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  1. Based on highlights, one tv match and comments from our more sensible fans, I'm looking forward to seeing how this season pans out. By this time last year, we might have had three points as well, but apprehension had well and truly set in as the poor standard of signings was clear to see! Incidentally, this thread has proved an interesting read, so thanks to all for keeping it sensible. No doubt the usual suspects will be along soon to mess it up.
  2. One for us oldies - Gerry Baker. Overshadowed by his brother, but what an impact he made when he arrived. Mind you, he did have Bryceland and Gemmell either side of him.
  3. Just about recovered from yesterday!!! I'm not sure if he's been mentioned in threads, but having been very apprehensive when Anton came on, I was really impressed with the way he broke up attacks with his positioning as he's not the quickest now. Is that the first time he's played in 2019? I don't know what he'll do next but I wish him well. PS - He still doesn't have a relegation on his CV!!!!!
  4. Dallas gave them two late penalties in quick succession at Hamilton when it was 1-1. Hamilton levelled on 80 minutes and the penalties were in the 84th and 87th minutes. Would you believe it!!!
  5. https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/rotherham-united/rotherham-united-how-defeat-after-defeat-and-distancing-the-fans-led-to-millers-boss-alan-stubbs-downfall-1-8189965 I read this a while ago and looked it up again today after seeing the BBC report on Stubbs describing his sacking by us as harsh. If you haven't already seen the article, you might find it interesting (assuming of course I've got the link right!). I can only think our Board didn't see it or Stubbs gave a hell of an explanation at his interview. It'll be fascinating to see if Hibs give him another go at it, though I can't see it happening myself. Anyway, I think he needs to stop trying to re-write history as he just wasn't up to the job - for a second time!!!
  6. Well said! It seems to me we could do with a "Miserable as Sin" Bin now. No prizes for the first few names either. Depressing stuff.
  7. Bit late to comment, but just seen the highlights and McAllister's goal was almost identical to the one a young Stephen McGinn put past McGregor to beat Rangers (deceased) at Love St about 10 years ago. Both brilliant winners - loved both goals!
  8. As another thread pointed out, we're playing in a league within a league and the Livi result was a shaker because of the way we seem to have lost - they fought for it and we didn't seems to be the general view of those who were there. The Kilmarnock, Dumbarton and Dundee games showed these guys are capable of good football, but they have to work to produce it against the other teams in the lower reaches. Our target this season should realistically have been 10th or better from the outset with consolidation thereafter and that is still on for us - provided the team get stuck in and play the way we know they can. The white flag can go in the cupboard for a good while yet!!!
  9. If that's it, I imagine most of us are a bit flat as very little makes sense right now. Something I'm curious about from the Sportscene highlights - there was a shot of AS in the dugout with head in hands. I was reminded of Tony Mowbray the night we beat Celtic 4-0 looking like he knew what was coming - and it did. I hoped AS might work out and it still might I suppose, but the apparent lack of fight from the team is a big concern and it looks to me like there has been some very frank discussion between board and management. We'll see.
  10. That's right - didn't he tend to run through full-backs rather than round them. I liked watching him. There must be glimpses of him in the 1959 cup games on you tube.
  11. He could be clumsy at times, but he was pretty accurate on his crosses. One move he used quite often was to break out of defence up the right wing and just before the halfway line, with the defence drifting to cover his run, he would switch it across the whole width of the park for Alastair Miller to run on to inside the opposition half on the left wing. You see it all the time nowadays, but not at pace the way Jim did it .I thought he was a good player for Saints at that time.
  12. I'm not much good with computers, EAB, so thanks for providing the info. Some interesting names there and shows how quickly the 1959 cup team changed. I had forgotten that we had Jim Clunie by then - entertaining centre-half, never did anything the easy way.
  13. I was at Cathkin that night - astonishing game, especially as it was a replay after an end-to-end 3-3 draw at Love Street. I was behind one of the goals and my main recollection is of Jim Rodger banging in several goals from the corner of the penalty box at the other end of the park. Bit vague on who actually played - well what do you expect at my age! - and the programme link above didn't work, but I think we had Jimmy Brown in goal who was ex-Kilmarnock and not a particularly popular signing as I remember, but a good keeper for us. Nice to see this topic come up - good memories for me.
  14. Hello buddies. Long time no post, but what a great eighteen months or so since the TNS game. Interesting to read all the different views, but I think GS will choose sensibly. My own view, for what it's worth and purely gut feeling, is to give Jim Goodwin a shot with Alan (?) McManus as assistant. JG seems to have a strong affinity with the club and I suspect would give it everything same as he did as a player. As regards experience, I'm not sure JR had that much more when he was appointed. Wonder who we'll actually get when the dust settles!
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