities League Cup Final Disc Thread! He is charging £5 for something that can be downloaded by anyone

    1. Miss Saint

      Miss Saint

      go for the official dvd from the club :-)

    2. billyg


      There are unofficial dvds of 87 , 99/00 and 2006 and 2007 and I have them all. Buying these off the guy saves you the bother of doing it !

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