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  1. Bitching is the better outcome. So let's hear the story before we dont give a shit.
  2. Is it hanging Kyle out to dry? Might be intended to be more of a dig at Ross and Hibs.
  3. Spot on. How much did we get for him? Don't give us this shite that we need to keep it quiet or Clubs/Agents will look for inflated transfer fees. Kid on we are a tinpot outfit - I believe it!
  4. I I genuinely thought we were still actively looking for a left back pre Magennis leaving. We are way short now and seemingly doing no business. I also hope and expect the BoD to reveal the transfer fee for Magennis none of this undisclosed sum bollox. Getting as opaque as the Trump administration.
  5. St Johnstone, Ross County and Livingston all doing transfer business today. Hee haw from us.
  6. Trust in me Just in me Shut your eyes Trust in me....... 🐍
  7. Tend to agree but odd that Dundee Hearts, Hibs and Dundee United not giving a flying f**k.
  8. We might not prepare well for league campaigns but no one prepares better for armaggedon.
  9. Now that wouldn't surprise me. I am a huge Tony Fitz fan but I feel angry tonight and it might have nothing to do with him. We do look like a diddy outfit and I doubt Jim is happy with that or prepared to put up with it. Too many bullshitters at the Club.
  10. Yes forgot that. Lewis Jamieson - don't really know enough about him. I would probably have made the same mistake as Jim tonight.
  11. Genuinely don't think he was making a point. Morias was putting in some shift and was battling well against Hayes. I would have been in 2 minds about bringing on McAllister, Dhurmus or Connolly for Morias because all 3 are inconsistent and pretty shite defensively.
  12. Not looking likely at the moment. I am less disappointed in Jim tonight. The team played hard for him. Maybe he could have used the subs better. I am more annoyed at the Board accepting an offer from 🐍 Ross and disappointed that Kyle was so keen to f**k off. Against that backdrop Jim and the team played a good game and were extremely unlucky not to get a point.
  13. Some right weirdos in that Asda.
  14. If it was a guy shuffling about muttering about getting beaten by 9 men it was me.
  15. Painfully true. Will wake up tomorrow wondering why I feel shit already.
  16. Let's not forget that it was the 3rd or 4th best team in Scotland that we we were playing and it took an injury time goal to beat us. Best St Mirren performance this season. Midfield excellent. Thought Cammy and Ethan were outstanding. Defence strong. Every player worked incredibly hard for the manager. Still short of goals.
  17. Your eyesight is better than mine. Its pretty much relentless pressure.
  18. I'd have second thoughts about taking him off. Worked his socks off and stopping them play.
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