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  1. Calum Waters has said that it took up to a month to get his loan move through. It just shows that it is not an overnight job to bring players in.
  2. Add to that (winger) Djorkaeff, Breadner and if needed, Flynn. We are okay in that dpt.
  3. Pleasing. I really can't believe we have managed to get Kyle back. Speaks volumes that he was very keen to come back on a permanent switch. He will be a huge asset to our squad if he can avoid injury. I think if anyone comes in beyond these two signings, we now have up to the transfer window closing date if we really did need 1, 2 at a push more to come in. It would most likely be loanees imo to bulk the squad up. Happy with our dealings so far and I believe we will have our sights firmly set on the next window as this one passes, giving us more of breathing space to scout the right type of player available. Looking very good for Sunday now
  4. Jon McShane. Major disappointment.
  5. Theres one of the players that played for us vs Stenny as a trials been snapped up by Newcastle. Think he was the big lanky French centre half.
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    FFS always someone spinning a negative on a positive. The feel good factor is back, get the gaffer involved with promoting SMiSA, potentially gain more memberships. I can't see why folk see the need to bump their gums about the bloody manager been given an honorary membership, which in other words is most likely an Ambassador type recognition for SMiSA.
  7. I am sure someone mentioned we offered him a deal till January and he wasn't happy with that. Signs till January with Falkirk. Could be bollocks and we actually didn't offer him a contract at all.
  8. Absolutely spot on. Seems to have been a bit of research went into this player and he has played at a decent level. A more inspiring signing than Longridge with all due respect.
  9. If it makes you feel any better, we only picked up 6 points from August-December last year (3pts Aug, 1 point Sept Vs Celtic, 1 point Nov and 1 in Dec). This was purely down to not having a squad good enough.
  10. Put together by Danny Lennon, who was then not offered a new contract the following year after two 8th placed finishes in 4 years.
  11. And the compensation for Jack Ross to Sunderland...🤐
  12. Problem is, every club is looking for a prolific goalscorer. As mentioned by @Dan Is The Man, he has been played out of position at Aberdeen. They play with a target man (Cosgrove) and play two high attackers pronged off each side of him. This is not Mays position. It actually surprised me when they signed him as he wasnt the kind of player that fitted the profile, when Rooney was the main striker at the time.
  13. Will people still have of the opinion the DoF role has failed if we DO bring in the reported 4-7 players this week and they ARE of quality, in time for the first league game of the season?
  14. True story. That's what I heard. Club itself were keen on Stewart and Stubbs forged ahead and brought in BM
  15. I'd imagine his agent will try and get him a gig to keep him down south. Teams in league one at very least will have seen what he offers off the back of loans at Peterborough and Luton. Coming back up the road would be seen as failure with most of the bigger clubs filling their forward line already, there wouldn't be many teams that would be able to afford his demands and fit him into their wage budget. Though if reports are true and St Johnstone ARE interested, surely we could compete with them.
  16. I think his clubs preferred option is to sell him or the club loaning him pays a sizeable contribution towards his wages. Say hes on 4k a week, they may want us to pay 75% of that.
  17. I think he would be a decent signing, though it is really difficult to predict if he will have the same sort of impact at a higher level.
  18. I dont think that is the issue. To me it seems we are going for a better quality of player rather than squad fillers. These ones arent as easy to get over the line compared to non-league players we brought in last season.
  19. He never declined an offer from what i believe. We had Rodgers and Hladky on our books. Due to the terms of Rodgers loan deal, we couldnt send him back even when he was injured. I have a feeling there was a word in his ear saying if you keep yourself fit at Raith, the doors open end of season when we get a couple of players off the books.
  20. The players in question, I am sure must be worth the wait if the club are sticking by their targets. Quality over quantity. I know it has been said that the gap left between departing manager and new manager, has probably set us back 2 weeks in preparation, if not longer if you consider a different style of play etc. It is not an ideal scenario, though that would explain the time we are waiting to get said players over the line.
  21. We are no better off than our position last summer and the season starts next week. We are not 1 or two players short which would be acceptable, we are at the very least, half a squad short. Embarrassing we have not been able to solve the left-back position for one. We have had since last summer to find a long term replacement when Ecks was told he could leave, regardless of Muzeks short stay inbetween. We are absolutely ruining the development of Erhahon played out of position. 100% clear to all that he cannot operate at left back. It seems like the club will still use him as a back up left back if we get one in. If anything changes this week then great, though in my mind, surely we had two lists drawn up of targets (one for premier,the other for championship).
  22. Popescu was on the verge of a loan move. His club moved the goalposts with the terms and contribution.
  23. I have never understood why we have never explored the USA player market. I'm not sure how the Andy Dorman deal came around though was one of the most effective signings in the last 25 years easily. I watch the MLS and although the standard isn't brilliant, there are some very good players there. The whole academy systems also have some players I am sure that can be unearthed. I always thought if possible it would be great to have some linkup with a club or youth academy over there in some capacity.
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