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  1. Old Weiserbud

    Raise the white flag

    As another thread pointed out, we're playing in a league within a league and the Livi result was a shaker because of the way we seem to have lost - they fought for it and we didn't seems to be the general view of those who were there. The Kilmarnock, Dumbarton and Dundee games showed these guys are capable of good football, but they have to work to produce it against the other teams in the lower reaches. Our target this season should realistically have been 10th or better from the outset with consolidation thereafter and that is still on for us - provided the team get stuck in and play the way we know they can. The white flag can go in the cupboard for a good while yet!!!
  2. Old Weiserbud

    Transfer Window Countdown

    If that's it, I imagine most of us are a bit flat as very little makes sense right now. Something I'm curious about from the Sportscene highlights - there was a shot of AS in the dugout with head in hands. I was reminded of Tony Mowbray the night we beat Celtic 4-0 looking like he knew what was coming - and it did. I hoped AS might work out and it still might I suppose, but the apparent lack of fight from the team is a big concern and it looks to me like there has been some very frank discussion between board and management. We'll see.
  3. Old Weiserbud

    8 - 0 Cathkin replay

    That's right - didn't he tend to run through full-backs rather than round them. I liked watching him. There must be glimpses of him in the 1959 cup games on you tube.
  4. Old Weiserbud

    8 - 0 Cathkin replay

    He could be clumsy at times, but he was pretty accurate on his crosses. One move he used quite often was to break out of defence up the right wing and just before the halfway line, with the defence drifting to cover his run, he would switch it across the whole width of the park for Alastair Miller to run on to inside the opposition half on the left wing. You see it all the time nowadays, but not at pace the way Jim did it .I thought he was a good player for Saints at that time.
  5. Old Weiserbud

    8 - 0 Cathkin replay

    I'm not much good with computers, EAB, so thanks for providing the info. Some interesting names there and shows how quickly the 1959 cup team changed. I had forgotten that we had Jim Clunie by then - entertaining centre-half, never did anything the easy way.
  6. Old Weiserbud

    8 - 0 Cathkin replay

    I was at Cathkin that night - astonishing game, especially as it was a replay after an end-to-end 3-3 draw at Love Street. I was behind one of the goals and my main recollection is of Jim Rodger banging in several goals from the corner of the penalty box at the other end of the park. Bit vague on who actually played - well what do you expect at my age! - and the programme link above didn't work, but I think we had Jimmy Brown in goal who was ex-Kilmarnock and not a particularly popular signing as I remember, but a good keeper for us. Nice to see this topic come up - good memories for me.
  7. Old Weiserbud

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Hello buddies. Long time no post, but what a great eighteen months or so since the TNS game. Interesting to read all the different views, but I think GS will choose sensibly. My own view, for what it's worth and purely gut feeling, is to give Jim Goodwin a shot with Alan (?) McManus as assistant. JG seems to have a strong affinity with the club and I suspect would give it everything same as he did as a player. As regards experience, I'm not sure JR had that much more when he was appointed. Wonder who we'll actually get when the dust settles!
  8. Old Weiserbud

    That Goal!

    I'm afraid I'm old enough to remember a goal Jim Clunie scored at Love Street against Rangers. I think he was inside the centre circle and it went in the top corner of the goal. Breathtaking! Hope someone else saw it and can confirm.
  9. Old Weiserbud

    Get Jack Ross on a 5 year Contract

    Need a little help here. When Jack was appointed, I have a recollection (vague, admittedly) of Gordon Scott talking about him being manager for five years as we needed some stability. Don't know if that was translated into a contract. Anyone else remember that?
  10. Old Weiserbud

    Moment of the season

    Auld Wheezerburd - now there's a name! Wish I'd thought of that!!! Describes me much better too!
  11. Old Weiserbud

    Moment of the season

    I think the half-time team talk in the New Saints match is a good choice, but for me, Stephen McGinn's goal in that game was a pivotal moment in the season. You could see the confidence build during the rest of the match and it seems to have rarely left the team since. It's certainly been a helluva season, but exciting and thanks to Div's periscope feeds, I really feel a part of the run-in instead of waiting for scoreflashes on this site or the bbc. Much appreciated! PS - Be grateful if somebody could tell me how to change my user name. It seemed a good idea at the time, but not any more!!!!
  12. Old Weiserbud

    Rangers To Be Given South Stand

    I live about 400 miles away and am rather on the outside looking in on this one. I feel as if I'm about to put my head in the lion's mouth here and suspect there will be a few who soon bite it off, but I'm trying to take a detached view. Unfortunately, it had to be THE Rangers in the last home match and they will be partying as they will have got promotion by then, so it will be hard to take for those who attend (unless we go and beat them - they might be demob happy by then!). I'll be surprised if they don't take up all the tickets on offer unless they are still in boycott mode - after all their team is winning in this division. I do understand why many of our fans don't like to see season ticket-holders and their kids moved as it feels like giving in to the Govan mob. I think the key is whether those affected who want to go - I gather that there are fans who won't go near this fixture, especially with their kids - will be offered an alternative seat that represents an upgrade. It's obviously all about extra money for the club and why the club have gone down this road in the certain knowledge that it will upset a number of loyal fans. I, and I'm fairly sure most of the fans on here, don't know about the state of the club's finances either now or as regards next season, but I think we can agree that we're unlikely to be rolling in it and the club's action this week does tend to confirm it. So in amongst all the upset, I've been asking myself which is more important - not appearing to kow-tow to THE Rangers and their lovely fans or trying to get a bit extra towards making next season a damn sight more enjoyable than the last couple! I assume that you will have gathered by now that I favour the latter even though it means fans having to grit their teeth before, during and after the game itself. Someone made the comment recently that, unlike the last two seasons, we have a manager in place to make an early start on his plans for next season and I would hope that this extra cash (which will be hard-earned as far as the fans are concerned!) can make a difference for the better. I can't say I like what is happening, but I think the Board have probably made a difficult decision with good intentions for the future and hopefully not out of current necessity. All in all, it seems to be a case of short-term pain for long-term gain and I hope it works out for us. I'm looking forward to see what Alex Rae can do for us in the summer - fingers crossed!!!
  13. Old Weiserbud

    Q And A Night With Alex And David

    Not sure "lumping it up the park" is fair to Alex Rae. He may feel that in the position he inherited, the best policy for now is to get the ball away from your goal , either up or off the field which at least gives the defence time to regroup. I think he has talked about "not fannying about at the back" which can lead to mistakes, interceptions and, unfortunately, goals against. There's a big difference between playing about at the back (which we seem to have done in recent years to our cost) and playing out from the back. I'm all for teaching the youngsters to play out from the back as long as the emphasis is on getting up the field quickly - if you haven't seen the video of the under 13's against Hibs, have a look. It looks like they've been taught to pass and run into space for a return. That philosophy should continue post-Longwell and I think it will under Alex Rae. I also think we'll see it start to appear in the first team if we can get further away from the bottom of the table, but we need to have players capable of doing it - and grafting too!
  14. Old Weiserbud

    Q And A Night With Alex And David

    I watched the QOS TV highlights and, though it's not much to go on, especially in view of comments that we're still not playing that well, I thought there was a big difference in attitude. In previous matches I've seen, a lot of what we did seemed to be ponderous - almost half-hearted. In the QOS game I got the impression that players were trying to join attacks quickly and also busting a gut to get back behind the ball in defence. Anyway, I hope that's a correct impression as we'll win matches that way and better football should hopefully follow on as confidence grows. Perhaps I should switch this to the optimism thread!
  15. Old Weiserbud

    Tommy Bryceland Passes Away

    Stu. Thanks for flagging up the obituary in the Scotsman. It made for interesting reading. I am also pleased that my memory of Tommy missing out on a representative game because of injury was mentioned and though I wasn't wholly accurate it wasn't just a figment of my imagination. I wonder what it might have led to if he hadn't been injured!