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  1. I think this paper bought into people online speculating that Villa only offered 100k more. Fake news.
  2. Stewart Gilmour confirmed when asked a while back on Twitter what the deal was. He said it was 33% sell-on from Hibs' sale of the player. Nothing mentioned beyond that.
  3. I see some reports are saying hes went down to Birmingham though a fee hasn't been discussed .I don't believe this for one minute. Why would Hibs let a contracted player travel down to meet another club unless a valuation was met or discussed?
  4. If its loans from outside of scotland you can have more. What I would say though, Newton, Dummett and Isma were three quality loan signings who contributed magnificently a few years ago.
  5. The way McInness has described it from what i gather is, he will get more game time with US, whilst Lewis remains their n01. Better game time for their n02 whilst at Saints.
  6. Agree, though if he is actively still trying to get bodies in of good quality across the pitch then i'm happy with that if they convert into signings. Strikers are the most difficult to source imo if they are good enough. We have so many attacking options from midfield, though need a couple of 15+ goals a season striker in the door asap.
  7. Connor Randall. See his name floating about on Twitter as being linked.
  8. From what i believe, Jeff King hits a decent free kick. Also, Magennis chipped in with a few last season, may be back on those duties on his return from injury.
  9. I think i was more implying the fact that the post had no sense of panic within it and it was a fair assumption that with these games being so close to teams returning for pre-season, they are starting to feel like our pre-season. If we can't fit in friendlies around these games (Betfred), then i would rather we used these for building fitness, testing formations and tactics in general. Stubbs has inherited a squad and he is adding to it and he needs time to get it right prior to the season kicking off. No other club in our league outside the Old Firm have recruited anyone that would suggest so far, they are ahead of us in terms of building a competitive squad. St Ricky mentioned about leaving the manager to bring in the signings, i second that. Signing targets is not as straightforward as it may seem.
  10. Player himself also backed this up on Buddievision by saying hes 60/70% fit at the moment and needs game time.
  11. Anyone know if we trying to get Liam Smith back ? Did we even ask ? Haven't seen him mentioned/featuring in any Hearts games recently. Liam was a Jack Ross signing. New manager has his own plans. In fact, when you think about, with Jack signing Paul McGinn, he maybe already accepted that there was no chance of getting Smith back.
  12. They have a tonne of goal threats in their squad and if McGinn is to depart, that will only leave a void imo for Scott Allan or the young lad Johnston from Celtic to fill. I would imagine they would also use the McGinn cash to invest even more in the squad as they are a bit short in numbers up front despite scoring freely.
  13. Have to feel for Kirkpatrick. Was probably at a half way house between impressing enough to be kept in squad or loaned out. He certainly impresse vs Kilmarnock last week. The season will have started and Stubbs already may be looking to fill the void he has created with being injured.
  14. There are currently volunteers at the club who clean the stands midweek every so often. A fantastic gesture.
  15. I'd have thought that would have went towards the new management teams salary, including Brian Rice compo and Heaton transfer. In my opinion, i would also reckon Stubbs would be on a slightly increased salary to what JR was on
  16. Agree with all of this. Looked good against us, though my thoughts were that JR possibly regretted signing him when he seen his work ethic on a day-to-day basis. Should have been an impact player regardless of it being off the bench or from starting, never quite lived up to his 'hype'olite in the short space of time he was with us.
  17. Nice lad but i dont think he has what it takes for the SPL. I wouldnt be too dissapointed. Fans from his previous clubs have said online that he has sparks of magic, a match winner at that, though came across lazy in large parts of the season. From my opinion what i have seen of him so far, I see more of the lazy side. When he has came off the bench he should be an impact player, though he has failed to show that so far. I may be jumping to conclusions, though if it is true that he is on the way out, we have to trust that Stubbs sees him in training on a daily basis and 'possibly' he does not show the same work ethic as others. I think he is a decent player, though you have to have the attitude to go with it. If he stays, i would to see him prove me wrong.
  18. I think he was focussing his answer more on how his transfer dealings are going rather than how his overall squad is looking. It came across that way.
  19. I think it was mentioned that there were a couple of loan options open, though RS wanted to sign permanently for Livy as he seen a more realistic chance of first team football in the premier league with them than dropping a league and waiting longer to fight for the number one slot at Saints.
  20. My thoughts exactly. Far too much of a coincidence.
  21. Think its more if they are from outside scotland? I mind Gretna had loads at one point.
  22. Barnsley have a good record of signing young players and selling them on for good profit, John Stones an example. For whatever reason, it never worked out for him at Barnsley (same as Mallan), though from reports i have read, there is certainly a player in there. Quite happy with this one.
  23. I'd like to think the longer the negotiations between Celtic and Hibs go on, a counter bid from England happens. Leeds and Derby apparently interested, with Fulham also mentioned.
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